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I don’t have a question but I just wanted to say, well, thank you. Your music gets into my soul like no other artist can. Your voice is infectious, your lyrics are brilliant, and the way you and Joel use panning, layering, harmonies, beats, just absolutely everything blows my mind. God, I could go on forever about it all. Oh, and your recognition? All done without exploiting yourself, buying into random ads, or having previous connections? That’s as pure as talent can be. You deserve every bit of fame you get.

Also I’ve been listening to No Better on repeat for the past 3 hours, it’s seriously bomb-ass. Please never stop making music.

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Favorite comedian?

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Ok so sorry to totally dwank da phuck out but you guys are seriously some of my IDOLS. I’m a die hard fokken fan who knows all the words to your songs and my first tattoo was zef2def. I mean anyone who knows me knows about Die Antwoord too. Besides luvin the crazy, twisted, dark vibes; you guys are true fukkin ARTISTS who keep your visions clear and uncompromised and I have so much mad respect for that. I can’t wait for what will come after DA.

So wif dat out tha way uhhh shit I have so many questions lol I'll keep it light tho.. Ninja, I threw you this shirt I made at Mad Decent in NYC, you remember that by any chance?!??! You stuck it in your boxers and I p much lost my fkn shit from there. Also, what was your first tattoo? I’m curious

Other than that jus send my luv to everyone in the DA crew, I’ma be bumpin mount ninji and da nice time kid till my ears bleed out. Dark energy has never manifested so beautifully as in this album. Seein you again Oct 22 in philly, shit gon be wicked u already kno

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dat shel silverstein shit

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Sept 2017 yo