heyy! i'll be answering questions here for the next hour. if you haven't heard of me, this should give you all the info http://imgur.com/5HEmxZB

twitter proof: https://twitter.com/lordemusic/status/412323036541353984

edit: thanks heaps you guys! let's do this again after my record company stresses out because i didn't include the pure heroine itunes link hehehehe. have an awesome christmas :--)

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LordeMusic4153 karma

i feel like a bit of a big deal right now. THANKS SHITTY WATERCOLOUR!

ImKen2937 karma

What shampoo do you use

LordeMusic4052 karma

my mum buys it in 2-litre bottles from the supermarket i don't even know

bruintrumpet2760 karma

My roommate and I have noticed that you talk about teeth a lot on your album. Why is that?

LordeMusic3537 karma

just a weird obsession that has been with me always. ironically, i hate dentists.

doug34652133 karma

I hate dentists too. I guess this means we were meant to be.

mostlynein1911 karma

You're an enamel.

way_fairer1894 karma

Be nice to dentists they have fillings too.

BroTheTurtle1936 karma

She's been to the dentist enough times to know the drill.

LordeMusic4175 karma

what can i say? the whole experience hit a nerve.

LordeMusic2739 karma

thanks heaps you guys! let's do this again after my record company stresses out because i didn't include the pure heroine itunes link hehehehe. have an awesome christmas :--)

littledr3amer2569 karma

Liked your performance back in 06 on the Eurovision.

You look better without the mask!

LordeMusic2963 karma

ha ho ho my sides

parkermaass2235 karma

Will you be performing at any major festivals in North America in 2014?

LordeMusic2638 karma


shazzabam1739 karma

Are you planning on finishing school?

LordeMusic3022 karma

not sure yet! obviously it's hard at the moment, although i do read theses/academic writing from teachers regularly. i read this cool thing jennifer lawrence said the other day about learning about the world through books vs. her real world experience, and i'm definitely feelin that right now. but maybe that's just a lazy person's excuse

Revrider921625 karma

I loved how the Tennis Court video was shot in one take! How many tries did it take you before you got it right?

LordeMusic2203 karma

thanks! there's a funny story about that video - we actually shot a completely different concept, and the video you know was going to have little one-second extracts pulled from it to go into the video we were making. but i thought the version we ended up going with was a million times more compelling. maybe took 3 takes?

DA-numberfour1533 karma

Do you regret going into the music industry so young?

LordeMusic2867 karma

actually, no. i feel like i learnt early on how things worked and that gave me a good understanding of what could be fucked with/which rules were dumb and shouldn't have to be followed. plus, i can sit down with basically the most intimidating people in the industry and not flinch. and maybe even make them flinch. or cry. heh.

newfers1514 karma

Have you seen the cover of Royals by Puddles the Clown? It's brilliant!

LordeMusic2072 karma


starstunning1464 karma

What songs off the album do you really wanna do a video for? BUZZCUT SEASON seriously deserves one, hope you won't let that slip!

LordeMusic2045 karma

can't decide between ribs, 400 lux and buzzcut. feel free to decide for me, reddit

saigezabarte1437 karma

Are you confident in your stage performance? I know people have criticized the way you perform, how do you respond to that?

LordeMusic3078 karma

i know when i'm onstage, i don't think about how it looks, i just concentrate on really feeling what i hear. but i totally know i look like gollum when i perform, so it's cool.

melanie0861361 karma

I don’t have a question but I just wanted to say, well, thank you. Your music gets into my soul like no other artist can. Your voice is infectious, your lyrics are brilliant, and the way you and Joel use panning, layering, harmonies, beats, just absolutely everything blows my mind. God, I could go on forever about it all. Oh, and your recognition? All done without exploiting yourself, buying into random ads, or having previous connections? That’s as pure as talent can be. You deserve every bit of fame you get.

Also I’ve been listening to No Better on repeat for the past 3 hours, it’s seriously bomb-ass. Please never stop making music.

LordeMusic1626 karma

thankyou, lovely person.

gobovine1018 karma

Have you ever met Ezra Koenig?

LordeMusic1781 karma

yep, he used the word 'schwag' without blinking and i taught him the meaning of the word rude as in those are some rude-ass pajamas you wore onstage tonight, man

BahamCrackers838 karma

There are lots of references to physical violence in Pure Heroine, like in Glory and Gore, and White Teeth Teens. What inspired this, and how literally is it meant to be taken?

gdawg161699 karma

most likely because she is a drug lord (where she got her name, lorde) and supports gang violence

edit: to the guy above me who actually asked a legitimate question, sorry about that....

FrankManic1720 karma

I heard that back in Nicaragua in '68 she killed twelve men in six minutes with a broken beer bottle and a bar stool.

LordeMusic3171 karma

the broken bottle is hearsay

septicman752 karma

Hi Lorde. Congratulations on your success so far, it's well-deserved. My question is: have you thus far experienced much of New Zealand's ridiculous 'tall poppy syndrome', i.e. where people seem to expect you to be meek and humble regardless of the effort it's taken to get to where you are?

LordeMusic1176 karma

yeah, definitely, although the majority of nzers have been great. i think some of that is because i'm a girl though, watch this amazing nicki minaj clip about it: http://www.upworthy.com/watch-nicki-minaj-casually-dismantle-sexism-while-applying-her-eyeliner

marshallgdm568 karma

What is your favorite(s) book and movie?

LordeMusic1084 karma

favourite book is a tie between: what we talk about when we talk about love - raymond carver the night in question - tobias wolff everything ravaged, everything burned - wells tower battleborn - claire vaye watkins

and favourite film is probably a tie between take shelter fight club willy wonka and the chocolate factory (1971 version)

BadPun-tss97 karma

Hello Ella! I have been a huge fan since The Love Club EP dropped, so I just want to say congrats on your success thus far. I have a few questions, so if you can answer at least one I'd be beside myself with happiness. Okay so here goes:

  1. How did you come up with your stage name? I noticed that you have titled a few things on how they sound and how they "fit" together (Pure Heroine album, Royals). Is that what you did with Lorde?

  2. Do you have a cat?

  3. Have you done / are you working on any collaborations with other artists? Care to tell us anything?

  4. How are you dealing with all the fame? I mean, no one usually makes it big at sixteen. My being your age makes me feel like I'm not doing anything with my life. You set the bar pretty high there for a guy like me, Ella. ಠ_ಠ


  6. Are you going to venture within Canada on a tour? Please say yes

  7. You and your alleged boyfriend are ultra cute. Not really a question, but whatever.

Okay, I'm done. It's 2 a.m when I wrote this and I can't think. Stay golden pony boy xoxoxoxo

chihuahuazero22 karma

She said on her Reddit that merch was in the process of being made, but I'd like a status report.

LordeMusic110 karma

merch is coming! it's simple and beautiful. will feature embroidery. i'll show you soon