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We are Bajo and Hex, hosts of the Australian TV gaming programs Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point.

Our final episode for 2013 just aired and we're here to answer your questions, so ask us anything!

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Thanks again and may all of your games be good ones!

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RollRollShotgun138 karma

Love the way you guys read out all the wonderful spelling mistakes the kids make on Ask GG. How'd you get that past the bosses? I could see them shutting that down as mean in the PC world (the other PC)

goodgameabctv185 karma

we like to be accurate to the letter senders creative vision - Bajo

MrMojoRisin30251 karma

Have you found that damn bargo yet?

goodgameabctv99 karma

he will never be found. i have taken care of it - BAJO

edit: evil laugh

CrazyKookies81 karma

Bajo where do you get your good looks from?

goodgameabctv222 karma

Dr Steve Brule - Bajo

Scattercock69 karma

Probably a sensitive issue.

But do you ever hear from jung anymore. Is he still appart of the gaming industry anymore?

goodgameabctv61 karma

No we dont talk anymore, but he's been working successfully in the industry for years - Bajo

goodgameabctv54 karma

I used to see him at events now and then but I don't go to industry stuff much because the show keeps us so busy! He had a web series called Five Inch Floppy for a while but I think that's finished up now. I'd guess that he's probably freelancing atm. :) - Hex

nerv200462 karma

Just wanted to say cheers for another great season guys! Keep it up, i cant wait for next season.

goodgameabctv65 karma

Thanks man! We have so much fun making the show so it's great that people enjoy it too. - Hex

materhillcarpark58 karma

What are your actual opinions (please no fence sitting) on Microsoft and the xbone after their controversial reveal, money > gamer ethics, market freakout back-paddling, and limited functionality outside of US? I ask not because I think the PS4/sony is better, but because I feel gamers should be offended by the blatant finger Xbox flipped at us.

goodgameabctv81 karma

I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to specifically. But I agree I think there has been a lot of confusion around what Xbone intended to do, and offer and what we get. In fairness, no matter what device you use - we dont have anything close to the video content like they do in the US. that'll change over time though

I actually liked their original idea - of attaching games to your account, and then not needed the disc again, and being able to rent out games. I hate discs. But there was no middle ground for those who wanted offline play, and they caved to the loud and confused masses and now we have the old system again which is fine, but not forward thinking really. I think if they had outlined what they wanted to do, and talked more about the sharing of games they planned with their new digital system, had a middle ground for those who couldn't get online a lot - none of the bruhaha would have happened. - Bajo

goodgameabctv53 karma

BLARGH! So many questions! Impossible to answer them all! Thanks for an incredible year, guys - can't wait to do it all again with you in 2014. Night! x -Hex out

Ignoranimus49 karma


goodgameabctv62 karma

I really love the copper colour it is right now! But for a while I had black with purple ends and that was cool too. - Hex

goodgameabctv113 karma

I think you should go transparent, or clear - Bajo

broken_shins29 karma

Bajo - Hex and Bindi are constantly changing their hairstyles, you're letting the team down. Will you ever consider a hairstyle change?

goodgameabctv56 karma

last break i went blonde, blue, white, purple, red, and brown in the space of 5 weeks! - bajo http://instagram.com/p/UfpyPpx45-/

green_finch45 karma

Where are the bloopers?!

goodgameabctv56 karma

they'll go Online soon i think! couldn't fit in the show, along with forza 5 review, which will also go online i thinK! - Bajo

goodgameabctv40 karma

They didn't make it in because the episode was too full! They will hopefully be online this week. - Hex

La_Sage_Femme41 karma

This question is for Hex: The gaming world if full of major machismo, how do you keep your cool when dealing with sexist, misogynist, ignorant comments while playing online? Any tips for being a strong lady gamer? What's your best comeback to a sexist attack?

goodgameabctv116 karma

My best comeback is: block/ban/delete. Honestly, it's SO not worth engaging with crap like that. The vast majority of people are so awesome and genuinely want to have a cool conversation about games... so I'm not going to let some sad jerk trying to screenshot my cleavage feel like they have any measure of importance by even talking to them.

