Hey guys, DJ Ravine here! Just hit 200k subs and to celebrate, I'll be doing an AMA here for a couple of hours. Got my drink ready and I'm good to go. Ask me anything about DJing, Youtube, music, my life etc etc.


Proof: Twitter Youtube

EDIT: Thanks for all the questions guys! I'll continue answering them so keep em coming. Just going to go play some DotA now

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DJGammer90 karma

Hi ravine

I dont know what DOTA is but I know I never want to play it because basshunter made a song about it once

This isnt a question

Ravine53 karma

The next time you come here, I'm going to strap you to a chair, IV drip you monster energy drink, put Basshunter's Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA on loop and force you to play.

polarbearurine22 karma

I've been listening to you forever man. how long does it take for you to prep a set?

Ravine26 karma

For a Youtube video from start to finish including editing takes about 4 hours if I'm not fucking around.

jelly_fisher20 karma

Hi Ravine! I love your mixing style, and I have you to thank for first getting me into DJing a couple of years ago! I've got a few questions...

  1. Is DJing your only job? All that sexy equipment must get expensive!
  2. When and how did you first begin DJing?
  3. Where did you get that scratch sample you use from? I can't find it anywhere!
  4. Are you still seeing a lot of shitty, shitty happy hardcore mixes on youtube which are just some background picture and about 5 songs mixed into each other with Windows media player or Winamp or some shit?

Thanks for dropping by to do this AMA, it's awesome to have an opportunity to talk to my DJing inspiration!

DJCotts32 karma

I wish Ravine was YeahDubz because then I would freeking know who YeahDubz was..

Ravine15 karma


Ravine16 karma

  1. No, my family owns a business so I worked for them full time for the last….however long my life has been. I'm planning on going part time with them so I can focus more on my DJing career in 2014.
  2. Started in 2006 when I did a DJing course after I finished high school.
  3. There's a lot here. http://soundcloud.com/ean-golden/136-samples-scratches
  4. Thankfully no. I attribute my video solely to fixing that problem.
  5. I didn't think I was until I saw he featured my channel on his top channels. Now I don't know who I am.

munoodle15 karma

Ravine! I don't actually have a question really but you were my inspiration to start DJing and producing, and I've been following you for longer than I can imagine. I actually got into a lull recently, and watching your videos made me attempt hardstyle finally and I love it so much. Thank you!

Ravine15 karma

Hardstyle is getting huuuuuuuuuuuuge lately. It's also thanks to the fact that Big Room House is takin a lot of inspiration from Hardstyle too.

SlenderLlama18 karma

cough cough Showtek.

Ravine7 karma

I am so okay with Showtek getting massive.

PakinhoZ11 karma


Ravine18 karma

As a 16 year old, I'd go after the Under 18s market because you're gonna struggle like mad to get the club gigs unless you're Martin Garrix or Madeon. Send them to the guys that run the club or make friends with promoters and get them to push for you.

SlenderLlama2 karma

Or Malthe Mehlskov, he's 16 playing at many large events.

Ravine2 karma

Yeah he recently played here in Sydney and was with his parents.

Ravine11 karma


anythingbuthebees8 karma

Also I met you at the chiptune show in SF and you never added me on facebook. I'm still hurt.

Ravine3 karma

I must have forgotten. PM me your name on Facebook and I'll go through my requests.

PenguinKillr10 karma

Do you ever get pissed off when puppets call you Raveen instead of Ravine?

Ravine8 karma

This makes me unreasonably angry for some reason.

chiick8 karma

Were your parents supportive at the beginning of your career?

Ravine26 karma

Mum wasn't. Dad was like meh, he can sell it if it doesn't go well.


hint: It's me.

lumdumpling8 karma

I have no question(s).

I just think your music is pretty rad.

Keep doin' what you do, homes. You certainly have a knack for it.

Ravine6 karma

Thanks dude!

Nu3ll8 karma


Ravine15 karma

Thank you! Youtube 100%. Locally, I was a nobody.

Insaniity8 karma

  1. Who do you personally think is a better DJ, you or Cotts? ;)

  2. What is the most awkward / embarrassing incident that's happened to you whilst at a gig (be it a screw up on stage, crazy people in the crowd etc.)?

