My short bio: 3x Grammy Nominee, DJ/Producer/Artist and Principal of Planet Perfecto. I'll answer as many questions as I possibly can, but be gentle - I'm very fragile.

BTW, check out my latest single "A Beautiful World":

Also, here's a free download of my new track "Ready For Love" with Danny Howard:

Cheers! Ask me anything...

My Proof:

Sadly, I have to go now. I hope I can comeback. Lets do it again soon? Thanks for the great questions and reaching out. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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Knsclion244 karma

Paul, do you like fish sticks?

PaulOakenfold772 karma

I watch South Park.

Tralaxis210 karma

After 10 years Motion is still my favorite song, so if you could share some little known facts (or anything really!) about it or any other tracks on Bunkka it would pretty much make my year.

Also, Tranceport was the perfect mix. I know you probably hear that everyday but damnit its true. It started my lifelong love for trance.

Thanks for the AMA!

PaulOakenfold155 karma

Oh god, really? Thank you, Thank you! Yea, that was one of the last tracks that made the album and we spend a lot of time working on the song to get the right feel and lyric.

h3yf3ll4121 karma

tell me a good drug story.

PaulOakenfold495 karma

i drank absinth, which was illegal in america at the time, with Hunter S Thompson and we stayed up all night. we got involved in crazy stories and moments. Hunter put on a hat, lipstick and sunglasses while he was talking to me thinking it was going to freak me out. Ive been to many clubs around the world and seen a lot, that certainly was not going to freak me out.

TomServoLover113 karma

Hi Paul! Thanks for doing the AMA! I have four questions!

So, you've been in music for 34 years, and have been in electronic music for that time as well, and I'm wondering how do you feel about current state of affairs with electronic music, where it's headed, and where it's been over the past few decades?

What song always gets the crowd going?

And what is your favorite venue to play at and why?

And, as a DJ, what has been your greatest accomplishment and why?

PaulOakenfold184 karma

well i would say its a gold rush at the moment, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie.

At the moment I'm getting a great response from The Joyriders "Chillaxing in the club." Its coming out soon

I have a few favorites, but one that comes to mind is Zouk in Singapore. It has an amazing sound system and a very comfortable DJ booth to play long sets and a great crowd that are open to a musical journey.

I would say touring & remixing with U2 and producing & touring with Madonna because I never thought in a million years I would get to work with these amazing acts.

d3vilalias99 karma

So when will you return to pure trance?

PaulOakenfold233 karma

soon, because the new producers in trance are really coming up with great melodic music. Why i lost interest in trance, because like in a lot of genres, everything started to sound the same and the melodic emotional side of trance started to disappear. It was just the obvious breakdowns in every record.

A_French_Model96 karma

Can you tell us a cool story about the early days of Ibiza? BTW One of my most memorable moments was you playing Southern Sun at a party in Cd. Juarez, Mexico. Chills...

PaulOakenfold220 karma

Perfecto decided to do a party to launch the summer season. we did a party at priveledge - myself, sasha & digweed where we had 9,000 people and on that same night (which ended at 7 in the morning) we did a perfecto fluoro party (which was illegal because it wasnt in the club) in the northern part of the island in the open air where the performers were "man with no name", mike maguire from juno reactor DJing that went until 11am in the morning.

PaulOakenfold208 karma

it still to this date known as one of the ground breaking nights in the electronic world on that island. people still talk about it.

rocketman3872 karma

What are your thoughts on Dubstep?

PaulOakenfold173 karma

I like the Nero stuff and what Skrillex does.

Alaskaty58 karma

Hello Paul! Burning Man is a massive rumor mill, and I loved all of the wild (mostly untrue) things you’d hear about famous bands and DJs. One time, I heard that the Rolling Stones were going to play a surprise concert the night of the burn. NOPE! Anyway, I had heard on several occasions that Paul Oakenfold was going to be performing here or there. Ya sure right. I didn’t believe it until one night in 2005 we stopped by the Opulent Temple sound camp and LO AND BEHOLD… Proof More proof

Anyway, there were maybe a couple hundred people partying to your music that night. Do you prefer performing in gigantic clubs versus a hidden little jam session at Burning Man? I know that I enjoyed it.

