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littlegrey15 karma

Do you manage the Freeport Illinois store?

ALDIDistrictManager7 karma


therealET5 karma

why are you doing an AMA?

ALDIDistrictManager7 karma

I'm bored this afternoon and putting off cleaning my house while watching football.

butter_noodle3 karma

Every time I buy fresh fruit from ALDI's it always tastes off and spoils within a day or two! Why?

ALDIDistrictManager12 karma

I'm not sure butter_noodle. Possibly you don't refrigerate it or the climate it is kept in is too warm? If you do have an off issue, feel free to let a member of management know and they will refund your money and replace the product. It's part of our double back guarantee. Just don't abuse it.

ShittyFieldTech3 karma

I bought two six packs of cinnamon applesauce. It was terrible, but I didn't want to be that guy and take back applesauce so I threw it away. And I really didn't want more of the applesauce either.

ALDIDistrictManager6 karma

It's okay to be that guy. Plus if we have multiple "that guys" that bring it in, we might have a larger issue which needs addressing. So don't worry about it.

kutchduino1 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Can't wait till I finally see another Aldi. It's been about three years due to where am at. Heading to Texas then Florida soon though.

Any plans to introduce organic products, produce or packaged goods?

ALDIDistrictManager2 karma

Yes, all of the above.

MegaMarko-1 karma

I don't shop at Aldi is because bagging $300 in groceries is a pain in the ass and I feel the employees are overworked for minimum wage. The food is pretty good though. Why don't I see the managers helping the employees stocking and cashiering? No matter how busy it is..

ALDIDistrictManager12 karma

The workers don't get paid minimum wage. They actually have a full line of benefits including a 401k plan too. The managers are probably helping somewhere, whether that's behind the scenes in the backroom (walk-in freezer, coolers, etc.). Your $300 in groceries would probably become $325 if we had baggers, just fyi. What would you rather have?

Colchestrian-6 karma

I use one of your internet USB dongles (in Germany) and the connection is extremely slow. It took me a couple of minutes to load this page. ALDI sucks! That is all.

ALDIDistrictManager8 karma

Alright, thanks