I Manage an average sized club in the South East United States. We have about 40 girls. Ask me anything.

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booyah28 karma

How often do you hear about gross feminine issues?

NakedBabySitter19 karma

Too Often, WAY too often.

booyah26 karma

What's the wierdest you've heard?

NakedBabySitter16 karma

Guys paying a girl to allow him to go down on them... I don't get it and it truly disgusts me. Maybe it's because I know where it's been but that's just wierd and strange to me to want to stick your face in a strangers crotch and pay for it.

ludnik5 karma

.. how pathetic are your regular clientele, really?

NakedBabySitter14 karma

Day shift clients... VERY Nightshift Clients are middle to upperclass and dont seem pathetic. Some of the younger guys seem lonely and just want someone to talk to. the older guys always seem happy and secure in life just big ole perverts wanting to play with girls half their age. My Club is a big party spot for younger people both men and women who just want to have a good time. only about half of my customers come for the strippers.

The-claudhry4 karma

Do most of the dancers have STDs? Do you guys test them?

NakedBabySitter6 karma

I doubt it and no, we do not test them.

erish873 karma

Do you label dancers "independent contractors" instead of "employees" to insulate the club from potential liability?

For instance, if a dancer agrees to give a handjob in the VIP and is caught by some sort of sting operation its solely her crime, and not the club's.

NakedBabySitter7 karma

Yes, the responsibility lies soley in her hands. Also, If she falls off stage and breaks her neck because she is drunk and retarded she has signed a waiver and rental agreement relieving us of any responsibility. They are their own business and we are free of any liability. Another strong reason is we dont need just cause to send them packing.

Stewpid3 karma

Have you ever run across an American born stripper that was not bat shit crazy? Is there a different mindset or level of craziness between foreign and domestic strippers?

NakedBabySitter7 karma

I have never had an out of country stripper, just out of state and girls from up north are slick little gangsters. Every last one of them have a real "I'll cut your ass" attitude.

Ausgezeichnetja2 karma

Do you feel as if you're depraved in any sense? Do you wish to have a different career?

NakedBabySitter7 karma

Yes, I make great money but am sick of missing Holidays and family time. I want to work during the day like the rest of society. Also, I feel as if I am not like the people that work with and for me. It is a very shady and two faced business and I just want to be an honest family man and not have to be around scum everyday. "Great place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there."

geman2202 karma

How close to the coast do you work? This place sounds like somewhere I know... Either that or almost all strip clubs have identical stories...

NakedBabySitter4 karma

We are very close to the Coast. That is all I will say.

geman2202 karma

I think I have a very good guess of where you are. Can I PM my guess?

NakedBabySitter2 karma

I am new to Reddit. What does PM Mean?

obievil2 karma

PM: Private Message.

NakedBabySitter2 karma

oh, yea sure.

pussayluva122 karma

truthfuly, does every girl have her price to actually sleep with/go home with a customer?

my assumption is that most of the girls work as strippers because of the high pay, so its not out of the realm of reason to think they would go home with a guy if he is willing to pay, no matter how illigal it may be.

NakedBabySitter4 karma

Everything has its price.

blinner2 karma

How do you feel about the class action lawsuit in Cleveland on behalf of adult entertainers against a large adult entertainment company?

It alleges that most of the business practices you describe in your replies are illegal, most notably charging them fees and making them all independent contractors.

NakedBabySitter2 karma

The club will always win. For example, since now we have to pay dancers minimum wage and there are no fees they are all required to keep their belongings in a locker to work. Locker rental fee is $50 a night. This is a very rough example of how it simply does not matter. 6 in one hand half dozen in the other.