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ZenMasterFlash360 karma

Uncle Rico my ass, you'll always be Lazlo Hollyfeld to me.

derekwalker1165 karma

cool, me too if it makes you happy :)

agravain85 karma

i am happy and sad...

derekwalker189 karma

haa...Perfect answer

wrong_way_slurps320 karma

Did you end up being able to throw the football over them mountains?

derekwalker1668 karma

yeah man. You saw my tape

Dethkloks227 karma

Can you tell me when you threw that steak did you actually hit him in the face with it or was it an edit.

Cause that was absolutely hillarious watched that scene like 300 times.

like it was back in 82 when i was born.

derekwalker1453 karma

I threw it. It's my greatest moment in acting. And I hit him hard and square

Dethkloks96 karma

That is awesome you made my night. Most Epic scene ever. Im gonna watch it on youtube right now lol

derekwalker1209 karma

just check out that technique

Dethkloks25 karma

where did that idea come from btw i've always wondered

derekwalker139 karma

which idea?

derekwalker151 karma

steak to the face?

Dethkloks28 karma

the steak throw who came up with that ?

derekwalker161 karma

jared hess

derekwalker1138 karma

Heyyyy, this is it! I figured it out!!! Let's chat!!

Fochangles36 karma

What inspired the title?

derekwalker148 karma

The title definitely plays into the deeper back story of the film. The film doesn't glorify guns, but guns were a big part of life in the early 1840's

derekwalker1116 karma

here is the link to our new kickstarter -

derekwalker192 karma

Thank you guys so much for your support!! I've got to run, please check out our film on Kickstarter! Thank you so much for your time and interest! See you all soon!

ArcticSpyder50 karma

Wait man, I wanted to say hi. You're kind of a big deal.

derekwalker176 karma

hey man, don't worry. jon and I will do another AMA soon!

slap_nut91 karma

Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or have a row of penises down your back like a stegosaurus?

derekwalker1124 karma

wait, is the vagina attached to my forehead?

aabbccatx44 karma

Yes. Permanently.

derekwalker1361 karma

any vagina near my face has to be temporary

spundred84 karma

Best known as Uncle Rico? You're Broots from The Pretender, and always will be.

What the hell happened to that show? I loved it.

derekwalker187 karma

XFL great choice by the network. cost half a billion dollars and they cancelled our show. you can find all those executives on unemployment now

spundred46 karma

Seriously? The Pretender got canned for the fucking XFL?

I suddenly want to put Vince McMahon through a table.

derekwalker188 karma

He's an alien.

sbags75 karma

did you ever give back Kramer his tupperware?

derekwalker1140 karma

fuck no

derekwalker1137 karma

he was kind of a dick to me

usernamepassw0rd11 karma

XD I'm donating what I can because of this statement! You silly sonuvagun!

derekwalker127 karma

You are the best!!! Thank you so much for your support!!

phillyboy67372 karma

No one's mentioned that you were Roger Linus on LOST. You were amazing on it but really overlooked as an actor. Btw what's your favorite color?

derekwalker165 karma

Thanks for saying. I'll be remembered in my epitaph as that vaguely familiar guy...Haha.. SPECTRUM

cmyk300010 karma

Best favorite color response I've heard by far!

derekwalker111 karma

haha nice

iamthecowman69 karma

Napolean Dynamite was a seriously great movie in which you played a seriously hilarious character. Thank you for that man!

derekwalker182 karma

thank you for saying! happy holidays!

DylanRamsey59 karma

Has anyone ever stopped you in the street and said "Hey! I know you, I've seen your tape!"?

derekwalker197 karma

dang, you must be psychic

SeriousDOOMBunny49 karma

Hi John, Really appreciated you as Wolfman, and so glad you made it to the last Monster Squad Alamo Drafthouse reunion. Any interest in doing another one with the full cast again?

derekwalker159 karma

i never liked my performance in that movie, i'm sorry to say. but I enjoyed the film

george__kaplan49 karma

Wanna buy some boondoggle keychains? They're a real must have for this season's fashion!

derekwalker164 karma

actually i've moved on to lederhosen

george__kaplan34 karma

It made my day knowing that Uncle Rico responded to my comment.

derekwalker157 karma

made my day having you comment

george__kaplan26 karma

And he did it again! Shoutout from Moorpark!

derekwalker140 karma

VC in da house!!!

george__kaplan21 karma

You're out here too?

derekwalker129 karma

come on george kaplan is at mt. rushmore

george__kaplan20 karma

Schooled by Uncle Rico! Best thing to happen to me all year!

derekwalker127 karma

thornbush...that you?

derekwalker136 karma

Please check out our Kickstarter guys! Another Man's Gun Please spread the word! We will need your support!