  3. How does it feel to be one of the best (or at least one of the most well known) DJ's in Australia? Do you get recognized often by random people on the street?

Ravine15 karma

  1. Cotts sucks. Have you heard him scratch. LOL.
  2. I remember jumping and accidentally unplugging the power board for all the decks.
  3. Lol. I'm just another dude.

dinmama8 karma

Ravine, why are you so hot?

Ravine17 karma

I eat a lot of chilli.

jackyourkill7 karma

When will you be coming to the bay area next? Or anywhere in norcal really. Last time I was able to make it to one of your shows was 2011

Ravine4 karma

Don't know! Hopefully soon!

Talie5inAU6 karma

The last time yourself and DJ Cotts were in Adelaide, it was a U18, next time you come, can you bring DJ Gammer with you (DJGammer I know you know the promoters down here ;)) and throw an epic night! alas, our yet unborn baby hears the music that's yourself and DJ Cotts plays and dances too in mums belleh!

You should totally play at her first birthday!

Ravine5 karma

Hassle your promoters to book him and us then!

klik346 karma

Do you have some kind of system to count BPM's fast? Not that long ago i bought two CDJ 100S (Yup... old farts but cheap and they play music too so i dont mind) And i cant beatmatch correctly. Some advices?

Moar Happy Hardcore like old times. Plox.

Ravine5 karma

They sell some BPM units out there but they all suck. I'd just learn to beatmatch.

AccountHaver256 karma

What do you think is the number one misconception of DJing? How do you think DJing has influenced your personal life?

Ravine37 karma


Creamcakewithherring6 karma

If you could choose one DJ to do a collab with who would it be? I know not an original question but yeah I want to know :)

Ravine11 karma

Armin Van Buuren

yetti356 karma

Hey Ravine, so first of all I gotta say I've loved your stuff for a long time. Especially when you and Cotts mix together (since he introduced me to your channel)!

That being said, I wanted to know, what are your top 5 happy hardcore/hardcore songs?

Ravine6 karma

Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes

m4d0ck6 karma

Hey ravine, longtime fan here! I got two questions for you.

1: Why dont you make as many pure happy hardcore mixes anymore? 2: What do you think of the direction housemusic is taking with all this over-the-top-wannabe-epic-stuff and making ALOT of the tracks with entire lyrics instead of just some vocals here and there?

Also, what are you playing these days? DotA2, SC2 or something else?

Much love <3333

Ravine12 karma

  1. Just a huge drop in the quality and quantity of tracks out there. Before I'd buy 10 tracks a week. Now I'd be lucky to buy 2 in a month.
  2. I like it because it's getting harder and harder and I love it hard baby. I want it pushed in a more euphoric hands in the air hard though not just doof doof doof.

And just Dota. Oh and DayZ.

Grantbob6 karma

What tips do you have for promoting yourself online ?

Ravine16 karma

Keep it minimal til you're actually good. Too many shitty 14 year old producers out there that spam every single Facebook, Youtube page just because they created 1 track with FL Studio templates and are convinced they're the next big thing.

kartboy15 karma

Hey Ravine! Been a long time subscriber, love the happy hardcore mixes.

Question: How did you and Cotts become good friends and would you ever consider playing a few shows in Canada?

Ravine17 karma

Cotts and I met back in 2006 at the rave Utopia in June. It was my birthday rave and I was completely wrecked. This was before I got my DJ gear and Cotts had been DJing on some turntables made for hi-fi use. We met up because back when Happyhardcore.com was big, they had rave meetups for all the big raves and we all hung out as a crew. I didn't speak to Cotts much but I do remember he had a bright pink shopping bag full of glowsticks that he was handing out to everyone.

What a homo.

spacemanuh5 karma

When will you come to europe?

Ravine19 karma

The goal is Tomorrowland 2015.

brodsterxd4 karma

I've been dying to ask:

  1. What is (or was) your day job?

  2. As far as music production goes, hardcore or electro?

Ravine7 karma

  1. Worked for my family business.
  2. Electro now.

Gravax4 karma

where was your first gig?

