I'm on here for Vice answering questions about my Epicly Laterd Show, or anything else you want to ask me. Skating, hunting, etc....


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g_as_in_gnarly141 karma

Don't have a question but just wanted to say I remember killing it with the Geoff Rowley double hardflip on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater back in 1999.

Geoff_Rowley173 karma

That game was good for skateboarding.

Geoff_Rowley58 karma

Check out my episode of Epicly Later'd on VICE HERE

Crystal_Camera52 karma

Regarding the Animation of Arto Saari wiping out from Sorry. Has the real footage ever been released? Can we see it?

Geoff_Rowley58 karma

There is no footage of the actually slam, everything before and everything after but no slam, hence the animation.

chaistudios44 karma

The XLT's are to this date the best shoes I've ever rolled in. They just felt great. How much input did you have into the design and production? What was it like?

Geoff_Rowley67 karma

I drew up the whole shoe, every single detail. :)

tronsai40 karma

What have you done so gnarly for a video part, that you would never do again?

Geoff_Rowley97 karma

Probably the container gap 180 from Extremely Sorry.

fuckindevonbitch33 karma

What was it like coming to America for the first time, and realizing that the coverage the pros were getting wasn't their everyday skating?

Geoff_Rowley41 karma

Kind of intimidating actually.

Geoff_Rowley32 karma

5 more minutes guys and then i have to bounce. Got to drop the guns off to get cleaned. :) Priorities.

CleverMcEver30 karma

Hey Geoff, I met you at a signing at Ambush in Ga a while back. All the skaters there seemed miserable except you man. You seemed thrilled to meet everyone in line. Super nice dude. Thanks for stayin cool! Now onto the question... What made you decide skateboarding as a career?

Geoff_Rowley27 karma

I just went with what I knew. Georgia has some steady Bucks.

imhalfpirate29 karma

What would be your dream shred session with 5 skaters past or present and what spot would it be?

Geoff_Rowley103 karma

Danny Way, Tom Penny, Jimmy Boyes, Matt Hensley and Alex Moul. Curb session.

td11pa24 karma

Geoff, if someone told you Motorhead sucked, would you kill that person?

Geoff_Rowley49 karma

I would seriously wonder about their sanity. :)

Delectabledoyle24 karma

Hey Geoff, did you get the opportunity to meet and work with John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) during the filming of Sorry? If so, what's he like?

Geoff_Rowley41 karma

Yes. i worked personally with John on a lot of the filming, he's a rad dude, for some reason he took a liking to me. :) Invited me to his house and I've seen him a few times since then. He keeps it real.

uberlad20 karma

What's your very best life advice?

Geoff_Rowley109 karma

Always get back up.

Geoff_Rowley20 karma

I'm on here for Vice answering questions about my Epicly Laterd Show, or anything else you want to ask me. Skating, hunting, etc....

Davidkarlssonn18 karma

How are things with Ali Boulala and do you still pay him?

Geoff_Rowley31 karma

Ali is good, i spoke with him a few days ago.

manoli00718 karma

Can I just say that your part in extremely sorry is my all time part!!! What is your favoirte memorie with Shane cross?

Geoff_Rowley39 karma

His smile. :)

Nirlez16 karma

How old were you when you first realised you could make it as a pro skater?

I used to play as you on THPS as a kid, good times.

Geoff_Rowley30 karma

I'm still working on making it!

TheMitchofEffingham16 karma

What's the most you've injured yourself while skating?

Geoff_Rowley57 karma

The best is yet to come. :)

RedditRalf15 karma

Liverpool or Everton?

Geoff_Rowley62 karma


slimechild15 karma

What happened with Andrew Gordon?

Geoff_Rowley28 karma

Andrew found other things to focus on other that progressing his skateboarding, unfortunately. He was one of the most talented and stylish kids I have ever seen.

Antiscene1214 karma

Hey man, just wanted to thank you for the years of punishment, and amazing skating. Also the addition of touring on your bicycle is great. Glad to see you exploring out in the open air rather than on the tour bus at 70 mph. Anyway, no question, just much thanks brother for the ground breaking skating, and hope for continued fun and excellence. Peace.

Geoff_Rowley25 karma

Thank you so much. You're energy is much appreciated. Have a killer day!

bonyhawk13 karma

How does one aquire the testes to do the shit you do?

Geoff_Rowley69 karma

You remove the testes from your mind and free ball it. :)

Jaysince9112 karma

Which trick do you still struggle with that you thought you'd be able to consistently nail by now yet you aren't able to?

Geoff_Rowley35 karma

Nollie heelflip, i suck at those.

FlyingSioux9310 karma


Geoff_Rowley18 karma

I appreciate you saying that. have a great day.

