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is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Devonport, Auckland, she performed in various singing and drama classes as a child, and at the age of thirteen signed with Universal.

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LordeMusic4175 karma

what can i say? the whole experience hit a nerve.

LordeMusic4153 karma

i feel like a bit of a big deal right now. THANKS SHITTY WATERCOLOUR!

LordeMusic4052 karma

my mum buys it in 2-litre bottles from the supermarket i don't even know

LordeMusic3537 karma

just a weird obsession that has been with me always. ironically, i hate dentists.

LordeMusic3171 karma

the broken bottle is hearsay

LordeMusic3078 karma

i know when i'm onstage, i don't think about how it looks, i just concentrate on really feeling what i hear. but i totally know i look like gollum when i perform, so it's cool.

LordeMusic3022 karma

not sure yet! obviously it's hard at the moment, although i do read theses/academic writing from teachers regularly. i read this cool thing jennifer lawrence said the other day about learning about the world through books vs. her real world experience, and i'm definitely feelin that right now. but maybe that's just a lazy person's excuse

LordeMusic2963 karma

ha ho ho my sides

LordeMusic2867 karma

actually, no. i feel like i learnt early on how things worked and that gave me a good understanding of what could be fucked with/which rules were dumb and shouldn't have to be followed. plus, i can sit down with basically the most intimidating people in the industry and not flinch. and maybe even make them flinch. or cry. heh.

LordeMusic2739 karma

thanks heaps you guys! let's do this again after my record company stresses out because i didn't include the pure heroine itunes link hehehehe. have an awesome christmas :--)