I am 'Mean' Gene Snitsky, former Professional Wrestler and current TV and film actor. I made my WWE debut on RAW in 2004, famously feuding with Kane, spawning the infamous catchphrase "It's Not My Fault." I also had bouts with WWE legends John Cena and The Undertaker and formed a tag team partnership with Goldust. As a member of ECW, I had famous fueds with CM Park, Hardcore Holly and Rob Van Dam.

Currently, I (along with Shawn Michaels and Maven Huffman) am available for personal appearances through www.thuzio.com.

Fun Fact: I also was a standout football player at the University of Missouri under Andy Reid.

PROOF: http://bit.ly/IRuI9I

UPDATE 3:32 PM: Hey Guys and Gals. I appreciate all of the questions! I am going to run for the time being, but if you keep asking, I'll try and poke back in here and answer! Thanks!!! - Mean Gene!

P.S. It's not my fault!

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PSIKevin155 karma

How big is Batista's dick?

MeanGeneWWE49 karma

Go ask him!!!!! Thanks

FGoose68 karma

How is it that you have gone so many years without being convicted for that brutal case of infanticide? What justification could you possibly have for punting that baby into the audience you fucking monster!

MeanGeneWWE152 karma

I stand accused, but time and time again, I have told everyone ... IT'S NOT MY FAULT!

Murica-WeThePeople47 karma

David Otunga worked very hard to get you acquitted.

MeanGeneWWE44 karma

Yeah he isn't cheap either

Murica-WeThePeople20 karma

From David Otunga's AMA:

I'm WWE's most important retained lawyer. They only call me in for legal advice on the BIG cases. I'm much too expensive to be bothered with the small time cases.


This checks out.

MeanGeneWWE30 karma

You didn't believe me? Wtf. Haha

juddsbarandgrill58 karma

I don't really have a question but I just wanted to thank you for spawning an awesome college joke between my friends and I. Any time I would spill a drink or hook up with an ugly chick, I would just yell out "it's not my fault" and all fault was absolved.

MeanGeneWWE58 karma

You're welcome!

tonyParkHer36 karma

In all your years in the WWE, what is the most interesting backstage/on the road story that you can tell

MeanGeneWWE151 karma

This one might not have made the magazine.

One time we were flying over to Europe and I was infamous for sucking girls toes. Triple H came up to me and said, 'I'll give you a $100 if you can get that girl working the airline counter to let you suck her toes.'

One of the easiest $100 I've ever made.

jedlucid23 karma

Wanna make 100$ the HARD way?

MeanGeneWWE43 karma


kremujin11 karma

didn't something like this make it on tv?

MeanGeneWWE21 karma


ImagineIfYouCan30 karma

Did "Mean Gene" Okerlund ever yell at you for stealing his name?

MeanGeneWWE27 karma

As far as I know, he doesn't have the trademark. And my name isn't Gene, so I can use it whenever I want.

Hardtopickaname28 karma

What exactly was going on with you and Heidenreich?

For those of you who don't know what I mean

MeanGeneWWE56 karma

We shared a moment.

australia199610 karma


MeanGeneWWE27 karma


kubryk24 karma

Is it still not your fault?

MeanGeneWWE46 karma

No, it's not my fault!!!

kubryk18 karma

Totally is.

MeanGeneWWE19 karma


MeanGeneWWE18 karma


saviorofmisbehaviour23 karma

What was your favorite moment of your career?

MeanGeneWWE63 karma

Ironically the favorite moment was in my very first match at WWE when nobody knew who I was. I ended up hitting Kane with the chair, caused a miscarriage, which really came out of the blue.

They just brought me from the Training Camp in Louisville, threw me on TV and the rest was history.

klyt33 karma

Wait.. Kane was pregnant..? Man I HAVE been out of wrestling for a while.

MeanGeneWWE22 karma

Only a few months!!!!

AubreyPlazasButtHair22 karma

I have a bachelor's in Psychology, and have a particular interest in the role of genetics as it affects personality. What is the greatest insight you can give us on the "mean gene?"

Also, what's your favorite Christmas song?

MeanGeneWWE36 karma

Hate to burst the bubble, but the insight was that it simply rhymed. I was always portrayed a bad guy throughout my career and mean rhymes with Gene. When I first started wrestling, that's what I went by and my character was a mean, ruthless guy that beat people up.

Favorite song, 'Last Christmas' or Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas. Those are my favorites.

Majnuninho18 karma

who is the biggest douche in the wrestling world? most down to earth?