Ewwiikk10 karma

So far, what has been the most humbling moment in your career?

Geoff_Rowley40 karma

Gonzalez SOTY

maxwellsays9 karma

What is your biggest "trick that got away"? Meaning, a trick that you tried but couldn't quite get all 4 wheels on the ground?

Thank you for doing this by the way!

Geoff_Rowley30 karma

I never go back, what happened in the past is gone. That's how I view progressing my skating. Some dudes work on tricks for a long time just to document them, if it doesn't work the first time for me...I move on.

perryholcombe9 karma

Whats your favorite food?-Non-skateboarding related question

Who should we be looking out for in the vans video part wise?-skateboarding question

Geoff_Rowley19 karma

Mushrooms, beans. Ave is killing it right now!

g_as_in_gnarly8 karma

As someone who doesn't skateboard and works in an office hating his life but has always been interested in the culture, video games, X-Games, etc., can you tell us about something totally insane that you got to do as a direct result of being a professional skateboarder?

Geoff_Rowley13 karma

Office work is honest work. I have been fortunate to travel and meet amazing people and cultures all over the world.

SlacklineJake7 karma

What business tips do you have after experiencing the building and now owning of a brand?

Geoff_Rowley21 karma

Start small, have attainable goals. It's like a ladder, don't take that next step until your hands are firmly placed.

robiannelli6 karma

I owned a few of your decks by Flip. What was your favorite board graphic with your name on it. (Or did you not skate your own decks)

Geoff_Rowley13 karma

I liked a target graphic i had around 1999.

luke-whitford6 karma

hey man, who's got the best no-comply in your opinion? best no-comply trick you can do? have a gnar day

Geoff_Rowley16 karma

Ray Barbee. Pioneer.

sweedR5 karma

Whats coming up with Civilware? Do you have any tips or recommendations for starting a business? Also are you still on the Scooter, what are you currently riding?

Geoff_Rowley6 karma

He have shooting targets dropping tomorrow! Stoked on that. I would recommend having small goals as a start up.

shamansblues5 karma

As someone who used to skate a lot and then took a break, the explosion I saw after ~nine years amazed the shit out of me. People are insane today. Now I'd never doubt your talent, but do you personally find it hard to keep it up?

Also, what's the biggest difference in the industry today compared to the 90's? Is there a more competetive vibe today?

Geoff_Rowley18 karma

I don't measure my personal ability against other dudes, I look to Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, Natas, Matt Hensley and other pioneers to inspire my progression. It is always going to be competitive out there, that never bothered me.

odb2815 karma

One last question. What's the most amazing thing you've seen anyone do on a skateboard? The Jeremy Wray silo ollie comes to mind. Just wondering what has blown your mind.

Geoff_Rowley6 karma

Container gap. That think was no joke.

Geoff_Rowley9 karma

That thing was no joke.

selectyour5 karma

Don't know what to ask, but I saw Vice tweeted this.

How was your day today, Geoff? lol

EDIT: Video's cool. Is "...day today..." redundant?

Geoff_Rowley16 karma

It's been a pleasant morning, had fun with my Son before leaving the house, about 5 cups of coffee deep...

pine-appletrees5 karma

here's a few questions for you Geoff: Who is the funniest pro you ever hung out with? Also what is the most difficult trick you have done? finally what do you think of the spelling of your name that way as opposed to Jeffrey?

Geoff_Rowley15 karma

Bam is fun, my name is 'Geoff' not 'Jeff' after my Father, I'm actually a Geoff Jr.

termatoes5 karma

Hi Geoff, I've been out of the skating world for a while now, but recently got back into it after my nephews praised you as the "best skater ever". I have to admit your videos consistently blow my mind. Oh yeah question- Where's the one spot you want to skate but haven't yet? Cheers.

Geoff_Rowley9 karma

I have yet to find that golden spot. Next is always the best. :)

fradastio4 karma

Hey Geoff! What was your favorite movie you saw and album you listened to this year?! Thanks again!

Geoff_Rowley14 karma

the latest Motorhead album is the best they have done since Inferno. I don't watch too many movies but I read a bunch.... Brave by Steve Matthes is a good one.

BritishHack4 karma

What does Epicly Later'd mean? What's the play on words or whatever?

Geoff_Rowley11 karma

You'd have to ask Patrick O'Dell about that, it's his creation.

oyajikun4 karma

Saw you wreck yourself on a huge ledge in Berlin back in 99. You got back up. I have had nothing but respect for you since witnessing that.

Geoff_Rowley10 karma

Never give up. Thanks.

oyajikun1 karma

Except for the time you and Boulala forcibly drew PD on my shirt at the Sorry premiere n Tokyo. Then I was kind of like WTF.

