Disclaimer: Her loving grandson is typing all this.

I was born in May 1, 1923. I was born in Stamford, CT. I lived through the Great Depression, 14 presidents, a moon landing and much more. I served time in Army Air Force as a nurse. 2nd Lieutenant. I served for a year in the army. I then worked as a nurse in a doctor's office. I've traveled all over. I was in Pasedena, CA on VJ Day. I've been married, had three wonderful children I've lived a long time and have a lot to share, so please ask anything!



If Mods would like more proof like a Driver's License to verify her age, please let me know.

Edit: Multi*

Edit: She wants to tell a story" We couldn't get into Yankee stadium and this friend of ours was in the Army. He and his wife and Rich(Husband) and I drove to Yankee Stadium. For Rich to get into Yankee stadium, his friend who was in the Army, got an Army uniform and they got into Yankee stadium and marched on the field with the Army in an Army uniform (he was in the Navy). That's how he got in for free. Myself and my friend's wife laughed our heads off as we watched Rich march around having no idea what he was doing."

Taking a break at 1630 EST.

Fun fact. Walter Kennedy was her gym teacher. Google him!


She is done. Thanks everyone. You really made her think! She really enjoyed some of the questions. She was a bit overwhelmed as the internet and computers are something she never embraced.

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polunsky1133 karma

Thank you for your service.

Iampossiblyatwork1209 karma

She said thank you and that no one ever thanks her for that. Big smile.

nalexisone320 karma

This is great that she served as a nurse. She is an amazing woman! (I'm currently in nursing school) I hope to be able to live as long as your grandmother! :P Cheers to you both and thanks for the IAMA.

Iampossiblyatwork359 karma

After she served. She worked in a nursing home and then as the middle school nurse. Lots of nursing!

ugly_out_of_season868 karma

hot old broad if you ask me.

Iampossiblyatwork933 karma

laughter "Thats funny"

Lets_play_numberwang761 karma

If you could speak to your 20 year old self now and give yourself one warning or words of advise what would you tell yourself?

Iampossiblyatwork1214 karma

"I would say to go back to school and get my degree in education. I liked that."

dmol729 karma

What was the most shocking event that you lived through.

Iampossiblyatwork1311 karma

"My husband fell off the roof from a ladder and cracked his skull open."

CatMode384 karma

How did that end?

Iampossiblyatwork1214 karma

I'll field that. He died in the hospital. I was 2. I never got to know him. From what I understand he was a great man.

Sloth_speed1180 karma

This was a confusing response if you didn't realize the grandson is answering.

Iampossiblyatwork956 karma

Ive been putting her stuff in quotes to help. Sorry!

reddit_scaresme401 karma

It makes sense if people read the commentary under the title :-)

Iampossiblyatwork383 karma

I'm trying!

drolecherie-7 karma

Your husband died when you were 2?

Iampossiblyatwork10 karma

Grandson speaking. She's asleep! Her stuff is in quotes.

weirdnirvana649 karma

If you could relive any moment of your life, what would it be?

Iampossiblyatwork1635 karma

"My wedding day. We went to Niagara Falls. My Husband proposed to me while we were ice skating. He was lacing up my skates when he popped the question."

Moosed737 karma

How long were you married for? Lacing up your skates to pop the question is adorable.

Iampossiblyatwork1031 karma

"Well it was kind of cute. laughter 1947 we were married. "

Studtastic526 karma

What historical event in your life time had the highest personal impact?

Iampossiblyatwork1136 karma

"The Great Depression. My parents lost their home, their business. My father was in the automobile business. We really had to do without our electrcity. We ate beans and spam. It was really tough. My mother had to go to work. My father didn't have any job. She worked for $12/day in a retail shop. Actually I think it was $12/week. I was only 10 years old, so I don't remember quite everything. My sister was 4 years old and didn't remember that much. My mother passed away during the depression. My sister had to go live with her aunt and uncle and I went to live with my other aunt."

Andromeda321511 karma

Always love these kinds of AMAs- be sure to give your grandma a big hug as thanks from me for doing it! (Oh, and as someone else who has a 90 year old grandma living alone in a multi-story house, please make sure she's got secure hand rails everywhere- at that age you only need to slip once.)

Oh and since I should ask a question in case you come back to this- who was your favorite president? Least favorite?