MeanGeneWWE39 karma

HAHA! Tough question. Honestly, none of the guys are really dbags. It's really a fraternity. It's tough to get into the WWE and once you get in, everyone's professional about it.

My favorite guy to work with was Kane because we had really good matches and the storyline was really cool. He was a real nice guy and really helped me out when I was getting started.

Majnuninho3 karma

nice! thanks for the reply! did u ever meet stone cold?? how's he, if so?

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

Yes he is a friend!!!! Cool dude

JakeTheCake71417 karma

Did you feel sorry for Paul London when you clotheslined him hard at the Royal Rumble '05? (http://youtu.be/PzaKU617kUM) And was it your fault? Were the rumors of you teaming up with Heidenrich to take on the Brothers of Destruction at Wrestlemania 21 true? AND WAS IT YOUR FAULT!?

MeanGeneWWE16 karma

No I enjoyed it!!!!! Can't confirm that rumor but I have heard it!!!!

luciferoverlondon15 karma

You have a movie credit titled "Bikini Girls Vs.The Surf Wolf" on your IMDB page. Is that movie as awesome as it sounds like it would be?

MeanGeneWWE25 karma

Honestly, a friend of mine was doing it and I did it as a favor for him.He's actually involved with The Walking Dead films that I've partnered with. Anytime I can help out a buddy, I don't mind.

Tonight, I'm actually helping a friend's band called Angel Down shoot a music video, in which I get to beat up one of the band members. Should be fun ..

luciferoverlondon11 karma

I'll take that as a yes.

Note to self: find this movie.

MeanGeneWWE15 karma

Yeah it should be oscar worthy

josephine_amos15 karma

Hi, Gene, here's a silly question, what makes you laugh & are you ticklish? If so, where are you ticklish? Happy Christmas-to-come! Jo X

MeanGeneWWE31 karma

That's tremendous!

When I see people and text messaging and they walk into something. That's hilarious to me. I am ticklish, but I can't reveal where ... only my wife knows.

rbhindepmo15 karma

So, Max Copeland, future pro wrestler or future physics superstar?

Also would have been fun if Mizzou could have made a national title game. Maybe they would have let you be one of the random alumnus that hangs out on the field for that game

MeanGeneWWE17 karma

I actually did that already, it just wasn't for a title game.

Man ... If they could have pulled off that Auburn game. I actually have a sore throat from screaming at the TV.

It was cool playing for Coach Reid and after he left, I played for Coach Marty Mornhinweg. I still keep in touch with those guys.

When Andy was in Philly, I went down to camp every year in Allentown. He always rolled out the red carpet for me. I think it would be awesome if the Chiefs ended up playing the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

luciferoverlondon12 karma

CM Park!

MeanGeneWWE5 karma

I think you meant cm punk!!!! Lmfao. Thx for stopping by tho

bigp5811 karma

Is the foot fetish real? If so, if you have to touch one women's foot, who would it be?

MeanGeneWWE31 karma

The foot fetish IS real. I actually went to Vince and incorporated it in my character. I'm going to go with the PC answer and say my wife's feet.

bigp589 karma

What are you doing now and are you coming back to WWE or TNA?

MeanGeneWWE23 karma

Right now I'm working on a lot of acting projects. I'm co-producing a project called 'Manhunt,' which is being directed by Jay Lee and he was the writer, producer and director of Zombie Strippers. He's actually one of the co-writers, taking our synopsis and turning it into a screenplay.

I'm actually going to be in Atlantic City this weekend at the Bizarre AC Horror Movie Convention. It's the first ever horror movie convention in Atlantic City, so I'm proud to be involved.

I'm also still wrestling a bit, traveling all over the world. Probably about 70 percent acting and 30 percent wrestling. That was always one of my favorite parts about wrestling was being able to show my talents as an actor through it.

I also just shot a Power Ranger (MMPR) movie where I played a Silver Guardian. It's going to be out in 2014, so keep an eye out for it. (Trailer: http://youtu.be/EOm14z7cOW0)

kremujin12 karma

I also just shot a Power Ranger (MMPR) movie


MeanGeneWWE15 karma


MeanGeneWWE4 karma

Yeah turned into a movie

bigp581 karma

When is Manhunt coming out?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma


Murica-WeThePeople8 karma

Will you ever admit fault?

MeanGeneWWE14 karma

I will never admit fault!

Murica-WeThePeople1 karma

It is a strict liability crime, it doesn't matter if you meant to or not Eugene, you are at fault.