_GORDONN_40 karma

What do you think is the biggest issue for Aussie gamers right now? Lack of high speed internet, higher prices for games and hardware, government controlling what adults have access to, or something else?

goodgameabctv97 karma

the cost of games is still an issue, the Internet speeds will become a an even greater issue in years to come, especially as 'streaming' and 'cloud' stuff become more viable in other countries. -Bajo

And while we're at it - what's with the cost of data on mobile phones in OZ? It's MADNESS

LordUltimo37 karma

What do you love most about your job?

goodgameabctv127 karma

The gross stuff bajo says right before they call 'action' to throw me off my lines. :P - Hex

goodgameabctv96 karma

:D - Bajo

Nearly-Infinity34 karma

Hi guys! Has working in the gaming industry opened your eyes to anything that ordinary gamers wouldn't know or realise? Merry Chrimmas to the GG team.

goodgameabctv71 karma

It's certainly opened up new genres to me that I would never have thought would grab me, such as JRPGs, and the more sim/semi-sim racing games. But now I have no time to sleep :(

It's also shown me how hard it is to make a game, how many people it takes, how long, how they pour their blood sweat and tears into it, and how sometimes it can all go horribly wrong. I try to keep that always in perspective - making games is hard, very hard - Bajo

Blot_Upright19 karma

Do you keep that in mind when rating them? (out of rubber chickens?)

goodgameabctv34 karma

We certainly keep how it sits in the genre in mind - but we judge the game for what it is and what it does which is only fair I think - Bajo

Redemon2630 karma

Are you guys planning to have another panel at Pax Australia 2014?

goodgameabctv46 karma

hope so! Depends on budget really- Bajo

Shlapper27 karma

What's one thing in a video game (for example, a specific plot device or a specific mechanic) that annoys and infuriates you most?

goodgameabctv69 karma

Invisible walls, slow walking to cover loading, poorly-implemented fixed camera asledfjherlgjhadksaarrggghhhhh - Hex

Jinivus27 karma

Can I marry one of you? (Either one, I don't mind)

goodgameabctv101 karma

I'll ask the cats - Bajo

theblacklog26 karma

Hey guys, please be honest. How long do you reckon the Good Game show will continue for? Great show, wouldn't want to see it end

goodgameabctv68 karma

Honestly - no idea. Games aren't going anywhere, so there will always be content for us to make a show about. We're lucky enough that that ABC sees it as relevant and worthwhile, so we'll make it for as long as we can! - Hex

goodgameabctv52 karma

For as long as people want to watch I hope! - Bajo

mande8725 karma

Hi Hex, my partner really wants to buy his first bow, what would you recommend?

goodgameabctv109 karma

goodgameabctv43 karma

Depeneds if he wants to shoot compund, recurve or longbow. Mine is a Bear Grizzly Recurve - Fred Bear bows have been around since the 70s - they're great quality. Mine's 30lbs, but if your partner is a dude he'll probably need something heavier. - Hex

blazeit_42024 karma

have you ever been recognized while walking down the street or anything like that, if so what was your weirdest interaction with a fan? (btw love your show)

goodgameabctv106 karma

All the time. There is this guy I keep bumping into around Broadway in the city who is always on his way to/from the gym. And every time he sees me he just yells out "DID YOU GUESS THE GAME FOR THIS WEEK?" then just keeps walking. Other than that I get a lot of giggling kids stalking me in supermarkets. And then one girl I met in a street once saw me and just started crying and saying my name over and over. Not sure if happy or sad. - Hex

goodgameabctv60 karma

It happens a bit now days, and it's always lovely. The weirdest is when people yell BAJO then run away. I also find that the funniest - Bajo

What-Is-Life24 karma

What is the best aspect of your job? Thanks for a awesome show :)

goodgameabctv71 karma

all the video games.