Geoff_Rowley4 karma

Sorry about that. :)

sergfuckingit3 karma

i don't know if you remember that one board you had with a drunk fat fuck as your graphic but i thought that was sick, you guys thought about remaking those old designs with the new riders?

Geoff_Rowley6 karma

We have the same artist working for us again. :)

mfzeeps3 karma

howdy geoff!

before I ask this question, I actually met you at Tampa pro a few years ago. i think it was 09 but I'm not sure. I don't remember what I said and I don't think you said much either but you shook my hand and I quickly bolted after fanning out pretty hard haha.

I was really stoked to see and hear you doing commentary on street league this past year. Your passion and knowledge for skating really shined through and the way you spoke intelligently really made the contest more enjoyable. have you ever thought of doing more work like that? it seems like something you would excel at.

Geoff_Rowley5 karma

Thank you. I enjoyed every minute of doing the commentary, hopefully i'll do it again, if they want me.

smiauu6663 karma

your all time favorite skate shoe?

Geoff_Rowley34 karma

rowley pro

pero9143 karma

when did you know you had "made it big" im skating? What was it like playing as yourself in the first couple Tony Hawks?

Geoff_Rowley9 karma

I'm still trying to make it! THPS was a great experience, the developers genuinely wanted to capture skateboarding and they nailed it.

BG_Vortex3 karma

I've seen you do many crazy, gnarly grinds. What previously landed grind do you consider as one of the greatest of all grinds, one that you have landed and one that any another skater had landed?

Geoff_Rowley12 karma

LA Convention Center.

bigbabybooboo3 karma

Hi Geoff, other than your fellow Flip/death box riders, who is your fav uk skater ever?

Geoff_Rowley5 karma

Tony Luckhurst.

E-HeroSSS3 karma

How did the Rowley Darkslide come to be?

Geoff_Rowley8 karma

Thats just the way it worked out.

Victory333 karma

Geoff, one of my all time favorites! Love the way you skate, always have. You and the Flip team have done great things for skateboarding and played a consistent role in skateboarding since I started back in like 95. How good could Tom Penny of been if he stayed active in the scene? He seemed like one of the rawest talents of all time, I can't watch enough of his old footage.

Geoff_Rowley10 karma

Danny Way, Guy Mariano, Tom Penny...the 3 most naturally talented skaters that ever lived.

bigbabybooboo3 karma

Geoff, Did you sell Dave Allen your old Karrman ghia?

Geoff_Rowley5 karma


bigbabybooboo3 karma

would you ever move back to the uk?

Geoff_Rowley13 karma

Yes. Although the strict gun laws would make it very tough to abide.

td11pa3 karma

How do you like skating in Philly? Would you say it's one of the better cities to skate in America? What is your favorite city to skate?

Geoff_Rowley14 karma

Philly has that gritty style much like the town I grew up in. Always had a good time there with Kerry, Bam and the dudes.

Zephyr293 karma

Hey Geoff, what are you thoughts on the current generation of skateboarders compared to the 90's?

Geoff_Rowley11 karma

I like MOST of them. The dudes from the nineties were definitely less about themselves and more about overall support.

odb2813 karma

Geoff, have you ever gotten a chance to skate a MEGA ramp? if so, what tricks did you throw down? Also thanks for having Lance on FLIP.

Geoff_Rowley10 karma

i have skated the mega but i don't enjoy skating with pads. Lance is the man!

TekIII3 karma

Hey Geoff. Yours was the first pro model board I ever got and was the first time I felt like a skateboarder, pretty cool time.

Couple questions I suppose since I have an opportunity to talk directly.

1) What happened with Salabanzi? He was such a sick skater but I heard all sorts of shit as to why he left Flip and skateboarding for a while.

2) Is Ali still a lunatic or has he settled down a bit.

3) I don't have a third but I guess is there anything better to skate than a miniramp? I'm getting older and I can skate them forever without doing too much damage to my body.

Geoff_Rowley10 karma

1) Bastien had a rough time personally, but is doing great and skating great again. I'm still good friends with him. 2)He has settled. 3)Red curb.

justrelax23 karma

What was your favorite Tony Hawk game, and did you play as yourself or someone else?

Geoff_Rowley7 karma

The first, and yes, I played it considerably to test it.

justrelax25 karma

Did you agree with how your stats compared to other skaters? I've always wondered this about videogames in general.

Geoff_Rowley8 karma

I got a good deal. :)

td11pa2 karma

Geoff, do you think David Gonzales would be more successful at Skateboard Park contests like Rune and Curren, rather than Street League?

Geoff_Rowley8 karma

I think David could win any terrain if he put his mind to it.

Breast-milkshake2 karma

What is your favorite skate video that you're not in?