Ravine18 karma

My first gig was for a girl's sweet 16 cruise when I just started DJing. I'm been DJing for about 2 months and a friend just called me up saying how the DJ had cancelled and they needed a new one. I didn't have much of the music they wanted because they were an RnB/Hip Hop crowd so I got the birthday girl to give me a bunch of CDs she had.

I think it's the only time ever in my career where I've had to play a mixed CD.

I can hear the booing.

Latchie4 karma

Will you ever produce anymore Hardcore Addiction albums possibly with Cotts in the future?

Ravine3 karma

Probably not. Just too hard to procure tracks for guys as indie as us.

JamieAubrey4 karma

Fave all time song to mix

Ravine20 karma

Rebecca Black - Friday. Although Saturday is a close second now.

Nefeera4 karma

Do you love or hate Big-Room?

Ravine6 karma

I think it's great but you can't play an entire big room set.

junderdo4 karma

Hi Ravine,

  • What's your favorite track from 2013?

  • What do you think of the upcoming "Hardcore Rave" producers in the US such as Rhythmics, T2Kazuya, Chasers/Moogl3 etc?

  • What's one piece of advice you'd give an aspiring Hardcore DJ/producer?

Ravine7 karma

I really love Get Ready by Erik Arbores.

Rhythmics is a pretty cool dude.

Make it sound more like Gammer.

drew_1233 karma

What advice to you give to budding DJ's?

Ravine9 karma

Keep making mixes non stop until you can do it in your sleep.

Alex_Hunter3 karma

any regrets?

Ravine6 karma

Not starting producing earlier.

danilo153 karma

Out of all your gigs you've played in, when do you know to choose to play between a dj controller or taking out your whole set.


Ravine2 karma

I never take our my gear. It's generally all provided. If it isn't, I either don't do it or I charge extra.

mysdanne3 karma

How did you start promote yourself and getting gigs?

Ravine3 karma

Youtube helped me out a lot but also getting to know promoters.

StatikGP3 karma

you ever done a show while rolling? did you have trouble mixing at all while high? lol

Ravine7 karma

Never ever. Only ever DJed drunk off my arse

MasterJuanB3 karma

boxers or briefs?

you know, for dancing on stage and stuff.

Ravine15 karma

Briefs. The boxers don't give me the support I need.

TheThirdSun3 karma

What was your first job or hobby that you invested time into before DJing, or more to the point, what were you doing before you even realised you had a love for DJing and electronic music?

Ravine7 karma

If playing MMORPGs and CS til 4am in the morning counts as a hobby, then that.

davt903 karma

What's it like being a DJ?

Ravine12 karma

It's like being a dude.

sloppie_003 karma

What got you into DJing?

Ravine19 karma

Darude - Sandstorm.


fraseyboy3 karma

So I've been a long time subscriber of yours. Seen a few of your posts on head-fi too. Pretty jelly of Australia's apparently awesome club scene. It's a bit shit in New Zealand.

A while back you mentioned producing your own music. How is this going? Are there any Ravine Originals™ in the pipeline? Or have there been some already that I somehow missed..?

Ravine3 karma

Soundcloud has a few and I've got more coming! Got featured on Spinnin the other day!

Zlasher3 karma

How big do you feel like the Happy Hardcore scene is? And has it grown or shrunk since you started making mixes?

If it's gotten smaller, do you think about expanding your repertoire to include more "mainstream" or popular genre's. Subscription count and views should probably matter if you intend on making DJ'ing a fulltime gig yeah?

Oh and what are your 3 best heroes on Dota2, and which are your 3 favorite to play, regardless of your skill on them.

Ravine5 karma

It's definitely shrunk in a crazy order of magnitude. You can hear the mainstream in the tracks released now. Everythings a bootleg of a top 40 track and it's not enough to save it. Apparently soemthing called Powerstomp is big now but never really got into it.

  1. Bane.
  2. Dark Seer.
  3. Enigma


DJDalskog2 karma

How old are you at the moment? Do you mind telling your fans your 'real name'? How/When did you get into DJ'ing? off topic from that Do get a lot of girls? :)

-Joel :D

Ravine2 karma


Nestorow2 karma

Do you think there will be a UK Hardcore stage at Defqon 1 within the next few years?

Also I love the new song with Weaver, Please bring it and Him back over to Perth ASAP.

