here's proof

I'm a helper riding shotgun answering between stood. AMA and happy holidays.

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dexter30216 karma

If it makes you feel any better take fact that your technically santa claus for today. So your technically living a thousands children's dreams.

upsguy34133 karma

currently on a frozen rural road that hasn't gotten deliveries in the past 3 days.... can confirm that I am Santa right now.... and it it's pretty special. though sometimes I feel like the crampus

upsguy3485 karma

also....Santa is real and it's not me. he starts delivering later

dexter3065 karma

I bet he secretly orders that stuff and just makes you deliver it. Lets be honest its more efficient.

upsguy34168 karma

that makes me feel awesome.... I'm like a privately contracted elf

upsguy3458 karma

I'll clarify. I'm a holiday helper riding shotgun. basically temp employee/ elf. no driving today just jogging.

phoenix0r35 karma

I gave my UPS delivery guy and mail carrier some cookies and a tip today. Thank you for your work!

upsguy3423 karma

that's a very generous gesture. I would love a tip I'm sure they were extremely grateful. it's a hard day when you want to be home sipping 'nog with the family.

milanbourbeck16 karma

No Question here

I work in an electronic store and I had to work today too!

This sucks so bad and I really feel you man. The good thing on my job is that it isn't cold and I can eat stuff with my co-workers.

We invited every package guy that came in to eat that shit with us too, gave him a calendar for free and a coffee to go because they are doing an awesome job for us the whole year.

I really hope that someone will be nice too and give you a little present too.

Blaming us/me is okay. I deserve it.

upsguy346 karma

this is really heartwarming thanks for being awesome

upsguy3414 karma

phone is getting low on battery and don't worry I'm not driving or allowing anything down. a answer more when I get out and Merry Christmas/ happy holidays

cyanghost109-10 karma

Where's my package?

upsguy3420 karma

in transit.... Amazon makes the guarantees

KimJongFunnest10 karma

Whats the biggest thing you delivered so far?

upsguy3422 karma

pottery barn furniture... one piece came in 5 boxes 120 lbs each...30 yard walk down that driveway as I recall

ORD_to_SFO9 karma

Safe travels! Also, what do you think about the Amazon Drone idea? Would it work?

upsguy349 karma

I don't think for a long time. they have a preferential shipping rate and weather conditions/ liability issues seem like huge hurdles. how does a drone get a signature? or avoid hackers/ poachers for that matter. though I am sure they'd love to replace workers if it would save them some nickels.

OceanSiren1 karma

Also, I can see some people in the southern states treating them like games and try shooting them down

upsguy347 karma

with a large financial incentive to boot.

reMH9 karma

How much are you making per hour?

upsguy3414 karma

9.50... time and a half for anything over 8 hours... no break

upsguy346 karma

RacksDiciprine5 karma

I assume your driver has banged some lonely housewife in the past? Makes jokes about "Delivering the package"?

upsguy3412 karma

actually contrary to the overall culture of sexism in a make dominated work environment my driver is an awesome guy who loves his wife. but yes, the package jokes do provide endless entertainment for almost everyone I know.

upsguy344 karma

male* not make.. hard to edit

mysweetetc5 karma

This is my husband's first peak season as a cover driver! I'm expecting him no later than 8 - tell your driver to move his ass. ;)

What hub?

upsguy3410 karma

probably best to keep it undisclosed... but in the frigid tundra of the northeast

mysweetetc5 karma

How do you do it without killing yourselves of frostbite in those damn package cars? We're way down south; it's 70 degrees today. You have all my sympathies. It's a lot harder job than most people imagine.

Hope the rest of your day goes smoothly!

upsguy346 karma

thanks for your kind words! at best it gets to about 40 in here.. but when we open the doors we lose it all. layers! and wool... lots of wool.

Pallettownchamp4 karma

You ever get a package that was vibrating? And just think to yourself yup, dildo.

upsguy3416 karma

the best presents are the ones that keep on giving

Theauthordude3 karma

Goodness. Happy holidays. No question, but thank you.

upsguy346 karma

happy holidays to you too!

RedditRalf2 karma

Do they make people work on christmas day? (amazon)

upsguy342 karma

I don't know if they do... I know that local hubs aren't doing pickups today and most have off tomorrow.... they might though since they probably have semis and planes nearby.

Jacosion2 karma

At the hub where you work, do they ever send seasonal workers to deliver part of your rout using a golf kart and a lawn mower trailer?

upsguy346 karma

they often drop people off in an urban area with a trailer full of unsorted boxes and a handcart. I think they wish they had a golf cart.

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upsguy343 karma

I'm not that bitter just reflecting on the amount of prime duct tape I've seen... it's in my dreams now :: shudder::