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Have you found that damn bargo yet?

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Part of me was hoping the title would be 'John Jarratt, former host of Better Homes & Gardens'

How did Tatantino know of you in 2003, what movies of yours was he a fan of? Or was it your appearances on Blue Heelers?

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Hi John, longtime fan of The Doors, since I was a kid. Thanks Dad! I've got about a million questions, but I've narrowed it down to what I think will be unique.

  • What's the last song you listened to?

  • Do you know anything about the Shelby Mustang Jim was given by Elektra Records?

  • Has it bothered you that you'll always be known as 'the drummer with the awesome sideburns from The Doors?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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Huge fan guys. My first big concert was Stiff Upper Lip world tour in 01 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. You guys used the full staduim PA gear in this tiny arena, it was so fuckin loud, I had ringing in my ears for 2 weeks. Awesome show.

So what do you guys do to keep fit, especially Angus. Every time I've seen you guys live it's been warm, and Angus was running around like a madman for hours on end.

Have you been in Brians Rolls-Royce? Would he get pissed if you smoked in it?

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I know I missed this by a long shot, but here's my next long shots.

You've seen the Nascar All-Star Race, what would be your walk-on song? Ambrose already claimed Land Down Under.

How does the Commodore Cup compare to a V8SC? I know the Mercedes is stupidly faster, but how did the old 253 go? Did you have to control the throttle/brakes as much as you do now?

It sucks we Aussies are so competitive in a way. It's 10 grand to buy an EA or VN (lol) Saloon Car nowdays. A good AU/VT is 28k. That's what they cost new in 1998 lol.