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As an American (U.S.), I'm sad to hear you wouldn't want to visit. I think I can understand how non-Americans can be sick of the pervasive American culture, products, etc.

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Safe travels! Also, what do you think about the Amazon Drone idea? Would it work?

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In America, we often hear that the leadership of Venezuela isn't too fond of the US. Do you find that this feeling is pervasive amongst thevVenezuelan people? If it isn't, do you see opportunities in economic development or partnership (ie. They have oil, and we want to buy it.)

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I came here to ask about medical marijuana too. Do you think it would help? Is it possible that it did help, by delaying the onset of your condition? I have rheumatoid arthritis, and people say MMJ works to relieve inflammation. In my experience, it masks the discomfort, but I can't really tell if it does anything to abate the disease head-on, ya know?

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...lying on the flooOOOooor!