I get asked a lot of questions on the daily so ask away. I'll answer them all Link to wiki site: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amelogenesis_imperfecta Proof: http://imgur.com/dNJzuev Http://imgur.com/jvWi2jt

Edit: i have to go to work in 20 minutes. Ill be back in about 6 hours to finish answering questions

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tombot18149 karma

Have you considered just having all your teeth taken out and getting false teeth instead?

Panny205177 karma

I've looked into getting caps on all my teeth but since that costs a little more than $10,000 i cant afford it. Being only 19 i don't want to have dentures just yet.i've gone to dental schools and many dentists and that seems like my only "affordable" option

TranceVanCity199 karma

Yet? cringe take it from a dental hygienist, you really don't want to ever have dentures. The eating and chewing ability diminishes by 30-40%. Crowning would be the best option, of course it's expensive, but by doing crowns they can reshape your smile in the process! Start saving and do it in baby steps!

Panny20575 karma

I wouldnt mind just getting canine to canine done on the top and bottom. But dentures are a last resort for me

gallantlady5 karma

As a dental hygienist I agree with the poster above me, dentures are NOT something you want. Food tastes different, and if you do full dentures your bone levels degrade over time and you will need them refit until eventually they won't fit anymore. Think of the bone that holds your teeth in as a little ridge or hillside of earth and your teeth are trees and roots. When you take trees and root systems out, the hillside will crumble. Even implant supported dentures can have issues like that.

I would also recommend crowns or veneers. As long as your roots and bone levels are in good shape, I would keep as much natural structure as you can. Yes, it's more expensive than dentures but so worth it.

Panny2053 karma

Veneers won't bond with my teeth they just fall off. But we're looking into crowns right now

xvvbdug1 karma

He's not talking about dentures or implants. He's talking about a third option. It might be something to look into.

Panny2052 karma

I know what crowning is. It is still quite expensive

st081533 karma

Maybe have it done abroad? Here in Europe Hungary is a popular destination to get complex dental work done. It's supposed to be very good quality and a lot cheaper than in other places.

Panny20522 karma

Ive never gone abroad so ive never looked into it

getjustin25 karma

My wife has AI, and got her teeth crowned in her mid teens. Aside from having to deal with the occasional root canal or re crown, she's got a decent set of chompers. Honestly, the $10k doesn't seem awful pricewise. Maybe see if a dentist can work out a payment plan? Also, she's had some dental work done as surgical and covered by medical since it's an actual issue and not simply cosmetic.

Panny20543 karma

$10,000 seems like a whole lot when youre a broke college kid like me. Ive started putting aside whatever i can to save up but i know my insurance wont cover anything

JohnQZoidberg16 karma

I don't know if you're in the U.S. or not, but look into implant replacements. It still might be out of your budget but basically they're a permanent set of dentures. They take out your teeth, put titanium screws into your jaw bone, and than mount a set of teeth to them. They should theoretically last you forever and can be brushed just like any other teeth.

Source: I had a single tooth replaced with an implant a few years ago and got all kinds of info on different dental implant types.

Panny2059 karma

Ive looked into it. It's way more expensive but it's what id get if i could afford it

tombot186 karma

I suppose it's a judgement call, is it the "old people" stigma attached to dentures that makes you not want them?

Panny20516 karma

Pretty much. My dad got dentures about 3 years ago and i see how he struggles with them. My stepdad just recently got them.

Kanij10 karma

Don't do dentures. I flew to Colombia and had about 8 teeth done for 3500 dollars. South America is good with that

Panny2054 karma

Id only get them as a last resort

tombot186 karma

Ah yes - there is that too - I suppose when the hassle of dentures becomes less than the hassle of managing your condition, that's the time to make the jump! Thanks for answering so candidly and educating us on on this - I wasn't aware of this until now.

Panny20523 karma

I really just wanted to bring to light that not all people with yellow teeth can help it. I get asked if i smoke or do drugs alot just because of my teeth.

typicallydownvoted8 karma

do you answer "yes, but that isn't why they're yellow?"