Frajer32 karma

What is Liam Neeson like?

derekwalker174 karma

he is one baddass dude. I love him!!!

derekwalker1113 karma

badass gentlemen i mean

themineboss30 karma

Where did you find your inspiration to play the part of Uncle Rico so well in Napoleon Dynamite? I've always been curious as to who/what type of person Rico was supposed to emulate most.

derekwalker1133 karma

First time I met Jarod Hess he'd already hired me. He asked to talk to me about the role. He said that he see's Uncle Rico as a cross between Burt Reynolds, David Hasselhoff and Elvis. I looked him in the eye and said.. Say no more...

mbuyck427 karma

Have you ever been able to relive those high school glory days?

derekwalker166 karma

heck yes. have you seen my tape?

mbuyck421 karma

Just got to make sure man, you're my inspiration.

derekwalker143 karma

just smell the roses. Your glory days are right here and now

mbuyck422 karma

You're easily the coolest (and first) actor I've attempted to speak to.

derekwalker162 karma

well thank you so much. just remember the rest of them are monsters. terrible people ;)

wafflesid22 karma

Shit man...I modeled my life after lazlo...except the genius IQ. I only got as far as living in a basement...but still. you rock.

derekwalker149 karma

bet you didn't get a lot of tail either

epona9222 karma

I am a really big fan of the Pretender, what was it like on set?

derekwalker123 karma

A lot of fun. Everyone got along so well. We were all so lucky. All good people. I'm presently writing a screenplay with Richard Marcus(Dr Raines from the Pretender). We all still love each other.

LittleRiff20 karma

I don't have a question, I just want to say thank you for being a great actor that is fun to watch. I remember randomly watching Terrorvision and Fright Night 2 and both movies became a lot more interesting to watch once you came on screen.

derekwalker123 karma

that is so nice of you to say, I really appreciate it!!

jamiiis232519 karma

Jon Gries is one of the best AmA-ers ever. He has answered literally everyone who has asked questions.

I don't have any for you, but keep up your great work and continue being a badass.

derekwalker119 karma

hey, Jon is not online anymore but he says thank you. I'm derek, the writer of AMG was just checking in and saw your post. thanks for your support!

SinsOfThePatriot17 karma

Who is your biggest influence as an actor?

derekwalker142 karma

they keep coming.. but my real influence as an actor was to keep me out of trouble

alfienism16 karma

If Naploeon only got paid $1,000 for his role, does that mean they took advantage of the rest of the cast? Like non-union rates?

derekwalker144 karma

no, his cntract was under the "low-budget" film agreement. when the film sold to Fox Searchlight I'm sure he got paid significantly more

Arithered15 karma

  1. How did you get involved with Napoleon Dynamite?

  2. There's this story I keep hearing where you're a vegetarian, but your character was supposed to like steak, so you'd put it in your mouth and then immediately spit it out. Is that true?

derekwalker134 karma

they saw me in a film called the Big Empty and offered me Uncle Rico. And I'm not a vegitarian. The steak was skanky. That is all

Arithered9 karma

Ha, I suspected it. Somehow, these stories always seem to register on my bullshit scale.

Ya gotta hate skanky steak. It knows what it wants, though.

derekwalker121 karma

dont believe everything you read online ;)

derekwalker115 karma

Hey guys. Jon had to run. But I'm Derek. (AMG writer/producer) if anyone wants to continue the conversation...I can't speak on Jon's behalf but can answer anything AMG related :)

Jessicayla4 karma

Hey Derek! I don't have a question but wanted to say that you guys decided on some really awesome kickstarter rewards, even for the lower amounts, and I truly appreciate it! It definitely makes me want to donate, even though I don't particularly like westerns.

derekwalker18 karma

oh that's super cool to hear. it was a lot of late nights deciding what kind of rewards would work best. And I promise that the AMG story is so fun and adventurous you won't notice it's a Western. It could be 'AMG: In Space' haha and the story would still work great! Thank you for your support!!

gassyboi14 karma

What attracted you to directing a western? I love westerns and I dont think enough get made these days. Looking forward to seeing yours!

derekwalker124 karma

I love Westerns too. My father was a film maker and a true lover of the genre. he directed Will Penny in 1967 with Charleton Heston, I was in that film as a kid and it set the bar. I've always wanted to be in a Western and direct westerns. Love reading Westerns too

gassyboi7 karma

I haven't actually read any Westerns but would love to. What would you recommed? Also, if you wanted or needed a British actor in Another Man's Gun then hit me up...

derekwalker19 karma

The Log of a Cowboy by Andy Adams (written in 1904) so you know it's authentic. Another strong recommendation is Roughing It by Mark Twain. And sure, we always need limeys

gassyboi3 karma

Authenticity is a bonus! I'll check out the Adam's. I'll make sure to keepmup to date with Any Man's Gun. Thanks for answering the questions! One day maybe we will cross paths on the set of a sweet Western.

derekwalker16 karma

let's! thank you for the support!