Ravine3 karma


kellyMILKIES2 karma

Hi Ravine, just want to say I love you lil bro

Ravine2 karma

Thanks sis!

Keene_Legend2 karma

How did you succesed in DJing? I mean how you becamed so famous from Bedroom DJ to Club DJ?

Ravine3 karma

I was 100% made on Youtube. I started making Youtube DJ videos at the right place and the right time.

ThioJoe2 karma

Hey DJ Ravine, it's real cool that you're doing this, I've been subscribed for a while. My question is what is the biggest thing you would tell someone who's interested in being a DJ? (Not necessarily a pro, but someone looking to become decent)

Ravine2 karma

I'd learn to produce at the same time as learning to DJ.

DizzyMG2 karma

Dj ravine next time you come to San Francisco will you sign something for me? I've seen you at so stoked and you're one of my favorite dj's because you aren't a pretentious jerk and OMG pls

Ravine2 karma

Find me and I will!

Rudedudeowns2 karma

How long have you been producing now?

Ravine2 karma

Probably 2 years on and off. I tried starting earlier but never got into it.

Et3rnix2 karma

Ravine! If you don't remember me, I was the guy working at the Xbox stand at EB Expo and all I wanted was a photo -.-

  1. I wanted to start DJing but didn't have the cash to fork out for CDJs. I ended up buying a Traktor S4 and I love it to bits. My only concern is that if I ever attempt to pursue club gigs, that I would be forced to use CDJs and I haven't had any experience. Other than buying CDJs, what would you suggest is the best way to get experience on gear I don't own?

  2. What's your steam username? God damn I want to play some Dota with you ;)

Enjoy your AMA bro :)

Ravine3 karma

Oh yeah I remember you! Dude sucks you had to be in that room the whole time because I never got to go back in there!

  1. Practice with a friend's or at least learn to mix without the BPM and whatever that thing that shows you the beats drifting on Traktor is called.

  2. Ravine

Squigley_q2 karma

What is your most humorous encounter with the law?

Ravine3 karma

I once got pulled up by two sniffer dogs at once at a rave. They were pretty sure they'd caught a big one because I had my big DJ bag on. They searched me, found nothing and I left.

Yeah that's my only encounter with the law.

Sorry to disappoint.

lenswipe2 karma

I've noticed a large number of vinyl decks have a small light to the bottom left of the turntable (like this) - what's it for?

Ravine3 karma

It's actually a LED with a refresh rate synced to the dots that are lined around the DJ platter. As it spins, the dots create an illusion that they are staying still or moving at a slow pace. This lets you know if the turntable is at 0% pitch or is +% or -%. You have to see it.

Awesomefaec2 karma

With last years addition of Darren Styles to EDC last year, do you think we'll see some more happyhardcore/hardstyle this year?

Also, would you be interested in playing EDC?

Been listening to you since you started in 2006, I used to wake up in the middle of the night to listen to your Aussie Hardcore sets.

Ravine2 karma

Definitely. I know Hardstyle is getting bigger but in terms of Happy hardcore, I can only really seem them bringing guys like Gammer and Styles along.

I'd love to play at EDC given the chance.

Oh man good times.

DjDord2 karma

If any of the record companies (spinnin') ask you to change so something about yourself will you?

Ravine2 karma

Depends on if it compromises on creativity and who I am. If it's small yeah why not if it makes them happy but if they ask you to become something you're not, your fans will pick up on it. Your fans know you better than you know yourself.

JakePF2 karma

I know you are a MTG fan, I texted you when you still had time left on your american phone asking for a game the next time you were in america, What if your favourite magic card of all time?

Ravine4 karma

I used to play a tonne in high school but I stopped completely. That time I posted on Facebook was the first time I'd played in about 10 years. I can't really remember any cards so......

Amulet of Quoz.

aussieDJCB2 karma

Any major advice for underage (16) bedroom DJs for the future so we can be the best we can and perform for the masses?

Ravine7 karma

Seriously, practice. Other than that, start producing early. It's more of a producers industry now.

mtmark292 karma

Hey Ravine! Also a DJ, and I'm interested in knowing a couple things: 1) Why Serato and not Traktor? (Personally a Traktor guy...love it) 2) Why the switch to CDJS from timecode? (On time code myself lol)

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Ravine3 karma

Serato because I was brought up with it.