Panny20510 karma

No im a pretty boring teen. I dont do either

cdoublejj5 karma

they have fake teeth they hook in to your jaw now. i think it's uber expensive.

Panny2053 karma

Thats about 4x as expensive as crowns

Mitsukumi2 karma

Snap on Smile.. That's the route I would go.

Panny2055 karma

Thats a lot of money to just disguise the problem.

Nexitt1 karma

My mom got dentures because she had some kind of issue with her teeth as well.

It only cost a couple thousand for them to remove her teeth and make dentures.

Why is it so expensive for you?

Panny2054 karma

I said dentures were my only affordable option. My insurance may cover them.

wakawaka80192 karma

Is your condition getting worse as you grow older?

Panny205150 karma

Yes. As I get older my teeth will rapidly get worse. I'm more prone to cavities and other oral diseases. My teeth are also very thin so they break easier. Dentists have estimated that by my mid thirties dentures will be my only option

Vimsefreet17 karma

Is there even any reason to expect a cure or treatment in some decades?

So I'm guessing the best permanent option would just be to get permanent new false teeths and then fuck the dentures. Screw them into the jaw, be happy. Probably expensive as hell though (if you're american?), but if you're european/canadian/australian that would probably be the easiest?

Panny20515 karma

I dont think there's going to be a cure for it just because there isnt one set reason why it happens. In my case it was medicine my dad took, they had no idea it was genetic until my adult teeth came in

alwaysthepessimist11 karma

Wait...was it genetic or was it medicine your dad took? Not likely to be both.

It is likely a genetic issue. I have only ever heard of this condition as one due to a problem with certain genes. Never due to medicine a parent took.

I don't know who gave you the diagnosis and explanation but they don't seem to know what they are talking about.

Edit: Do you know what medicine was blamed? If too personal I understand but it would be interesting to read up on it.

Panny2052 karma

The medicine my dad took caused the gene to mutate and thus passed onto me. Also he was a premie in the 70's so I have no clue. They were pumped with a lot of medicines

bunny_ballet2 karma


Panny2052 karma

Same here. They didn't realize my dads teeth were genetic until my adult teeth came in the same way

MyTeethAreYellow61 karma

I also have Amelogenesis Imperfecta but I've never really been concerned with it or had much information on it. Proof: http://i.imgur.com/9ptL3Xf.jpg (This is a throwaway account) Does your condition affect you in any major ways?

bunny_ballet33 karma


MyTeethAreYellow15 karma

Yeah, people pointing out my tooth colour is usually the extent of my problems too. There are some times though when I try talking to new people and they might attempt to slowly slip out of conversation (I'm in high school) That bothers me quite a lot. I don't know much about my condition, but are there potential symptoms of AI in later stages of life that might be a bigger problem for me?

EDIT: Deleted double post below

bunny_ballet8 karma


Panny20510 karma

Ive never met anyone else with AI except my father and little sister. Its awesome to see others who are around my age going through the same things. My teeth are super thin so im sure theyll be chipping and breaking soon. My enamel is also pretty much gone. I have a very thin layer left which cuts alot of treatment options out

o3tpak55 karma

What kind of questions do you get asked on the daily?

Panny20583 karma

I get asked why I don't just brush my teeth, or why my teeth are yellow.

Panny20579 karma

To answer those questions: I brush my teeth 3-4 times a day, sometimes I get busy and it's only twice. It also runs in my family. My dad was a twin, born premature, the medicines given to him were believed to mutate the gene causing a lack of enamel.

spongescream9 karma

Since it's X-linked [EDIT: It's not always X-linked], that means your father should have the disease, too. Does it bother you that he decided to have children anyway, thereby passing on the disease to someone else (you)?

Are you going to have children, and thereby pass on the disease to someone else?

Panny20536 karma

He didnt know itd be genetic and i wasnt planned so i dont think he planned on having kids at all. It doesnt bother me that he reproduced, it bothers me that neither of my parents want to help with anything dental since it was their faulty genes causing the treatment. I personally decided i dont want children because of it. My family still rags on me about it

iTwitchyy37 karma

How do you brush your teeth or wash them? Wouldnt the toothpaste be too abrasive for you?