3asternJam13 karma

What was the most fun you've had making a film/tv show? Why?

derekwalker118 karma

i just finished an episode of criminal minds and had a blast. I've had so much fun on so many different shows and films it would be hard to answer. So fortunate for all the experiences

3asternJam5 karma

Wow! thanks for the reply! I would have imagined that criminal minds would be really intense, due to the subject matter.

As an extra, can you talk about a least favourite?

derekwalker125 karma

first of I'm a really intense guy. haven't you seen my tape? and second I will neither confirm nor deny that Martin..was a memorable experience..

screamineagle41113 karma

Are you still looking into time travel on the internet? If so, have you had any success?

derekwalker128 karma

no i like where i am

screamineagle4118 karma

Right on! Thanks for the reply. On a more serious note, what has been you favorite film to work on and why?

derekwalker117 karma

Too many to list. For a host of reasons. Nap-D was like summer camp. Real Genius was like a kid in a candy store. Little projects, Unknown projects. I just finished an amazing film with Leland Orser and lance Reddick called Faults...So much fun to do. Lucky me

screamineagle4115 karma

It's good to hear that there are too many to list. As coincidence would have it, my Dad and I were watching Real Genius when I saw you were doing this AMA. Anyway, thanks again for both answers, my Dad really got a kick outta you replying to em. Happy Holidays!

derekwalker110 karma

splendid! thank you, happy holidays! Hi dad!

Pyatt56211 karma

What was your favorite moment when acting in Napoleon Dynamite?

derekwalker141 karma

the scene at the diner

FatGuy_InALittleCoat10 karma

What was it like working on such a unique movie like Napoleon Dynamite? Had to have been kind of an awkward set environment.

derekwalker140 karma

Why? Never awkward..We were all deeply committed to doing our job. We were very serious. Probably why the film is so funny because we played it for truth and not for laughs

nycdk10 karma

How apparent was the sense at the time that NP was going to be such a big deal? Did the cast think of it more as just a cool, small project?

derekwalker116 karma

no, we had no idea it was going to turn into what it did. we had no clue

akirak35t9 karma

What was it like filming in Idaho?

derekwalker122 karma

hot...very haought

rustedpeace8 karma

Who's better, you or Eli Manning?

derekwalker129 karma

he imitates my mustache better than anyone :)

Lions27277 karma

Have you ever narrowly missed out on some lead roles that could have made you even more of a well-known face, per se? Is that even something you strive for? If so, which ones?

Good luck with your film, I'll def check it out.

derekwalker119 karma

When I first started out, I spent the day with Robert Redford for his film Ordinary People. He was matching me up with other potential cast members. I left the casting that day and he told me that I was his number one choice. He also admitted that he thought my walk was too manly. He wanted a gangly more high school teen looking kid,(I was 19) It shows how specific his eye for detail was. He said he did not want to leave a stone unturned before making his decision. Eventually he found Timothy Hutton. Who went on to win an Oscar for the performance. That's one of many, folks. Way it goes.

JimsApplePie7 karma

Would you have voting for Pedro?

derekwalker111 karma

i would but Rico probably wouldn't

evansmith1827 karma

Is Jack Bauer yelling at you as scary as I'd imagine?

derekwalker113 karma

only his breath hahaha

JamesRenner6 karma

Are you ever tempted to sneak in and then walk out of a random dude's closet as if you live there?

derekwalker110 karma

ok that's too creepy to imagine, haha

Lions27276 karma


derekwalker18 karma

loved loved loved working on the show. didn't follow too much before I started working on it

StripperStank5 karma

on a scale of 1-10 how good are you at throwing steaks?

derekwalker119 karma

my accuracy speaks for itself. haven't you seen my tape?

