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As a 40 year old man who loves world history, the parallels I see between the what started World War 1, and where we are currently now are truely frightening

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Phone post , voice dictated by Google . Historians wildly disagree and what actually started World War 1. The most common theory is the death of the Archduke of Austria. But when the war first broke out it wasn't just one war, it was four or five different Wars, in different locations. Several countries had won their freedom from the Ottoman Empire, Austria annexed in Hungary amongst a chunk of Siberia and a few other nations. There was lot of Siberian unrest, and general Austrian hate going on during the time frame. it was a lot of religious contention and fight amongst a very Multicultural Nation.

When the war broke out it was Austria attacking Serbia, with Germany backing them, Germany was planning on going to war with Russia anyway. Russia entered the war because Serbia was their trading partner and they were allies. It was thought that the Russians were also backing the Guerrilla tactics that were being used against Austria. using religion and culture as a standpoint to attack the Austrian Nation, and nationalists. Public political figures were often targeted. Germany wanted France but decided to go through Bulgaria to get to France, which Was neutral at the time.

So Germany attacked Bulgaria which brought Britain into the war. They choose this route to get to France because the German-Franco border was too heavily defended. French and the English weren't always friends but at this point they found a common enemy, and Ally in each other. some of the smaller Nations that we're using Guerrilla tactics such as Siberia which was being partially funded buy a couple of other nations such as Russia. The whole scenario was a cluster fuck.

So right now we have Saudi Arabia that appears to be backing Isis, Russia going after Crimea, the French the British and the Italians all going after Isis inside of Iraq and Iran. Turkey that staged a coup according to reports and is no longer a valuable Ally, Britain that's broken away from the EU. Greece's economy still unstable, a huge influx of refugees and a lot of fighting going on on the strip and in Syria. The United States are nuking people from an almost Orbital range. In the state of Hawaii which appears might have legal ground to stand on to secede from the country. And our current election cycle is something else entirely and depending on who gets elected is really going to depend on whether or not we go to war and quickly

During World War 1 most of the countries were in a state of nationalism and their own nationalistic fervor. what we have now is almost purely religion, which from an argument standpoint is almost more dangerous.

The whole world is in a gigantic Melting Pot, and it's a very dangerous scenario.

Edit: I don't even mention the Isis attacks on France, and the U.S.

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Wow, I didn't actually expect a response! Thanks!

I understand. You gotta take care of yourself.

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He doesn't seem like the type of guy to me that would get physically violent.

But hell this the internet, anythings possible. For all we know he's cross dressing pirate.

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I don't know what it the numbers are now, but back 10 years ago or so, the number 1 loss that most companies experience was employee Pilferage. some companies lost hundreds of millions annually.