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But legally they shouldn't have that power. As long as there are checks in place they shouldn't be able to do that shit, even if they were terrible people.

That's why these problems need recognition on a political level.

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Whenever a government interferes with someone's writing, they MUST understand how bad that makes them look. I know Estonia is part of the old soviet block but goddamn I thought it's like the little cousin of Finland by now. Banning books is literally hitler level of censorship.

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Does it bring a whole new level to watching movies with family? Like "damn that actor is looking good! ...oh yeah it's me" :D

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Reading this thread I'm seriously contemplating going to test my testosterone levels.

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Was it a better tactic to stand up to bullies or to let them be assholes to you (taking your stuff/cutting in line/whatever) especially in level 4?