Paul Oakenfold

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is an English record producer and Trance DJ.

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I watch South Park.

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i drank absinth, which was illegal in america at the time, with Hunter S Thompson and we stayed up all night. we got involved in crazy stories and moments. Hunter put on a hat, lipstick and sunglasses while he was talking to me thinking it was going to freak me out. Ive been to many clubs around the world and seen a lot, that certainly was not going to freak me out.

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soon, because the new producers in trance are really coming up with great melodic music. Why i lost interest in trance, because like in a lot of genres, everything started to sound the same and the melodic emotional side of trance started to disappear. It was just the obvious breakdowns in every record.

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Perfecto decided to do a party to launch the summer season. we did a party at priveledge - myself, sasha & digweed where we had 9,000 people and on that same night (which ended at 7 in the morning) we did a perfecto fluoro party (which was illegal because it wasnt in the club) in the northern part of the island in the open air where the performers were "man with no name", mike maguire from juno reactor DJing that went until 11am in the morning.

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it still to this date known as one of the ground breaking nights in the electronic world on that island. people still talk about it.

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well i would say its a gold rush at the moment, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie.

At the moment I'm getting a great response from The Joyriders "Chillaxing in the club." Its coming out soon

I have a few favorites, but one that comes to mind is Zouk in Singapore. It has an amazing sound system and a very comfortable DJ booth to play long sets and a great crowd that are open to a musical journey.

I would say touring & remixing with U2 and producing & touring with Madonna because I never thought in a million years I would get to work with these amazing acts.

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Well it's been very popular around the rest of the world for many years. It's only America finally catching up and then taking over.

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I like the Nero stuff and what Skrillex does.

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I am actually a pre-qualified French cuisine chef. I like cooking! But you have to grill bacon. Grill it. Or fry it.

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Oh god, really? Thank you, Thank you! Yea, that was one of the last tracks that made the album and we spend a lot of time working on the song to get the right feel and lyric.