CDJs with Rekordbox because it's easier for me when I gig.

beans4eva2 karma

Hey Ravine! Really big fan! I was wondering why you don't offer all of your mixes for download?

Ravine3 karma


Also copyright.

djmerbst2 karma

why bigroom? :(

Ravine2 karma

I don't play solely big room. In fact, I try to play less of it and more focus on bass heavy electro but it's just so hard to come by now.

WhatDoTheFoxSay2 karma

Hi, DJravine! How often do you DJ "what do the fox say?" Thanks for answering this! It's kind of a big deal around these parts!

Ravine4 karma

I have a mashup which is a joke and I play that regularly.

WhatDoTheFoxSay1 karma

Deets, man!

Ravine2 karma

Well at first it goes a bit like gering ding ding ding ding a ding a ding. Then a bit of haate haate haate ho. Some say, that's what the fox says.

Tome_of_Knowledge2 karma

What is the best way to get started dj'ing for someone who has no experience

Ravine7 karma

Youtube tutorials and Virtual DJ or djay 2 if you have an iOS device.

Nefeera2 karma

Can I send you tracks anywhere?

Ravine2 karma

djravine at gmail.com

skibblesx2 karma

Have you ever considered playing other genres like NRG/gabber/techdance/hard house? Of course DJs have their designated genres but Theres so many electro and UKHC DJs now a days that I wanna see someone with your ability to do other genres c:

Ravine2 karma

Well I play stuff that I like. I have no real genre boundaries. If I like it, i'll play it.

yaychrystalmeth2 karma

I just started DJing and want to know, what should I learn to do first? What are some cool teqniques and effects i should learn to do? I have a pioneer ddj sb so nothing too complex just the basics, but cool tips and tricks.

Ravine5 karma

Beatmatching without sync.

farjy2 karma

what is your favourite hardstyle song?

Ravine6 karma

Pure by DJ Zany.

gogonimago2 karma

Ravine! When are you going to make a mix with your Stantons again? Everyone on Youtube is making mixes with CDJs, please do one with the TTs again, for old time's sake...

Ravine3 karma

They're under my bed. I need a bigger table.

Calach2 karma

Hey man! Huge fan! I got 3 questions for you:

Your 3 favorite songs of this year.

How do you get yourself out there as a DJ?

I've learned the basics of DJ-ing and can do it pretty well so what's the next step for me?

Thanks dude and keep up the good work!

Ravine2 karma



Tearraven2 karma

How did you feel during your first trips to America? Also, what was your reaction when your Happy Hardcore mix blew up on YouTube?

Ravine2 karma

America is always fun. It's pretty much just a holiday for me. And insane. When I got my first 100 views I was like fuck yeah!

HarmsWayChad2 karma

DJ Ravine do you have any plans to hit California? I would like to see you in person...I mean FB, Youtube and Soundcloud is cool but yeah.

Ravine2 karma

Hopefully soon. It's always hard to predict these things.

cambell2 karma


Ravine3 karma

  1. Practice.
  2. Know you tunes.
  3. Be the man now dog.

muktar19962 karma

Who would you meet out of the three if you could only meet one? The three: Dj Kentaro, Dj Qbert, Dj Craze

Ravine2 karma

QBert because he just seems like the coolest dude.

hidokimo2 karma

How did you originally get into dance music? What were your first musical interests?

Ravine6 karma

I think when I first heard Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, something just clicked and I knew it was time.

Wonkypooh2 karma

Do you prefer hardstyle, happy hardcore or some of the more soft electronic genres like house etc?

Ravine2 karma

I love Happy Hardcore but I also love Electro House.

Dj_Ayyo2 karma

as a young dj (15) how can i get gigs in teen discos and how should i approach the promoters for these gigs?

Ravine2 karma

Just email them or facebook them.

josh_30031 karma

Hey Ravine! Been a long time fan of yours. You and Cotts is what got me into the happy hardcore scene growing up.

Aside from that, what has been the best experience of becoming a famous DJ and what has it enabled you to do?

Also.. P.S

Joe's Mum ;)

Ravine2 karma

Joes Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

To me it's still a hobby but we'll see what happens next year!

