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Not a person in charge of messing with ads.

Aka "no"

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If you don’t do it, someone will. You could charge money for it as an official dlc and it’ll sell like hot cakes. As much as it goes against your vision for 4Souls, remember that there are lonely/recluse/etc.. people that only have online friends, who may be afraid for x reason to make physical friends. But we love Isaac, we want more Isaac. I’m sure you’ve seen how upset people got about the last booster pack for AB+ and you calling it quits.

A digital version would just give an outlet for people like us to enjoy the Isaac we’ve been craving more of. I personally have a number of online only friends who love Isaac, we wish we lived in the same country to get together and do fun shit in person, but the hard truth is we don’t.

Stagger a Tabletop Sim dlc to not hinder the physical sales, but please do an official release. Do it for Isaac BibleThump

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Do you believe, based on studies, that GMOs will harm humans in the long run?

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Can I have a free copy of Ubuntu?