Jon Gries

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is an American actor, writer and director. He is also credited under the names Jon Francis and Jonathan Gries.

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derekwalker1668 karma

yeah man. You saw my tape

derekwalker1453 karma

I threw it. It's my greatest moment in acting. And I hit him hard and square

derekwalker1361 karma

any vagina near my face has to be temporary

derekwalker1209 karma

just check out that technique

derekwalker1165 karma

cool, me too if it makes you happy :)

derekwalker1140 karma

fuck no

derekwalker1138 karma

Heyyyy, this is it! I figured it out!!! Let's chat!!

derekwalker1137 karma

he was kind of a dick to me

derekwalker1133 karma

First time I met Jarod Hess he'd already hired me. He asked to talk to me about the role. He said that he see's Uncle Rico as a cross between Burt Reynolds, David Hasselhoff and Elvis. I looked him in the eye and said.. Say no more...

derekwalker1124 karma

wait, is the vagina attached to my forehead?