oh and the people i get to work with etc. - Bajo

goodgameabctv60 karma

The people I get to work with. The production meetings where we all bring our collective nerd humour and passion for games (each member of our team has different tastes and loves for different genres so it makes for a really great mix) - those meetings are a mess of hilarious tangents and ideas. It's so wonderful to be amongst people so genuinely dedicated to the show and what it stands for. Other than that - I like filling out the 'occupation' section of forms with 'video game reviewer' and seeing people's skeptical reactions to it. ;) - Hex

timmytimed24 karma

Which are some games that your opinions have changed on, for better or worse, since you reviewed them?

goodgameabctv63 karma

I certainly realise Duke Nukem forever is a very bad game indeed, but I cannot deny how much fun I had reliving it at the time of review. I had the duke goggles on! - Bajo

TheProtagonistv223 karma

Hey Guys, watch your show every week and congrats on a great year of GGTV. Bajo i feel for your dead graphics card, what did you upgrade to?

goodgameabctv56 karma

Well that was my backup graphics card, which I replaced with my spare 680, which I replaced with 2x770s in SLI which I regret (SLI is a buggy nightmare) and now I have no money, but pretty things in my eyes - Bajo

MatureAgeStuden10 karma

SLI = buggy nightmare confirmed.

goodgameabctv6 karma

never again. xfire was worse

widem12322 karma

Hey guys, great episode, I was just wondering what game you are most excited for in the next year?

goodgameabctv106 karma

Dark Souls 2. There are no other games - Bajo

goodgameabctv78 karma

The Witcher 3!!!! - Hex

BoostBar19 karma

Bajo what was your game of the year?

goodgameabctv40 karma

So hard, I think maybe Tomb Raider. I was more excited about Tomb Raider, but you could give it to GTAV, last of us, bioshock infinite and I wouldnt complain! - Bajo

_KATANA19 karma

Man, I can't believe this show is still going. I've been watching since the first season and thought it wouldn't have enough of an audience to survive - boy was I wrong!

Is there anything you folks are planning on doing/changing for the next season? Is there anything you'd like to do but aren't able or allowed to? :P

goodgameabctv32 karma

There WILL be some changes next year.... but we'll leave that as a surprise! ;) - Hex

mrjarate19 karma

Bajo when's the next Shut In Show and why is the schedule so dramatic? Sometimes it's every fortnight to a couple of months

goodgameabctv23 karma

I know we're really slack on it - just so busy (being hermits). Soon, i promise, and thank you for listening - Bajo

thisismyname1719 karma

Hey guys, is it hard to be so awesome?

goodgameabctv50 karma

Someone's gotta do it - Hex

HandyAndy13618 karma

Hey guys, big fan of the show. What are your favourite video game soundtracks?

goodgameabctv66 karma

Journey, The Last of Us, Morrowind - all such lovely music. - Hex

goodgameabctv45 karma

Burnout 3 takedown, mass effect, guild wars 2 was nice.. rock 'n roll racing on the megadrive, that's all that springs to mind right now! - Bajo

thathotfella18 karma

Computer Specs ?

goodgameabctv60 karma

1440p monitor, mechanical keyboard with detachable keypad, gaming mouse, logitech g35s surround sound headphones, water cooled i7 cpu, 2x770s in SLi, about 5 solid state driers, a nice big tower full of adjustable fans, ninja turtles mouse pad - Bajo

RedShorty1318 karma

What is, honestly, your favorite medium of which to play games on? (3DS, PC, Xbone, PS4 etc.)

goodgameabctv78 karma

PC mostly because i'm a bit of an enthusiast, but also it's so much easier to play with friends, and chat, without any hassles. - Bajo

AngryNavySeal17 karma

What do you think about those kids who like to ask you to do a certain facial expression?

goodgameabctv27 karma

I love that kids latch onto something we might say or do ONE time on the show and turn it into an ongoing tradition! - Hex

spacejames15 karma

Hey Bajo, any chance we could play CSS again one day?