Panny20537 karma

I use sensitive toothpaste and try to get it done as fast as possible.

dr1nkycr0w26 karma

Surely a dentist on here could donate some time to help you. I don't have much but I'll happily contribute to a fund to help you if such a thing would occur.

C'mon reddit. Help her out !

Panny20516 karma

Dentists have only been interested in pictures so far. None are really looking for a cure. Most dentist never see AI during their career

megasalby24 karma

Do you ever experience (or at least perceive) discrimination because of this condition, for example when applying for jobs or that sort of thing? If so, how have you learned to deal with these situations?

Panny20546 karma

I've been turned down from jobs because the interviewer thought i just didnt brush my teeth. As a kid i always got bullied for my teeth being yellow when it was out of my control. Im a server now, so i get weird stares or children will ask whats wrong. I simply just let them know. I normally just ignore stares and prove to people my teeth Arent who i am

eraof942 karma

Btw if you are going for an interview make a joke at start by saying "sorry for not brushing my teeth" and then just explain "I am joking I have a rare disease..." This attitude makes people happy.

Panny20526 karma

Im also pretty awkward lol if they ask i tell them. Or try to get them to see im a great candidate.

Tokyocheesesteak19 karma

It's who you are. Own it. Fire the pre-emptive strike and disarm them with a joke about it before they can squeeze in a word about it. Confidence, especially at job interviews, is quite an asset.

I used to be insecure about my (lack of) height and my accent til I learned how to bust my own chops about it while still maintaining a "deal with it" attitude. Whatever insecurity is leftover is manageable.

I think that /u/eraof9 has the perfect opener for you. Just when they are beginning to think something off-putting is going on, surprise them by making them laugh about it instead. Make them see that you're comfortable in your own skin. After all, why shouldn't you be?

Panny2059 karma

It's still a really touchy subject for me to take about. A joke may work

eraof910 karma

Well that could be an easy way to break this awkwardness since you have a nice joke to break the ice.

Panny20513 karma

Ill keep that in mind for my next job interview lol

megasalby3 karma

Sounds like the right attitude/approach to it. I never quite get how your insurance works over there, they wouldn't be that strict here (Australia) given the pain it causes you.

Panny2053 karma

My insurance is crap here. They dont pay for anything until it's an emergency.

Tall_Drink_Of_H2O21 karma

You ever thought about being a rapper, I'd bet you'd look pretty bad ass wearing a diamond-encrusted grill

Panny20556 karma

I'm white and can't busta rhyme to save my life but ive considered going straight thug to hide my teeth

Tall_Drink_Of_H2O10 karma

Great idea, Miley Cyrus wears one and I bet that you have 20x the street cred as her :)

Panny20523 karma

I dint wanna be like miley. Maybe more like ciara lol a real rapper, thug

kelli90816 karma

Hi. I have been through all the dentist and found the only dentist that knows anything. His name is Dr. Timothy Wright, located in 101 BRAUER HALL CB Suite 7450 Chapel Hill, NC 27599 (919) 966-1221 (Office). My brother and I are in dental books because of him. He has done decades of research and found the gene. He is amazing and full of information. He started working on us in 1982 and still researching. He is an amazing dentist and person. I have dealt with this all my life and hope that you find someone to help get you caps so you can eat without pain.

Panny2058 karma

Thats awesome. My dad and i have been asked to take pictures for the dental books in illinois. I go to the dental school there and i always have 6-7 teachers looking in my mouth and students who wonder in to look. It was weird the first time but now its normal.

bunny_ballet13 karma


Panny20513 karma

It became genetic when my dad and his twin were born premature. The medicine given to them caused it. For us it didnt affect our baby teeth. When my adult teeth came in they were yellow. My dads teeth are by far worse than mine and my sister's arent as bad as mine. Growing up I always got bullied. Kids wouldnt play with my because of them. In high school they called me shark tooth because my teeth were crooked on top of it. I really don't explain it to people unless they ask or i feel like they need to know. But i simple say it's genetic and i cant help it

wakawaka80111 karma

You are from the states? Will insurance cover your dentures when you'll need them & why aren't you already using them? I'm from Europe, so I am not familiar with your system of insurance.

