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.. how pathetic are your regular clientele, really?

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I was a janitor, but not in a hospital. What used to bother me (although I got used to it) was people intentionally peeing & pooping not into the toilet, but ON it. A toilet is one of the easiest to use devices ever made and to regularly see piles of feces in various postions on toilets lead me to believe people did it purposely out of sheer spite for the world. No ones aim is that bad! Another thing I remember, I had a coworker janitor, a real oddball, who claimed he could tell by sniffing the toilet seats in the ladies restroom which female employee had used a particular seat by smell. He used to go in the ladies room to "clean" right after a woman left. He'd come out wanting to tell me about it. At first I thought he was just messing with me but I wasn't the only one he told about it. In spite of things like this I felt I had one of the best jobs in the place.

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I was in Istanbul in 1959 when the military took control of the government. Where does the military stand today with regard to Turkey's social and political turmoil? It was always my impression that the military was a power unto itself in Turkey. By the way, I'd love to come back to Istanbul for a visit.