Admit it!

MeanGeneWWE4 karma


Marcanadian8 karma

Was it your fault?

MeanGeneWWE18 karma

Nope. It's not my fault.

Murica-WeThePeople6 karma

Doesn't matter if you meant to do it or not!

It was a strict liability crime!

You are at fault.

MeanGeneWWE7 karma

Highly disagree...... It's not my fault and never will be!!!!! Ha


Why do you think so many people stick around as fans of Professional Wrestling as it has been deemed a choreographed sport? I take nothing away from the physicality but since becoming an adult and learning about the act, I've lost interest. But thank you for being an entertainer where others can't be.

Edit: Thanks for the reply. I'm a new Redditer so its cool to get responses.

MeanGeneWWE19 karma

I think the main draw to wrestling is the characters. I don't think it's the wrestlers. You've got your good guys. You've got your bad guys. I think that's what draws people in. I always tell people that it's an athletic soap opera. You've got to be a tip-top athlete, but you've also got to be a great actor, not to mention a stunt-man too.

NAMKNURD10 karma

One thing I've always respected about the WWE is their support for the troops. The last time I seen a show was Bossier City, LA in 2005.I received free tickets due to being in the Air Force at the time. So if you can, please tell someone that a Veteran thanks them for their support. That's 110% honesty from the heart.

MeanGeneWWE10 karma

Thanks for your service!!!!!! My most memorable moment was doing the TTTT show in Afghanistan!!!! You guys are the reason we can do what we do!!!!! Thx again

MeanGeneWWE7 karma

Thanks to all the fans who had questions!!!! Really enjoyed interacting with you all. Check out my page @ thuzio.com and Be sure to follow me on twitter @biggenesnitsky and Instagram @therealsnitsky also chk out snitskytv. YouTube.com/SnitskyTV and my FB fan page @ Facebook.com/SnitskysOfficialFanPage thx so much.... Without you there would be no Snitsky :-)

TGSKnight7 karma

A few days ago, you had re-Tweeted a Tweet from a friend of mine who was interested in owning the baby doll you had punted into the crowd, saying you're selling dolls. The price was never mentioned, or any place to buy them. Where exactly can they be purchased/price?

MeanGeneWWE13 karma

If you watch closely on video, the fan who caught the original doll threw it back at me. I almost broke out of character at that point.

But yes, I am selling dolls for $20 and you can inquire about buying one through my Twitter account (@BIGGENESNITSKY). I'll even sign it for ya!

IAMABobby7 karma

Mean Gene, can you explain the fallout between you and New Era Wrestling Federation? How did you get involved with WXWC4?

MeanGeneWWE15 karma

I was actually trained by Afa, who ran the whole operation in Allentown. When he moved to Florida, he took the WXW name with him and his son set up WXWC4 to distinguish it. I always will do shows for those guys because they took me under their wing.

HeartBreakKidKurt6 karma

Would you ever reappear in WWE again to punt another baby? Also did you know that's one of Punk's favorite WWE RAW moments of all time?

MeanGeneWWE10 karma

If the price was right sure why not!!!!!! Phil is a good guy I'm glad he liked it

obeyyourbrain6 karma

I never knew Andy Reid coached at Mizzou. Never knew you played for him either. That's pretty cool.

That in mind, do you watch a lot of football? What teams do you follow?

MeanGeneWWE7 karma

I do. I keep up with the Eagles and the Chiefs. I'm a die-hard Eagles fan and always have been since I was a little kid. Obviously the Chiefs because of Coach Reid.

I still try and get home and watch the Eagles when I can.

obeyyourbrain1 karma

Thanks for the response. You must be thrilled as a football fan this season between those two teams. I'm a Chiefs fan myself and was really pulling for Andy to get Nick Foles to come over in a trade. Looks like Chip knew what he had in him though. He's playing on a whole other level right now.

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Fly Eagles fly!!!!!

JustKingMe5 karma

You were never on the title holder in WWE. How do you feel about it? I mean, holding a title is a scripted thing, but do wrestlers really care that they're the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION or the WWE CHAMPION? Feel free to go into massive detail about this and what comes along with being a champion.

MeanGeneWWE11 karma

I think people care about. It's cool if you are the champion. It shows that someone has the faith in you to carry the belt. To me, the most important thing was to have peers speak highly of your work and having fans get caught up in your story. As long as I'm entertaining and my peers think I'm doing a great job, I'm fine.

Back then, the really, really bad guys never seemed to get titles. I had fun though, either way.