Panny20523 karma

Yes im from the states. My insurance considers anything to do with my teeth cosmetic because they dont consider my teeth in bad enough condition as of right now

notjustbriana60 karma

Insurance companies: We think we know health better than doctors.

Edit: gud speling

Panny20528 karma

Exactly. Doctor says i need caps and crowns on all my teeth insurance says it's just for looks

eraof911 karma

Thanks for letting us now. I wasnt aware of such condition, I most certainly would think that people did not brush their teeth.

However is there a way to tell if someone suffer from this or not even if his teeth are yellow?

Panny2058 karma

I cant speak for everyone but i know my teeth have strips of white in them. Most people who just dont brush their teeth have plaque buildup causing their teeth to become a yellow tint. So they wouldnt have the strips. Also no problem. I realize it's rare so people just assume it's poor hygiene

patronen11 karma

do you have any fears regarding your teeth? like braking one during a certain situation?

Panny20522 karma

Just eating, biting into things, even though that hurts. My true biggest fear is my future kids inheriting it. Thats why i decided not to have children.

patronen13 karma

I didnt expect the no children thing, but it makes a lot of sense, thanks for answering and making us aware of the condition.

Panny20517 karma

Thats a huge fear though. My sister has the same thing. It's not something i'd wish on anyone. No problem. It's easier to answer questions all at once than the polite "i dont wanna be rude" questions i get randomly throughout the day

Yossarian542 karma

My true biggest fear is my future kids inheriting it. Thats why i decided not to have children.

Fair enough. Do you know the particular mutation you have?

Theoretically you could look at genetic testing in the future - if you have one of the known mutations it might be possible to use IVF screening to ensure that any potential children are not affected. That is, assuming your particular mutation doesn't preclude that option. I imagine that would be expensive in the states though. Still, could be worth a shot if you ever change your mind.

Panny2051 karma

Im not sure what specific gene is affected but if i ever change my mind ill take it as an option. It doesnt show up until your adult teeth come in so idk if itd show up in those tests

EristicHeuristic8 karma

Have you ever used this stuff called GC MI paste? It's a calcium paste that super remineralizes your enamel with a bunch of calcium, as opposed to the tiny bit of fluoride in toothpaste. I have pretty sensitive teeth and letting it sit for 15 minutes will keep the sensitivity at bay for 1-2 weeks... It's a bit expensive ($15-20/tube) but you can buy it online or from some dentists. Perhaps worth looking into?

Also, since you mentioned it in another comment, what's your planned career?

Panny20511 karma

Thanks ill look into it. My planned career as of now is a prison warden. Weird career for a girl but it's what really interests me

thepulloutmethod6 karma

FYI the prison warden is pretty high up on the totem pole. You'll have to do many other jobs ahead of time, like serve as a police officer, Department of Public Safety official, etc., and work your way up. You might also need an advanced degree.

Panny2052 karma

I know what I have to do to become a warden. I'm in college right now and after I get my degree I'll have to be a corrections officer for 5-10 years. Its a long road but worth it

RobBobGlove2 karma


Panny2053 karma

I want to change the american prison system

buzbe8 karma

Wow - Thanks for this. I've always had really discoloured teeth (apparently I had colgate when I was too little or/and I was premature), hence causing this.

I wont upload proof yet (I'll try to later), but my teeth are non-uniformly yellow, ie just parts are very yellow, others are just a little yellow.

Very very self conscious about my teeth, don't like smiling in photographs...

What really surprises me though is that you've not been able to get jobs because of it! Seriously is that how shallow people are in the states? Its not affected a single conversation here (in the UK).

I guess we're more used to bad teeth over here...

buzbe4 karma

PS - seriously your teeth look wayyy better than mine!

