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Hi Bob, thanks for taking the time to answer random internet questions - as an American transplant, I find Saul’s character incredibly accurate in its representation of the idiosyncrasies of U.S culture (Always hustling, doing morally grey things for purportedly right reasons - or maybe that’s just all humans?) It’s entertaining as hell, so thank you for doing what you do.

  • Girlfriend’s Day is coming out on Netflix tomorrow - compared to working with traditional studios, was the process of working with Netflix any different? Is there more creative freedom, is there less financial uncertainty?

  • You’ve been in entertainment for an incredibly long time (shout out to Mr. Show) - do you see your career split as before Saul/after Saul, or is it just another character for you in a long career?

  • Do you have any advice to give to young people, who may feel lost and unsure what to do with their life? (Totally not me..)

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Did your experience trigger any sort of life changing epiphany? Do your experience alter your perception of yourself in any way?

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  • What do you actually do in the warehouse, specifically?
  • Is the pay decent?
  • Is the job fun?
  • Are the working conditions good?
  • Anything surprising about working in the warehouse?

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Awesome, will definitely check out Girlfriends Day - thank you for the answers and the detailed advice, which is actually much more practical than 'Follow you dreams' or whatever most people peddle. Thanks again for doing what you do as well.

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Thanks for the AMA, always curious about online retail. And full disclosure, I know nothing about sunglasses whatsoever.

  • How long have you been running the business for? Any unexpected challenges?

  • Where do you source your glasses from? Is the cost per product the same as luxury brands just without the markup, or is there something else?

  • How are you different from other online affordable glasses stores? (eg. quick google search gives me a few websites here, here and here)