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What helped me the most was a book called The Easy Way To Quit Smoking. Unsure if you've heard of it but after couple reads of the book it sunk in and went from pack or two a day to nothing overnight and truly was easy.

Once we conquer the mind anything is possible!

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Do locals count as most anyplace in Nevada? Am licensed out of Pahrump, which is fairly close.

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Please also look into Costco! If you haven't already

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Thanks for doing this AMA! Can't wait till I finally see another Aldi. It's been about three years due to where am at. Heading to Texas then Florida soon though.

Any plans to introduce organic products, produce or packaged goods?

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As an investigative reporter, not including this article, were there any items you were investigating where some superior, or other individual(s)/organization(s), suggested you not pursue it any further?

If you did pursue it, were there any ramifications? Likewise, if you dropped it, were there any rewards?

Additionally, are there any topics that are generally seen as off limits to reporters like yourself, such as, but not limited to, UFO's, three letter government agencies, corruption in general (not limited to the US), electronic surveillance, or number of, and reason for, potholes in certain parts of the country?

Thanks! Enjoy this AMA!