goodgameabctv29 karma

maybe one day! CS:GO? I haven't played that in ages, I miss it - Bajo

mynameisnotspecial15 karma

Hey guys! - are there any unannounced games that you are hoping will be announced in the coming year?

goodgameabctv43 karma

Well... there are those Fallout 4 rumours........ - Hex

nightwing_9214 karma

This is a question for Hex: You mentioned in the most recent ep that storytelling is an important factor in your enjoyment of a game and I totally feel the same way. What do you think is responsible for this new focus on storytelling (rather than just focusing on graphics/gameplay) and why do you think the stories that games tell are so often overlooked/dismissed?

goodgameabctv23 karma

I think a lot of games are starting to feel a bit formulaic in their structure and approach to gameplay. And with more gamers wanting a more enriching experience, developers are starting to look to narrative as a way to create a more complex experience for players, making them consider their decisions, actions and consequences in a game. - Hex

Glasspain13 karma

Hey guys! I want to know, what games are you addicted to playing right now? Have you stuck with something for most of the year, or picked up a new love recently? Thanks :)

goodgameabctv42 karma

lots of B4 right now.. gotta get the unlocks! - Bajo

thecartridge12 karma

If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be?

goodgameabctv33 karma

Oblivion - Hex

goodgameabctv30 karma

Perhaps I'd say world of warcraft? As far as MASSIVE games with lots to do - it would probably have to be that. I've already spent 2500 hours in it ...never again.. never again.. - Bajo

ShaZMaN1112 karma

Hey guys, love the show. I've got a couple of questions for you guys.

  • What do you think has had the biggest impact on the gaming industry this year?

  • What was the saddest moment this year in any game?

  • favourite series?

You guys are amazing and I love you both.

goodgameabctv31 karma

  • biggest impact, definitely new consoles, and the ending of the old ones. The doors are open!
  • saddest moment was probably that incredible last of us intro. MAN!
  • favourite series is an impossible question.. I dont even know where to begi..SOULS
  • Bajo

SwobbyInMelabun12 karma

Yes hello everyguys! Here is my two part question for you both. WHAT WILL YOU DO BETWEEN NOW AND FEB AND WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!? Jenkuye bardzo. You pal, Swobby.

goodgameabctv32 karma

Play games at a leisurely, lazy pace with no deadlines or game footage to capture and log! Spend time with friends. Rent houses in the mountains and cook delicious food - then eat the food. Play with my cats. Go to lots of crappy movies by myself during the day. Marathon The Sopranos (I've never seen it!). Sleep. Sleep some more. Send cat snapchats to bajo. Read. - Hex

AndrewTheNintendrone12 karma

Hex and Bajo! Which character would you be excited to play as in the new super smash bros?

goodgameabctv22 karma

Sonic. Keep on fighting sonic! - bajo

rattleheadjake11 karma

Hex, two questions, first where did you get those red leggings, my sister would love a pair. Second what was your favourite cinematic moment of ACIV? Well done to you and all the GG crew on a fantastic year and here's hoping the next is even better

goodgameabctv16 karma

They are from Black Milk - just search, and ye shall find. In AC4, my favourite moments are just when you're pulled back and seeing the ship on the open ocean in all those various weather conditions, starry night... stormy sea... Caribbean sunset.... all while hearing a mournful shanty sung by one of your crew. Bliss. Beautiful, piratey bliss. - Hex

TheProdWad10 karma

What new releases are you guys most dreading next year, as opposed to the usual what are you most hyped for,

goodgameabctv34 karma

I am dreading that we might have to wait longer for DayZ! Otherwise, very optimistic ! VERY hyped for fallout 4 and dark souls 2 - Bajo

blue171010 karma

Hex and Bajo, what is your favourite genre of gaming?

goodgameabctv12 karma

Action Adventure and RPGs. :) - Hex

goodgameabctv7 karma

impossibe question, but I do love sword and shield games. War of the Roses, dark souls.. anything that lets me hack and slash well - Bajo

simon210510 karma

Bajo or Hex have you played hearthstone? what do you think? when it's out of beta will you review it? love the show!