PaulOakenfold90 karma

I actually like doing both but there is something special about playing at Burning Man. I was there this year again and will probably be back next year again. Come join us and say hello.

SmokePurpleBeGold53 karma

Wikipedia lists your occupation as a chef. Do you cook your bacon on the stove or in the oven?

PaulOakenfold160 karma

I am actually a pre-qualified French cuisine chef. I like cooking! But you have to grill bacon. Grill it. Or fry it.

ElderCunningham53 karma

Who was your biggest inspiration?

PaulOakenfold92 karma

my father, he's helped me and spent a lot of time in shaping my career which i suppose has become my destiny.

oysterfuzz43 karma

Paul I just wanted to tell you that even your Spotify profile picture is epic. Keep up the great music.


PaulOakenfold40 karma

thank you very much sir

Youmightbeugly43 karma

What do you think of Markus Schulz? hes my favourite DJ in the world.

PaulOakenfold66 karma

Markus is a friend and a great DJ

stuff_and_crap38 karma


PaulOakenfold79 karma

yea, exactly. umm... the down side of the island is that its become all about money and its far too expensive there. The good side is that its still managed, after all these years, to retain something mystical and special there and people still flock there.

Alphastacker32 karma

Hi Paul,

I loved the Urban Soundtracks series you did. I still listen to them regularly. Can we expect to hear anything like that again?


PaulOakenfold66 karma

o wow, really? That is fucking great! That was one of my favorite things to do. I really enjoyed putting that together. Being dyslexic, taking these classic stories, working with some great actors and singer to recite for two hours while I set a musical landscape behind what they were saying was amazing for me. I actually just got up to play the Ewen McGregor one for my office. Coincidentally, I pulled them out yesterday to go through them all.

l3029 karma

Do you have anything big/special planned for Seattle this Saturday? I just missed out on tickets myself but still very excited to see that you'll be the area, thanks for sharing your talent with us!

PaulOakenfold40 karma

ill be playing new stuff from my album. the show is based around trance and the trance mission tour has been going really well. big thanks to everyone who has come out for it and look forward to seeing you there.

esparah29 karma

Who do you support in EPL?

PaulOakenfold124 karma

Chelsea, is that a joke? Chelsea Football Club, loud and proud.

Frajer24 karma

What do you think of Electronic music becoming more popular?

PaulOakenfold179 karma

Well it's been very popular around the rest of the world for many years. It's only America finally catching up and then taking over.

Taxi-Driver24 karma

Also as an insider and veteran can you shed some light on this whole ghost producers thing. Your thoughts how it all really is again thanks

PaulOakenfold47 karma

ghost writing and ghost producing has been a part of the industry since it started and I'm sure it will continue. i suppose not everyone wants to be an artist performing on stage. some people just like to say home, make music and earn money.

ccrr9620 karma

Which was your favorite gig this year (non festival) :)

PaulOakenfold66 karma

Tokyo - I just got back from there and it was off the hook. Big shout out to everyone who came. I went to Robot Wars with my buddy Dean May and I'm gonna post photos from my trip soon on my instagram. I also went to Jiro and had the most amazing sushi (i secretly took photos and videos on my samsung watch, real james bond style). I might put those online too.

OutcastAnthem20 karma

Favorite DJ under 21?

PaulOakenfold51 karma

danny howard, he just turned 21

uberlad15 karma


PaulOakenfold54 karma

trust your heart

Dethkloks15 karma

Just curious what you use to record, did you go all digital or do you do anything analog still to capture an old school sound ?

PaulOakenfold29 karma

both and where I'm having alot of fun is collaborating with alot of musicians and introducing live instruments back into what i do. especially guitar

YvesSaintLauren14 karma

Hey Paul, thanks for doing this! Given your long history with Las Vegas, what do you make of the current EDM explosion there? What does the future hold for these mega-clubs (and the DJs who have multimillion-dollar residencies)? Really curious about your thoughts on the scene there right now.

PaulOakenfold25 karma

i spent 3 years working on my residency there where i was playing nearly every saturday when the sound of the city was mashups and no one was playing electronic music. Im really glad that america now has a home for electronic music. Like Ibiza is to Europe, Vegas is to America. Its amazing to see all the clubs finally playing electronic music nearly every night of the week. When I started playing there we were the only club playing it. As long as people want it, which i think they do, it will be there. Just like ibiza, people are always gonna want to go to Vegas and party.