Geoff_Rowley12 karma

Streets On Fire.

td11pa2 karma

Hey Geoff, big fan. What do you think about high top skate shoes and do they affect the tricks?

Geoff_Rowley8 karma

High tops are good for ankle stability, or those times that you want more protection. I also think of them as a traditional 'skate shoe' profile and so wear them occasionally to tap into my youth.

jibstream2 karma

Hey Geoff,

What was the worst injury you've sustained? How does it affect your confidence when trying that same trick again?

What are your thoughts on Ryan Shecklers ugly tattoos?

Geoff_Rowley15 karma

I've broke so many bones at this point, each had it's moments. I never let injuries affect my confidence. My physical ability is what dictates my every move. Ryan's tattoos don't bother me whatsoever, he's a great dude, his character and respect is what I pay attention too.

kristopherw282 karma

geoff thanks for making me want to play you on tony hawk pro skater how was it when you found out you were going to be in the game also is rob diedrek as annoying as he seems on his tv show

Geoff_Rowley7 karma

I was stoked to be asked. Dyrdek is a cool dude.

perryholcombe2 karma

Would you recommend the striker utility knife to cut griptape?

Geoff_Rowley6 karma

Not really the best use for a beautiful blade but the metal would hold up exceptionally well, better than any stainless razor blade or folding knife.

ArtMaddox2 karma

Geoff, your episode of Epicly Laterd was awesome man. Do you think Penny would ever be down to do one?

Geoff_Rowley5 karma

I'm sure he would be down.

smiauu6662 karma

if all of a sudden skateboarding would stop existing what would you do with your life?

Geoff_Rowley9 karma

Hunt. Shoot.

earthless_2 karma

Hey Geoff, where was your best hunting experience? Also, great work on the Rowley lites, best construction I've had the pleasure of skating in quite awhile

Geoff_Rowley1 karma

Thanks on the shoes, I'm stoked on how they came out to. I love hunting in Arizona, the terrain and density of game is under rated.

Yobe2 karma

Hey Geoff, huge fan and i am glad you are finally doing this. I was wondering if you have ever thought about quitting skateboarding for any reason. Also, where is your favorite place in the world to travel?

Geoff_Rowley11 karma

Injuries really make you think about the bigger picture, I want to walk when I'm an old man. :)

smiauu6661 karma

thanks for answering my stupid questions! got atleast one more: if you had to name one skateboarder to be definition of SF who would that be?

Geoff_Rowley15 karma

Julien Stranger.

dooogan1 karma

GEOFF. I've been following your career for a long time, and i run through your sorry parts all the time. You were one of my biggest inspirations growing up skating...anyways

  • Is there a story behind that shot of you with the mountain lion in Chichagof?

  • Most memorable Boulala moment?

  • That gap to bank in the intro to Really Sorry was nuts...have you heard of anyone else trying to hit that?

  • Last time you saw Lemmy Kilmister? What got you into Motorhead in the first place?

  • Flip has one of the sickest teams in skating right now...who should we be on the look out for in the future?

  • How did you meet Tom Penny? What is he up to these days?

Geoff_Rowley5 karma

Mountain lion shot was on Extremely Sorry and it was real, my friend is an animal trainer up in the mountains. Every minute with Boulala was like a comedy skit. Not to my knowledge. Last time i saw Lemmy face to face was about a year ago, Motorheads music is what got me hooked. Louie Lopez. I met Tom just skating in England, he's just doing the same, skating and living.

bigbabybooboo1 karma

when did you last skate a vert ramp or pool?

Geoff_Rowley1 karma

I ride both now and again. Probably a couple of months ago, i rolled on Tony Hawk's ramp and we did a doubles.

td11pa1 karma

I'm a huge fan. I just wanna say thanks for answering my questions and shredding hard, and I'll keep supporting FLIP and Civilware!

Geoff_Rowley1 karma

Mucho respect. Be safe wherever you are.

thedeadsigh1 karma

Firstly, the sorry series has always been my favorite set of skate videos. I think sorry was my first real one and I was hooked. I still watch it to this day from time to time. So I just wanted to thank you and the flip guys for being a constant source of skating inspiration and just a gnarly group of dudes.

My question- skating just seems to be improving by leaps and bounds. The things that are being done in skating just keep getting more and more gnarly. Even just 10 years ago I don't think most people who know just how far it could be taken. As someone who's considered a pioneer of the sport, do you ever get intimidated by just how rapidly skating is progressing? Like, I'm sure there must be some kind of pressure to put out better and better parts. Push your body to the absolute limits and your mind to the limits of creativity. Do you think about this when you're out filming and planning?

Geoff_Rowley4 karma

I just focus on my abilities, drawing inspiration from leaders like Natas, D.Way, Gonz, Templeton....