JustKingMe6 karma

Thanks for responding. Now I feel somewhat bad for beating you up in Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 all the time. Shame your character rating was like 68.

MeanGeneWWE44 karma

Don't feel bad I still get royalties lol

Pumpkin12044 karma

Gene , I know you personally haven't seen you in awhile however I used to work with you at SR and I live in your home town :) I think your a great guy.. You've always worked hard towards what you wanted in life.. I wish you the best life has to offer .. By the way I still have my 8x10 photo of you and your tag team partner you signed for many years ago before the WWE...

MeanGeneWWE8 karma

Appreciate the kind words. Thank you!

LittlefingerForMayor4 karma

Who would win in an Inferno Match between you and Tyson Tomko hosted on the moon?

Thanks for the AmA!

MeanGeneWWE14 karma

HAHAHA! Let me think about this one ...

First of all, it would be super cool to be on the moon. I don't think anyone would be a loser, because I'd join the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as men who have walked on the moon.

mtglilianavess3 karma

And Second of all?

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

Refer back to first of all!!!!! Lol

hedleyazg4 karma

What is your favorite match from WWE?

MeanGeneWWE16 karma

There was a PPV when it was four guys against four guys and you eliminate the guys as they go. I think it was Survivor Series. That was my favorite when, believe or not, it was Maven who did it with me. He was supposed to hit me with a flying forearm and he ended up hitting me with his elbow square in the eyeball ... and I heard my eyeball CRUNCH. I was seeing triple after that. I had to hit three guys with chairs and I couldn't see straight, so I was thinking to myself 'lord, I hope I hit the square.

joeschuItz3 karma

Is it awkward when you handle another wrestler, and you accidentally grab that place?

MeanGeneWWE8 karma

Yeah unless your wrestling a woman!!!!!!

CanadianDragon4343 karma

What's the funniest thing that happened backstage in WWE

MeanGeneWWE9 karma

One time Batista almost broke coaches neck showing him the powerbomb

graant23073 karma

How hands on were you with your character and it's direction? I know you've mentioned on here that the foot fetish thing was reality based and you submitted the idea to Vince and it got me wondering if a wrestler asking to add something to their character is common or if that was a one off. Also how strict were they regarding following the script in regards to promos?

Also were you a fan growing up? if so who were the wrestlers you enjoyed watching the most?

MeanGeneWWE10 karma

The guys were all pretty proactive when I was there. You could go to the writers and suggest ideas. That happened a lot when I was there.

I started watching when I was 9 or 10 years old. I liked Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker and Kane. They were probably my three favorites as a kid.

Kinseyincanada3 karma

What was going through your head when you punted the baby? Did you think you took it to far? Did upper management know you were going to do it?

MeanGeneWWE25 karma

The little brat deserved what he got!! He should be happy I didn't kick his head clear off!

And yes, upper management knew about it.

CiD77073 karma

This is the answer I most looked forward to, and I love it.

MeanGeneWWE5 karma


severns_mustache3 karma

would you fight steve blackman for 100 dollars

MeanGeneWWE6 karma


hedleyazg2 karma

Gimmick you regret the most?

MeanGeneWWE14 karma

The only thing that I disliked was that I disliked having to paint my teeth. Other than that, nothing.

Slyguy461 karma

Thanks for answering so many question Gene. I have a silly one for you. Would you rather wrestle 10 Hornswoggle sized Andre the Giants, or one Andre the Giant sized Hornswoggle?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

That's physically impossible...... Just sayin

balanor1 karma


MeanGeneWWE2 karma

Great guy!!!!!

Mrkingofstuff1 karma

  • How did you get your big break and make it into the WWE?
  • Did you enjoy your time in the WWE?
  • What advice would you give to aspiring young wrestlers?
  • Anything you specifically regret doing/not doing from your time in the WWE?
  • What match are you most proud of?
  • What exactly are you doing nowadays?

MeanGeneWWE9 karma

First off, you've got to find a reputable training camp. Make sure you're in tip-top shape because it's tough. My main thing is stay and school and get an education because wrestling doesn't last forever. I also highly recommend the Wild Samoan Training Center. Those guys are fantastic.

MdShakesphere1 karma

If you could go back in time, would you change anything in your wrestling carrer?

MeanGeneWWE10 karma

Honestly, I don't think I would change anything. I did everything as I saw fit, as it was happening.

Whatever storyline, or whatever character they came me with, I ran with it. You could say there were times I turned crap into gold with some of the things presented to me, but honestly I wouldn't change anything.

