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We need more "Joel plays..."


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Funny thing is, Apu is generally the straight man in the show. When every one is acting ridiculous or stupid, he seems to be the voice of reason. I reccomend watching the brain dump video on Apu as a counterpoint.

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Typically it was the smallest guy.

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That's very realistic of you. It's refreshing to know there are artists more concerned with fan appreciation stylistically than monetarily.

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Yet with out screening that information, doesn't it jeopardize the safety of those undercover or could be harmed by those who are legitimate enemies? I mean, when I was deployed I was terrified that that intel would fall into enemy hands and give away positions, passwords, and safety measures and put me and my fellow service members at risk that had nothing to do with any sort of wrong doings.
Edit: At the time of the release, those of us on the ground had no idea what information was released, nor were we able to access it. We were in the dark about what information had been exposed. We felt vulnerable, and betrayed. We did not know if that leak gave out our locations, radio frequencies, names, social security numbers, etc. We were put into a position we could not guard against by people who had a lot less to lose than us, and that really pissed us off.