Zaydene1 karma


Ravine13 karma

Because he makes the best hits. Come on bro that was too easy.

fkthe12s1 karma

When are you coming back to Texas? ;_; and did that barn show get shut down by the cops?

Ravine3 karma

I can't remember, I left before it finished =/

djadig1 karma

When are we going to play Ghosts together on Ps4? :)

Ravine7 karma

When you move to Australia so we don't lag!

seansterfu1 karma

You should do a moombahton mix :D. Also, come out to Hawaii

Ravine3 karma

I dislike Moombahton. Moombahcore ain't so bad.

swagchicken1 karma

Did you go to uni and all that stuff?.And Congrats on the 200k subs!

Ravine2 karma

Yep. I have a B.Comm - Marketing from Macquarie University.

muktar19961 karma

Can you please mix hip hop and try beat juggling or something cool like Kentaro? Just for one video!

Ravine4 karma

I've tried it and it's a lot harder than it looks. I am afraid to shame my famirly.

aarondotsmith1 karma

Watching your videos inspired me to start mixing, and then I started producing. I guess my question is, did you ever think your videos could have that kind of impact on your viewers?

Ravine2 karma

Never. I made my first video because Youtube was a fascinating new thing and I just wanted to try it. Who'da thunk it.

MrJeeves1011 karma

G'day Ravine!

My question to you is, how has the DJ'ing or club scene changed since you first began Dj'ing? Has it changed for better or worse?

Ravine2 karma

Everyone's getting younger and I'm getting older.

Brenwalsh1 karma

Hi Ravine<

Are you ever going to use the guitar hero controller in any more mixes?

Looking back at the battle you had with Kutski was friggin' awesome


Ravine2 karma

It really wasn't that practical. There was a huge noticeable lag in it and wasn't that great for precise stuff like drummping.

chiick1 karma

Whats your opinion about 'dj-s' like Afrojack, Steve Aoki?

Ravine2 karma

Afrojack is a good producer. Steve Aoki has his own market. Let them be.

BradPhusion1 karma

Congrats on reaching 200k, man! I've been listening to your remixes for quite a few years now. Whilst I don't make music, I do make videos and have just passed 4,000 last night. Whilst it isn't as big of a milestone as your's, I'm still pretty proud, so I know how you happy and proud you must feel. How does your family feel about your success and career choice? I'm having a hard time convincing my family and parents that YouTubing is something I really want to do, but they just feel it's a waste of time.

This wasn't really a question, but congratulations, man!

Ravine3 karma

Honestly, my mother is the least supportive person in the world. Her only thought is for me to continue working on the family business and expanding that. Her vision for me is so narrow and deadset that there's pretty much nothing that can change that. Next year I'm going to be working less for my family and more for myself so lets see where it goes.

Mikeezz1 karma

Hey Ravine, Thanks for doing this!

Are you ever going to come over to Scotland?!

Ravine2 karma

Not that i know of but it'd be awesoem to go!

Symphonize1 karma

Your In Dubstep We Trust One was one of the first things that got me listening to electric music. Is there a number 4 coming out anytime?

Ravine2 karma

Not that I can see. Really not much Dubstep I enjoy now. It's pretty much a dying genre. There is no Dubstep in the Beatport Top 100 anymore. It used to be full of it.

AlecMittens1 karma

Do you ever do any original production or just mixes?

Ravine2 karma

Yep! On my Soundcloud. Few more coming soon.

xzkuns0 karma

How your dj "career" started?

Ravine5 karma

Sudden urge to DJ.

MarkAaen0 karma

Hey Ravine, I have 3 questions 1. In ur first vid on YouTube with the DDJ-SX controller where u just mess around with the functions. How did u make that "wind down effect", where u pause the track and it slows down in bpm, and when u play it then it just goes back to the original bpm?
2. How do you actually know if you are good enough to be at a club as dj? 3. Any tips on scratching as a beginner with the DDJ-SX? Big longtime fan from Denmark here! keep up your work.

Ravine2 karma

The deck has to have Slip mode. Turn up the braking to about 15% and make sure deck is in vinyl mode. When you press Play, it should slow brake instead of instant stop. With Slip on, it'll continue playing as if you never pressed Play when you start it up again.