LeTricolore1 karma

How would you describe being trained by Afa of the legendary Anoa family? Was there anyone else in your class that made it in wrestling?

MeanGeneWWE5 karma

Actually Dave Batista came through right before I started, but the guys who were in my class, I don't think any of them made it to the level I was at.

One of the guys is in Australia now (Mana), he might have had a WWE tryout or two, but I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head.

Kyyy_Funk_891 karma

Thanks for doing this! I want to say two quick things before I ask my question.

  1. Back in my high school woodshop, there were these two students who always came into class talking about wrestling. They would always say something like, "SNITSKY!" or "you see Snitsky last night!?" I decided to see what they were talking about, because I stopped watching wrestling a few years before. I got really into your rivalry with Shelton for the IC title, so you were basically a big reason for me getting back into wrestling.

  2. I told my friend's little cousin one day that you were my uncle. I can't remember why I made that up, but its funny because I look nothing like you. I think he still believes it 10 years later.

Question: Who is your favorite powerhouse guy in the WWE right now? Either already made a name for them self or in development.

MeanGeneWWE7 karma

Also, I appreciate the kind words on being the inspiration for you getting back into wrestling. That's really cool. Thanks!

MeanGeneWWE6 karma

I don't follow the show as closely anymore. If I happen to catch it on a Monday, I'll watch it.

I'm going to have to stick with my previous answer and say Kane. I was a huge fan of him before he got up to the WWE, so even with all of the younger guys, he's still probably my favorite.

subl1m1nal1 karma


MeanGeneWWE6 karma

Just did a lot of cardio and flexibility. It's hard to get into a good workout when you were all banged up and traveling constantly. You just try and stay loose and limber.

ChowdaJim1 karma

Was Patrice O'Neal still writing for the WWE when you were there?

MeanGeneWWE3 karma


blackroserandom1 karma

Oh my...I love all of you guys in the Wrestling World and I appreciate you entertaining all wrestling fans around the world. I have a question, if it's not too much trouble.

  1. What was it like working on the road during your years with the WWE?

MeanGeneWWE7 karma

Traveling was fun actually. I liked to travel, so it was cool to get to go to different spots all around the world.

Living out of a suitcase is tough in general. You learn to work around it. It wasn't too bad. I didn't mind it.

MeanGeneWWE7 karma

And thank you for being a fan!

hedleyazg1 karma

Any good road stories?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma


CiD77071 karma

Since the Rumble is going to be so close to home, what would your ideal entry number be?

MeanGeneWWE4 karma


chiraledge1 karma

What's it like working with Undertaker? And is it true you were originally gonna face John Cena at Royal Rumble 2008 for the WWE Championship?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

Was an honor to work with him..... A true legend

TLO_Is_Overrated1 karma

What do you think about WWE at the moment?

Do you feel a little pride when you see Punk as a top dog now?

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Don't follow it too closely.....

MarvelFan941 karma

Thank you for creating one my favorite moments growing up from Raw as a kid with punting the baby. Did you expect the baby to go as far as it did? It was an impressive punt

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

Your very welcome!!!!! I did expect it to go that far I was all area punter on my high school FB team!!!!! True story

G3NECIDE1 karma

I remember a time where you ran at Kane, or Kane ran at you on the stage, and you both went flying off. The camera man ran off the stage and around to catch you asking Kane if he was okay.

It's such a small error, and really doesn't matter. But, is that how "higher ups" felt? Or did/do wrestlers get in shit for things like that?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

I honestly don't recall asking him about anything cuz I was just happy I made it in one piece!!!!!

arecbardrin951 karma

Did you ever get tired of being booed and being known as the guy with the bad teeth? No offence but I imagine that would piss anyone off after a while.

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Not at all!!!!! Loved it

mtglilianavess1 karma

Snitsky! You kinda rock. Is it true that original WrestleMania plans were to have you and John Heidenreich vs Undertaker/Kane?

MeanGeneWWE5 karma

I have heard that

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

And thx

MeanGeneWWE5 karma

And your welcome

petenigma1 karma

If it wasn't your fault, then whose fault was it?

I'm going to guess and say Savio Vega.

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

All I know is...... It's not mine!!!!! Bwahahahahaha

petenigma1 karma

Thoughts on Savio Vega?

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Nice guy!!!!!

SowerPlave1 karma

The greatest memory I have of you is when Kane gave you a Chokeslam from the stage.

