Hi Reddit. We are licensed Games Workshop Developers. We make/are making games such as:

Auroch Digital (Chainsaw Warrior) http://chainsawwarrior.net/ Rodeo Games (Warhammer Quest) http://rodeogames.co.uk/warhammer-quest/ Nomad Games (Talisman) http://www.talisman-game.com/talismande/ Full Control Games (Space Hulk) http://spacehulk-game.com/ Roadhouse Interactive (www.roadhouseinteractive.com) making Warhammer 40,000:Carnage (www.playcarnage.com), Cyanide Studio (Bloodbowl) Cyanide Studio (Bloodbowl) http://bloodbowl-starcoach.com/ & http://www.dungeonbowl-game.com/ BHVR (Eternal Crusade) http://www.eternalcrusade.com Eutechnyx (Storm of Vengeance) http://www.stormofvengeance.com Herocraft (Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY_FP7rKtjw Slitherine - http://www.slitherine.co.uk/

Our Reddit names are:

Auroch Digital - agreatbecoming, Rodeo Games - RodeoLaurent, Nomad Games - NomadGames, Full Control Games - Full-Control, Roadhouse Interactive - kaylasara & 3Teejae, Cyanide Studio - Cyanide_Studio & _Jolly_Roger, BHVR - miguelcaron, Eutechnyx - DaveHawesEtx & KentonFletcher, Herocraft - Sazonov & ClockwerkTomato, Slitherine - Slitherine_Iain

If you want to ask about a specific game/company feel free to address the person/people in your question. Else we may all chip in to answer!

Please note that we're not Games Workshop employees so don't ask us about Games Workshop policy, plans etc as we don't know..

Ask Us Anything we know about!

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maigod131 karma

Gaunt's Ghosts game. Dan writes it, you guys make it, I buy it. Talk to me.

agreatbecoming52 karma

I'd buy it too :)

Amberale34 karma

Is anyone planning a Necromunda game? Turn-based strategy in the underhive with RPG and world exploration?

Go on, you'll make a million bucks.

agreatbecoming26 karma

It needs to be done.

Cattle_Fashion27 karma

Hey guys nice to talk. Do you have a particular favorite race of Warhammer 40k and why?

agreatbecoming36 karma

I was always an Eldar player. Fast, deadly and they had the best dreadnoughts.

fencerman24 karma

There seem to be a lot of Games Workshop lisenced games coming out - how do you expect the high quality projects to get the attention they deserve and the more low-budget efforts not to diminish the brand?

agreatbecoming12 karma

I can only speak from our POV here - but what I love about the approach is the licences are going to fans. We're not making Chainsaw Warrior because it just another game. We're making it because we love the game! Provided talented developers who are also fans are making games, the possibilities are endless...

Latenius21 karma

Why are so many of these games coming for mobile/tablet platforms?

40K has so much content for grand scale PC games.

agreatbecoming26 karma

Can't wait to see what Creative Assembly do...

agreatbecoming7 karma

We did tablet/mobile because there is where a lot of gamers want it to be. That said our Steam community is amazing - check this guide to the game one of the made :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=196317131

SmegmataTheFirst20 karma

I only recently got into BloodBowl because of the steam release - and I LOVE it! You really get invested in your players, and are infuriated when your favorite blitzer/lineman/whatever gets injured or killed. A few times I'd made it my mission to kill the player on the other team who'd done it. Anger issues I guess.

Anyway - what can we expect to be new in the future Blood Bowl releases?

Personally, I'd love to see greatly expanded announcer voiceovers (the ones that exist are great, but get repetitive), drop-in campaign mulitplayer (no league setup required), even better/ more interesting crowds at the matches, and an expanded repertoire of player animations. Is it too much to ask for a madden-style replay cam of the entire play from kickoff to touchdown?

Think the game is great already, though!

agreatbecoming17 karma

The Bloodbowl people are running a bit late, but they will be here soon...

Fox_Tango10 karma

I'm 29. Full time home maker, very interested in game development. How does someone like myself work to get the experience necessary to be hired by a game developer for game design?

agreatbecoming5 karma

For us we look for Unity3D developers. It's what we used to make http://chainsawwarrior.net/ - it's free to download the basic version and there is a good community of people who help each other to create games with it. If you can use that, it's a huge help.

If you're not technical (or don't want to take that route) then I'd ask you where your skills/interests are? Sound/Design/Art/Production?

Cattle_Fashion8 karma

As a game company developing Warhammer licensed games do you ever feel limited, or is it more of an over abundance of material?

agreatbecoming3 karma

For us doing Chainsaw Warrior we were in a strange position in that it was an IP that had not had anything done with it for years (it came out in 1987) so we felt strongly that we really did need to start with the basics by getting the original game back out there in a digital format. From here though, now things get interesting...

TheDestroyerOfWords7 karma

How long have you been into GW stuff? I got into it at White Dwarf 109, however long ago that was.

Nice to see Space Hulk getting some love, if only they'd bring back Epic.

agreatbecoming8 karma

I got Warhammer 40K when it came out :) Back then White Dwarf also had D&D, Call of Cthulhu and Runequest adventures...

marwynn7 karma

That's a LOT of Games Workshop-related stuff!