StripperStank9 karma

Actually I saw it on this thing called a floppy disc.

derekwalker114 karma

wait a minute, hold on a second, that's very personal

StripperStank7 karma

Why do you say you are Jon Gries but have the user name derekwalker1?

derekwalker112 karma

I am Jon, Derek is the writer and producer of AMG. We are here together. you can check out the website for more bio information and I suck at social media, thankfully he is here to help me out

mbuyck46 karma

I was about to cry man, I thought I'd been having a deep conversation with a phony

derekwalker19 karma

I just tweeted a picture of us at @jongries I'm wearing glasses.

StripperStank2 karma

Awesome! I was really confused.

derekwalker14 karma

we are on twitter too. @anothermansgun @jongries check it!

llano115 karma

Can you actually throw a football with more prowess in real life or do you really have the dreaded noodle arm?

derekwalker114 karma

I have a sling shot!

natedogg895 karma

So have any teams given you a call this season?

derekwalker118 karma

if you know anyone in the NFL looking...I'm available for a million dollars a season. that's really cheap, compared to some of these other clowns, just ask around. have you seen my tape?

RufusMcCoot5 karma

Do you think I'm cute?

derekwalker133 karma

do you think you're cute?

batmanisavampire5 karma

Very excited for Another Man's Gun. What made this story and script stand out for you?

derekwalker18 karma

The era, the characters, the conflict. All very true to the period. It's authenticity is that it doesn't use hollywood devices or cliches. It lends itself to being a classic

sccoll5 karma

Do people ever wrongly (or correctly) assume that you and Uncle Rico have the same personalities? Has this resulted in any awkward social encounters?

derekwalker116 karma

only in the film business. in all seriousness,after napoleon dynamite came out I was offered maybe 10 roles that literally ripped the character off and tried to pass it off as something new

jarodsafehouse715 karma

Jon, I was curious if Steve and Craig had talked to you about Pretender - Rebirth and a possible return of the Pretender in series/movie format? I would love to see you reprise your role as Broots.

derekwalker17 karma

I loved playing Broots. And I loved those guys. I want to see the story finally go where it was intended to go. so yes

jarodsafehouse714 karma

Jon what made you want to direct? and do you plan to appear in a cameo somewhere in the film?

derekwalker16 karma

I've always wanted to direct. my father was a director and if he were a shoe maker i'd probably be making shoes :) only if I am the best choice for the role. too many good actors out there that I like

jarodsafehouse713 karma

Hi Guys!

I know it's early on in the process, but do you have any actors ear-marked for AMG yet?

derekwalker14 karma

Well, Brando and Burton are unavailable. So we're looking at a short list. haha actually we have ideas and have spoken to some really tremendous actors who are interested but we aren't committing to anything yet

variant3 karma

Did Rusty ever make it off the streets, or is he still walking around NYC in George's toupee?

derekwalker17 karma

actually he never made it out of CBS studios in studio city....he drives a rickshaw

leafeator2 karma

Hey Jon! Really excited to see you and Derek go to kickstarter for this project. Looks super sick, happy to pledge.

Quick question:

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horsr-sized duck?

Glhf on the kickstarter

derekwalker16 karma

Thank you so much for the support! and def 100 duck sized horses

jarodsafehouse712 karma

Hey Derek! What first gave you the idea for AMG?

derekwalker15 karma

came to me at 3am in a dream. was divine inspiration

reputable_opinion2 karma

Do you have family in Toronto?

derekwalker14 karma

i do, where exactly I dont know. my grandmother is from toronto

TheShittyBeatles2 karma

Hi Jon! How did you get cast as Lazlo in Real Genius? When did you realize that it had become a cult classic?

And Lost! How was your experience working on the show? Have you watched the entire series?

derekwalker13 karma

amazing experience, not watched it all yet.. lucky me haha. many many auditions for Lazlo, jumped through hoops. And it is?!

JesusAteYourBaby2 karma


derekwalker113 karma

ok, just so I know its really you...whats the temperature outside?

SteinDickens2 karma

Just wanted to say hello...I really enjoyed Napoleon as a kid. I really liked all of the scenes between you and Napoleon.

derekwalker18 karma

me too... I mean the kid part

aabbccatx1 karma

Which would you rather fight, 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

derekwalker14 karma

haha, i dont want to fight any animals, I love animals. but if i had to choose probably 100 duck sized horses. or just run away fast

aabbccatx2 karma

Follow up: How do you balance your creative direction with the influence of the rest of your team?

derekwalker14 karma

i rule like mussolini

[deleted]1 karma


derekwalker13 karma

answered it haha

GHJ4171 karma

What was it like being part of Hitman: Absolution?

derekwalker13 karma

really cool. great game!