goodgameabctv13 karma

no but i hear GREAT things, keen to try over the break - Bajo

Golf-x-Wang9 karma

What are your opinions on the infamously rocky launch of Battlefield 4?

goodgameabctv24 karma

disappointing, but DICE are working hard to fix it, and I have faith in them based on previous experiences with the BF games. - Bajo

wildgazelle8 karma

Do you think the Wii U and PS Vita have a chance of getting a a critical mass of games or attention in the new year? If not, do you think that it's possible for these consoles to gain more consumer/developer interest?

goodgameabctv17 karma

I think the Wii U is going to need to do something pretty major soon to survive, I'm really worried about Nintendo to be brutally honest and I want them to get back in the game.

The vita is a powerful device, hoping the remote play ps4 thing makes it more valued, and then inspires a larger player base to inspire more games. we shall see! - Bajo

trollshep8 karma

Hey guys, big fans of the show! Do you think the xbone and ps4 can catch up to pc? Seeing the skyrim like graphics on PC on a ps4 would be amazing.

goodgameabctv26 karma

high end PC is already ahead of PS4 and xbone, but there's a LOT to be said for dedicated gaming architecture like a console, and we wont find the likes of uncharted, halo, last of us, god of war on PC. At least not for now. Im excited about seeing what they can do, they are both great peices of hardware for ~$500 - Bajo

toneey8 karma

Which next gen console do you guys respectively like more?

goodgameabctv26 karma

I like the xbox launch line up a little better, but I think it's a super ugly console. I love the design of the PS4 much more - but there aren't enough games, and i'm still now 100% on the level triggers for the controller to be honest - Bajo

CuddlynFluffy8 karma

What's your favourite game? (if the question has not already been asked)

goodgameabctv29 karma

As in, EVER? I've loved the Uncharted Series, The Elder Scrolls Series, the Mass Effect Series, The Witcher 2, The recent Tomb Raider Reboot, The Assassin's Creed series.... I can't name just one, I'm sorry! - Hex

mrknight12438 karma

What game are you most looking to play within the coming year? :)

Also, thanks guys for an amazing year of good game!

goodgameabctv22 karma

The Witcher 3!!! OMG cannot wait. - Hex

CivilBot8 karma

Dear Doctor Bajo and Doctor Hex,

Do you think Let's Players are a bit overdone or is there anyway of improving it?

goodgameabctv17 karma

there's so many, it's hard to find the good ones. I think they should be edited down - 5 minutes at most! - Bajo

goodgameabctv13 karma

I think they're great for specific game genres, for example MMO's, RTS's and Minecraft - and also point and click games... they serve as great tutorials, learning tools and guides for other gamers interested in learning specific plays, raids, or who are just plain interested on how another gamer nailed a level. They're also really great for horror games now that face cam is so popular - people love seeing other gamer's reactions and scares... so I get it. I have no real interest in watching someone play a shooter or RPG though. But each to their own. - Hex

xBingobam7 karma

Bajo, Are you a member of the PC Master Race, or just a gamer who is passionate about PC?

goodgameabctv18 karma

I just love games, and want them to be at their best, sometimes that's on PC, sometimes on console. It's hard not to be frustrated at the end of this life cycle, because pc games look so good - Bajo

stickolia7 karma

Hey guys,

Did you have any design input into D.A.R.R.E.N at all? I was looking at him through the episode and his antenna is just... Wow. Also, you picked The Last of Us as the GOTY. Which game out of the other 4 nominated came 2nd in your opinion?

goodgameabctv11 karma

DARREN needs a makeover! - Bajo

I think maybe tomb raider second? hard to say!

minercrafter24 karma

What features do you wish were available for PS4 and XBOne?

goodgameabctv10 karma

I wish I could say "xbox on" - as well as USB support WOULD BE NICE. Jeeeez. I know it's on the way but honestlyyyy. As for PS4... I wish it had a better UI, I find it really uninviting. - Hex