Any of you guys planning to work on Battlefleet Gothic-esque licenses?

Also: The Imperial Guard - Best army or best army?

agreatbecoming11 karma

Battlefleet Gothic is an amazing boardgame. It needs to be done as digital.

Thandius6 karma

Do you have plans for a Necromunda Game? or approaching GW to do a Necromunda game?

Has been my favorite game produced by GW and i think it lends its self to all types of options for the development of a game.

What has been the easiest and the hardest thing about working with GW IP? and GW in general?

agreatbecoming4 karma

I have to admit it's a game I think would be excellent to update...

agreatbecoming3 karma

The hardest thing is now the quality bar. It's a good for gamers as the indies making them are in a friendly match to see who can do the best. Also hard is the legacy. These a games and back-stories crafted over decades....

Easiest for us has been our GW producers - they too love the games and have give good feedback and encouragement that has lead to a better game overall.

adsweeny6 karma

Besides your own game, which other game in this AMA are you most excited about?

agreatbecoming4 karma

I'm a huge Bloodbowl fan - so looking forward to getting some time to play the Manager game. I also have Warhammer Quest and Talisman on my iPad and play them a lot when I travel or watching TV. Also Storm of Vengeance has caught my eye - one of our artists introduced me to DOTA2 so very, very interested to play this...

Cattle_Fashion5 karma

Do you guys ever dust off Dawn Of War and have a monster lan?

agreatbecoming7 karma

I'm a huge fan of Dawn of War - in fact a guy I worked with at a studio called Hothouse ended up working on the games. Still play over LAN in the office sometimes... Happy days :)

UncertainAnswer5 karma

What first you drew you to the warhammer universe? Warhammer games tend to have good gameplay and very interesting content. However, they tend to be lacking in storyline. Have you considered producing games that have stronger storylines? If so, what issues have prevented you from doing so?

agreatbecoming4 karma

We're not currently doing Warhammer or 40K games but I have to say I'm a reader of the Black Library stuff. When I played the games I loved the little bits of narrative they'd pepper the rules with so when the broke out and became novels... instabuy. And the Horus Heresy books? Love it!

Fuck_everything015 karma

Best Primarch?

agreatbecoming10 karma

Lion El'Jonson

Tazjamental3 karma

Since someone mentioned about game development, what about getting into the audio side. I've worked mostly with music and voice over, but not game dev. My impression so far is getting into fmod is very important. What else should I be doing to get into work in the games industry audio wise?

agreatbecoming3 karma

I would say it's a tough are - there is a lot of competition. Knowing the technical side is important yes and fmod is widely used. Also look at some of the Unity plugins... Above all making amazing sound is key. I was very happy with the synth-80s vibe our sound designer created; http://chainsawwarrior.net/ (see the video to hear it)

cnollz3 karma

I am ashamed to admit I've never played any of your games. What would you guys consider to be the best one to start with?

agreatbecoming3 karma

What sort of games do you like? Strategy? Action? RPG?

agreatbecoming2 karma


captainkaleb2 karma

We want good warhammer games. PLEASE consider handing the license over to an experienced company that knows what they are doing.

agreatbecoming4 karma

We're the wrong people to ask that. IMHO the indies are doing a great job. How do I know? I have already paid in my hard-earned cash for many of the games listed above.

The_dude_that_does2 karma

I am still new to the entire Warhammer 40K franchise but have heard good things about it. I want to learn more about it but its lore so vast I honestly don't know of a good starting point. What/where do you feel is a good starting point to learn more about the universe?

agreatbecoming3 karma

The Black Library novels are good. Try one of those? In game terms Space Hulk is also a good title to get into.

Shanix2 karma

All: What's your favorite piece of lore from 40k? From Fantasy?

Along with that, what do you wish was fleshed out better/expanded upon?

agreatbecoming3 karma

In the original rule book for Warhammer Fantasy battle there were only 3 Chaos gods and one of the hated chaos... Who are the missing Primarchs scrubbed from Imperial Records? Was Chainsaw Warrior a protoype very, very, very early Space Marine and the spatial rift a chaos gate?

agreatbecoming2 karma

I'm signing off now too. I'll answer any I can and sure other devs will too tomorrow, so feel free to keep posting! Thanks Reddit.

loco41231 karma

Hey guys, big fan of your work, my question is what type of vacuum do you guys use?

CORRU9T1 karma

Can you give me a job?

agreatbecoming2 karma

Are you able to withstand radiation and mutant toxins and still meet a deadline?

Thecraftybutcher1 karma

Hi guys was wondering if you ever played Warhammer 40k - Chaos Gate back in the day, was always one of my favourite games, any chance of something similar coming from you lovely people?

agreatbecoming2 karma

Just looking at that game - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000:_Chaos_Gate - I love turn-based strategy games (I've made a couple myself!) so can't believe I missed that one. I suggest you try Warhammer Quest though... http://rodeogames.co.uk/warhammer-quest/