Slokavania13 karma

You got any new and exciting tracks or collabs in the works?

BTW I'm a huge fan of your music, unfortunately I missed your show when you were in Vancouver a little while ago :(

PaulOakenfold30 karma

Im in a good place with my album POPKILLER - nearly finished it. Got great collaborations with Miguel, LP, ZZ Ward, Alan Stone, Azelia Banks, Cee Lo Green.

rotorschnee12 karma

Hello Paul!

Got some James Bond questions for you! How did your remix of Natasha Bedingfield's "If you're gonna.." get to be used as a Bond song for the GoldenEye: Rogue Agent video game? How do you feel it compares as a "Bond song" when stacked against the more traditionally accepted Bond themes out there (Sheena Easton, Duran Duran, Shirley Bassey, etc.). Personally, I think it holds up pretty well with those Bond songs ushered in during the Pierce era, like Garbage. Any chance of more James Bond themes, be it in a new Daniel Craig movie (ooo!) or even in a new video game? Last question, any way I can go about getting my copy of Rogue Agent and my Bedingfield MCD with your Bond song on it signed by you? That would be wicked awesome! Thanks for doing a great Bond song!

PaulOakenfold33 karma

Well I worked on the James Bond theme for Die Another Day and the studio was really happy with it so they asked me to get involved with the game. I'm a big james bond fan. I think some of the traditional bond songs, I love the Shirley Bassey and Adele tracks.

BlackPurity9 karma

With Planet Perfecto and your Planet Perfecto Podcast (which I listen to religiously), you seem to try and find not just the best of current talent, but the best of upcoming talent. Who do you believe we should be on the lookout for in the next few years?

P.S.: I've been listening to electronic music for about 15 years now in the United States, which considering I'm 24 years old now, is about 3/5 of my life. I can't get enough of it.

P.P.S.: When are you coming to the D.C., Baltimore region, as I will buy a ticket for that show immediately?

PaulOakenfold11 karma

Robert Vagney from Greece, Kenneth Thomas from Detroit, and also Danny Howard from London.

I'll be there sometime next year! Check my website for updates.

thebrokendoctor9 karma

Hello Paul and thanks so much for doing this AMA! I hope you have the time to answer my questions!

You've been around for such a long time and have a lot of experience within the whole EDM scene as it has grown, morphed, and branched out to encompass a wide variety of styles. I was wondering what has been some of your favourite transformations that the scene has undergone in your time in it, and what are some things that you have seen or are seeing that you personally are not a fan of?

I'm just wondering what your favourite thing has been in the EDM scene this year and what you are looking forward to next year?

What are some names or genres that you would suggest to someone who is either new to the scene or has been in it a while that you think are hidden gems within the EDM scene and that are worth discovering?

What are some genres (that don't have to be within the EDM scene) that you think would be worth exploring as a way of expanding the EDM genre and incorporating their aspects into our own scene?

What are some of your personal tips and tricks for producing, and do you have tips specifically for people who are just beginning to produce and those who have been producing for a while as a way to ease the learning curve for the former or to get more out of and improve their work for the latter?

Where have you had the most fun at performing for both festivals and clubs in the past and in the present, and what made them special for you? What are some of the changes in each of these areas that you've noticed and what are your opinions on them?

What is your favourite non-EDM artist to listen to?

What's your favourite thing to do in your free time?

What is your perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

PaulOakenfold29 karma

I really loved when the psytrance scene started to develop. it truly is the underground side of electronic music. it inspired me so much that i launched a division of my record label and called it Perfecto Fluoro.

I suppose after all these years of working hard the scene has become popular in america. Im looking forward to seeing new talent emerge next year.

heres a couple of DJ/producers that you should check out: Hernan Cattaneo Hot Since 82

these are 2 of my favorites.