Of course, WWE had changed a lot. What are your feelings about an edgy, brutal, more raw (pardon the pun) environment and product vs the polished, family friendly PG environment (as a performer and your own style/gimmick)?

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

Like the Snitsky era better!!!!!

sdchargerfan4life1 karma

What was wrestler did you get along with the best? And are their cliques in the locker rooms?

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

I hung out mostly with mike chioda the senior referee

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

He is still one of my best friends

cehabert1 karma

When you clotheslined Paul London off the apron at the 2005 Royal Rumble, did you expect him to take that crazy bump? Did you feel bad about it?

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

I loved it and would do it again in a second

whitebread221 karma

Shit, I knew I was going to miss this ama. In the chance you pop back in and see this. One, thank you for doing this AMA, and two I believe a friend and I saw you at a country concert in Scranton PA. I believe it was the summer of 2011. My friend said to you that 'It wasn't your fault' and you replied. Basically I want to know, was it really you? Did you go to a country concert in scranton pa? If so, who was it because I can't remember (I saw a lot of concerts in Scranton over the past few years and I usually drink pretty heavily while I'm there), and did you enjoy yourself?

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

Yes I go up to montage a lot!!!! Love seeing the shows!!!!! And yes it was me!!!!! Thx

chico123071 karma

Were you ever involved in a storyline that you were looking forward to but it fell through?

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Was supposed to have more of a feud with cena..... That would have been fun! And def worh watching

Sap_1 karma

I have seen you around several times, near your home town. The mall, the market, and even the gym. This was many years ago, and you don't know me, but I just wanted to say thanks for giving our crummy little part of the state a reason to feel proud of one of its inhabitants.

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Thx ...... Our area is far from crummy tho! I love where I'm from!!! NESQUEHONING!!!!!

KaraLettie1 karma

Member when Kane gave you a Choke Slam off the ramp and was caught asking you if you were ok. What a sweetheart.

MeanGeneWWE4 karma

That makes me chuckle.... I hear this one a lot but that's simply not the case!!!!

TNPKubz1 karma

After your original gimmick, did you enjoy being repackaged as a monster on ECW? What the most memorable part of your ECW gimmick?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

I was always a monster and always enjoyed it!!!! Loved ECW

CatapultTurtle1 karma

Early wrestling memory?

MeanGeneWWE3 karma

Watching hulk hogan on TV

gobongo1 karma

Why aren't there any "Nice" Genes? Seems like they are all Mean.

MeanGeneWWE15 karma

It's GENEtic lmfao!!!! C what I did there!!!!!

tarnishedkara1 karma

Gene, I just want to say reading this AMA was truly great. I just love how friendly and genuine you come off and seem really appreciative of everyone who came here to talk to you.

MeanGeneWWE5 karma

Thx! I truly love my fans and enjoyed every min of chatting w them!!!!

Fit_Official1 karma

You punting the baby got the most uproarious laughter from myself, my father, and a friend watching RAW at the time. Priceless.

I don't really have a question. Just wanted to say you were good at what you did and barring some crappy gimmicks, you could've (and should've) gone much further. You're one of the few talented big dudes.

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

Thanks so much!!!! Glad I entertained you n your family...... I truly had a blast!!!!

The-Dragonborn1 karma

No real question, just wanted to say hi, and I hope you can return to WWE sometime. Also, answer the top question please.

MeanGeneWWE3 karma


Ginjaninja1021 karma

Hey. How's it going. Lol.

MeanGeneWWE2 karma


OrcSoldat1 karma

Hey Gene, hopefully you'll get back around to answer this:

I have low self esteem in real life. Can you give me a confidence boost using words?

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

You just have to stay positive and work hard and get a good education..... Things will fall into place

LeHayes1 karma

Do you know of Knokx Pro Academy? If so, would you recommend it? And no, it wasnt your fault.

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

Knox pro is awesome!!!! Tell them I sent ya.... I'm. Great friends with rikishi,Dave and Reno

KevinOnEarth881 karma

What is Randy Orton like off screen? Read he is a dick?

What do you think of the Chikara timetravel storyline?

On an unrelated note. The clip of you punting Lita and Kanes baby was hilarious.

MeanGeneWWE2 karma

Randy and I are great friends but he can be hard to deal with sometimes but so can everyone else ya know!!!! Do to follow chikara sorry, and thx so much

IowaContact0 karma

Did you ever turn down any angles they pitched? And how much of the angle with Kane was your idea?

MeanGeneWWE1 karma

Things always are changing I went with the flow but loved my character!!!!!!