Panny2053 karma

Ill upload another pic. That one was taken last night so lighting is pretty bad. But people in the US are that shallow

theeLonelyNinja7 karma


Panny2057 karma

Yeah i know my dad had it and by 34 had to get dentures. His teeth were falling out and breaking. Made worse by chewing tobacco

Hippon7 karma

Maybe too much of a question but is it possible for you to perform oral sex?

Panny20532 karma

Yes it's possible and I'm quite good at it. My teeth are weak but they won't break off yet.

brocolicookies8 karma

I feel bad for the first guy that happens to...

Panny20530 karma

Ive done it many times and my teeth really have no part in oral sex

ButtsexEurope4 karma

Did you have braces? I imagine it must be painful. Also, can you eat sweets or is that also painful?

I suffer from bruxism and TMJ and I've ground down the enamel from the top of my bottom teeth. They're flat now and have the dentin exposed. Even breathing in cold air can hurt sometimes. Does that happen to you too? How do you deal with it?

Btw: can't get crowns because is break them from grinding.

Panny20516 karma

I had an expander and braces in middle school into high school. Talk about living hell. My mouth was always sore and i couldn't eat solid food. Sweets are do able in very small amounts. My main problem is cold air or hot /cold foods. Wind feels like it shoots straight through my teeth and sends pains up my teeth. The dentin on my teeth are exposed in some places kn my teeth as well. Which makes it hurt worse

Myfriendgwen4 karma


Panny2058 karma

I've had many dentists. My most recent one tried to have me do whitening treatments to see if it'd work. My teeth are the same color and more sensitive now. The only thing they really recommend is sensodyne toothpaste. And said that if i brush my teeth too frequently/rough it will brush off what little enamel i do have.

Myfriendgwen6 karma


Panny2056 karma

You'd be surprised what dentists say/try. One dentist told me it was because i needed to brush my teeth. We got up and left. Ive tryed the sensitive toothpaste in a tray and left it on over night. It lasts for about an hour then my teeth are the same.

not_applejuice4 karma

Hey, I'm not very educated on this condition but here goes. When did you (or your parents) first notice something? Also from my understanding your teeth are like that because they don't have certain minerals, so, isn't there any kind of supplements/vitamins you can take that would help out?

Panny2057 karma

My parents noticed when my adult teeth started coming in orangish yellow. Theres nothing i can do to change it now that they've grown in

verger34 karma

So, to the people who ask you if you smoke or whatever, have you been tempted to smile real big and say. "Nope! Just the meth and a little crack." Probably not, and I wouldn't have at 19. But now I'm 50+ don't give a damn and would screw with them as much as I could. :-)

Panny2056 karma

I just say no then ask why they ask. Makes them just as uncomfortable.

thepellow2 karma

I could imagine that this could give you low self esteem. Just throwing it out there you've got a really pretty face.

Panny2052 karma

Thanks. My self esteem isn't too low. Just an insecurity

patronen2 karma

how has previous boyfriends reacted regarding your condition? is it something you talk about or is it "just there"? and please feel free to not answer if its too personal:)

Panny2054 karma

It's pretty much something that's always just there. Ive had questions like always but it's never really hurt a relationship. Only after we break does it become a problem.

Panny2052 karma

Also ive never been into relationships. I avoid commitment like the plague, but no guy has ever turned me down personally because of it

patronen3 karma

It would be easy to think that its because of your condition, but is there another reason?

Panny2057 karma

Another reason why i avoid commitment? I dont want kids, most guys ive talked to want kids in the future. Since i dont i fell like im leading them on. Plus the career im going for is a big time commitment. Im thinking long term

RedBull71 karma

How has this affected your personal life, in school and also your love life.

Panny2052 karma

I was bullied all throughout school. People have come out and told me my teeth are gross. Ive had a cousin whos a dick tell me he didnt like me because i have teeth like a witch. My love life hasnt been effected by it much. After a break up they use it as a low blow and claim my teeth are a reason for the break up.

ShetlandJames-1 karma

In other words, "I am British, AMA"

Source: I am British

Panny2051 karma

I have never even left the united states. Born and raised in the good old midwest.

le_doge-6 karma

M'lady, will you go out with me?

Panny2053 karma

Im very 'flattered' but no