Rock would be interesting because it became very popular with the EDM crowd in England with the likes of Chemical Brothers & The Prodigy.

skiping down (I answered other similar questions above)

I watch a tremendous amount of TV shows and movies, ask me a question on any movie this year and see if I can answer it.

breakfast - full english breakfast lunch - fatburger, which i think is better than in-and-out. lets get a debate started here. dinner - white fish or roast chicken.

butterworm8 karma

Whyd your Calgary gig this weekend get cancelled??

PaulOakenfold21 karma

the routing from Alaska to Calgary was a logistical nightmare. Its a shame because I love going to Calgary and I will come back soon.

Beakois8 karma

Hey Paul, I am interested, I seem to remember an old quote from yourself about Male vocals never working in trance. Since there has been a steady influx of male singers into the scene do you think the old maxim still holds strong and how do you think male singers have helped develop and push the scene? Huge fan btw ;)

PaulOakenfold25 karma

I dont think I said that, that may have been a misquote. I've been working with male vocalists in trance since the early 90s. Check out what i did with Muse and U2.

HiImFox7 karma

Hi Paul! Thank you for making the music that you do and just being awesome in general! I have listened to electronic music for years, and a couple years ago I went to my first actual electronic show which you headlined at the Chicago House Of Blues, and it changed my life! I saw you again at Ultra 2012 at an afterparty (can't remember which club) and you touched my hand (!), instantly making me the coolest person in my group of friends! Hope I can see you again, your shows are always a great time!

PaulOakenfold6 karma

thank you very much

trance_addict1014 karma

Hi Paul, you are a legendary DJ and I have been listening to your music since I was 12..And I haven't seen you play live yet..Just want to say you're awesome, and next time you are in San Francisco, I will most definitely see you play..

Also Glow in the dark is one of my favorite songs..wooooooooo

PaulOakenfold6 karma

great, thank you very much.

Nairves4 karma

Hi, been following your music for a while and I love your choices of collaborations! Much love. My question:

Does age determine a credibility of being a DJ / producer? I see upcoming names that are very young, and they have been getting criticism for their young age, regardless of the fact that their talent surpasses some of the big names out there already.

PaulOakenfold6 karma

I dont think age has anything to do with it. if you are talented, thats the most important thing. Experience plays into it, but the most important thing is talent.

Rape_Stink4 karma

more important to production, compression or EQ? I have a running argument going with an old studio production prof. about this

PaulOakenfold11 karma

its a chicken and egg situation, both are important

Faptain_Calcon2 karma

Hey! You're that dude that made that one song in that movie were Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx drives around in a cab all night and shoots people. Right?

PaulOakenfold23 karma

yes, thats me "dude"

Jurrian2421 karma

Hey Paul! My roommate is DJ'ing at Lure in LA in a few weeks. You're a big inspiration for him--in fact, the lure promoters said he and you are the only DJs who use CDs only on the CDJ. Any recommendations for jammers he should drop at lure? Thanks and rock on!

PaulOakenfold5 karma

I have been playing using USB sticks for the past 2 years. The CDs in the cases are my visuals. In my little case is my visuals on a CD.

and anything by the Joyriders is big, and anything in the Beat Court Top Ten would be good to drop.

Ramchandan1 karma

Whats your fav Movie Paul I am a big fan of Bollywood Aamir is a famous artist he is Bollywood Perfecto

PaulOakenfold4 karma

i just watched a film called Lone Survivor which is based on a true story about 4 Navy seals that were dropped behind enemy lines behind Afghanistan. The story is really powerful, the way it was shot is incredible and what these guys do is unbelievable.

lawlietskyy1 karma

Dear Paul, Long-time fan .. Question : Why do you continuously overuse the term 'cutting-edge' ?

PaulOakenfold6 karma

because im always trying to find something thats new, different, and interesting. have you got any advice for me on other words i could use instead?

BrainzLA-1 karma

I'm 27 and I've been a fan since I was 16-17. I'm from the USA and 10 years ago, no one was listening to electronic music except for me and my little group of friends. You were one of the first musicians/DJs to be able to open our eyes to electronic music and all its magic and possibilities, so thanks for being a living legend and inspiration!!

I have two (dumb) questions...

1) HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT TRAP?? 2) Any trap ever make you feel like twerking?

PaulOakenfold3 karma

1) Im not really a big fan of trap, but i dont really know enough about it to be honest with you 2) No