Iampossiblyatwork794 karma

"I have fallen before. The hospital wasn't used to 80 year old women entering and then leaving the hospital." She got stitches without a wince. She's a tough old bird. She has life alert.

MVB1837278 karma

My grandmother has life alert! I felt weird giving it to her as a gift, but she says it gives her a profound sense of security when my parents aren't around.

(She's 87. She lives with my parents and is still very spry and sharp as a tack, but accidents can still happen.)

Iampossiblyatwork502 karma

She said she rolls over on it while she sleeps....she gets calls from them late at night...I found that mildly humorous.

Iampossiblyatwork634 karma

Also. She said her favorite president was JFK. He was young and had new ideas. A good family and a good catholic. Didn't ask her least favorite...

1541drive154 karma

Ok, can you ask her about her least favorite?

Iampossiblyatwork240 karma

I'll ask at breakfast tomorrow!

Iampossiblyatwork89 karma

"Nixon. I didn't like his attitude."

Aliciapash457 karma

What was the best decade in your opinion? Could be because of what the world was like at the time or just because of what was going on in your life

Iampossiblyatwork1237 karma

"1970s. All of my children were out of the house and starting their own lives. It was like taking a deep breath of fresh air."

jixwest436 karma

In your opinion, which invention or discovery has been the most impressive in your life time?

Iampossiblyatwork1072 karma

"The television. It wasn't in every room and was only in black and white. I'm still a radio person because I can't stand all of the ads. They drive me crazy."

yourmindsdecide423 karma

This AMA really puts a smile on my lips. Hearing elder people talk about their lives is always interesting because they lived through so much more than I (16) did.

I don't really have a question, so, uh, what's your favorite candy bar?

Iampossiblyatwork652 karma

"Milky Way. That was easy!"

venusgrace11415 karma

You have lived an amazing life and seem like an amazing woman! What life advice do you have for a young woman just starting life and going to college?

Iampossiblyatwork945 karma

"Be sure to finish! There's so much partying...Make sure you study hard."

frankduxvandamme370 karma

How have your feelings towards death and dying changed as you've gotten older?

Iampossiblyatwork1044 karma

"Well...umm...uhhh...It's ultimate. It's going to be. We're born and we're going to die. You have to live on and you're going to die. Older people you can accept, but when you read about young people dying that's sad. I worked in a nursing home. I never liked working on pediatrics. I would go in a beautiful sunny afternoon and see all those babies tied down getting intravenouses, crying and seeing their mother's and father's miserable. I couldn't take that. The old people, it's better to get it over with, but the young people...no."

cyale4356 karma

Wow, you don't look a day over 70! Grandson, please give grandma a hug, I sure miss mine!

Iampossiblyatwork480 karma

Hug delivered.

sprizzo313 karma

Would you like your loving grandson to move in and give you some company?

Iampossiblyatwork499 karma

I laughed..."It would be tough on him because I couldn't do your wash or cook." She says I could live in but I'd be on my own....haha

djfromhell274 karma

Any advice ?

Iampossiblyatwork1126 karma

"Enjoy each day and do you what you want to, because life is short. Stern look I mean that."

Spriangle242 karma

Favourite type of cheese?

Iampossiblyatwork570 karma

"I don't like cheese."

14364337833213 karma

I work in a nursing home for people with the Alzheimer disease, have you ever "lost" friends to this? As in they didnĀ“t remembered you?

Iampossiblyatwork411 karma

My daughter's mother in law had it. It was very sad. She was out of it...she would get into the bathtub with her watch on. I never visit some of the people I know...because its tiring and they don't know who I am anymore."

kakskiv207 karma

I remember once talking with my grandmother about how gay people where treated when she was young, and the stigmas back then compared to the level of acceptance today. I guess this is one of the big social changes during your lifespan.

The way it came up was that we were visiting here at a home in her little town in the mountains and I commented on an old lady with a really bad posture, and my grandmother told me the lady had always walked like that, with a slightly crouched back - because she didn't want her breasts to show, she wished she was a man. I found it quite sad.

Do you remember how you felt about stuff like this, and has it changed? Do you remember anything about how gay people were treated when you were young?

I'm not gay myself, and noone in my family is (at least that I know of), I just find it interesting.

Iampossiblyatwork470 karma

"I didn't think anything of them. They worked in the army. Do your job. I still dont think any differently of them. They are people. If that makes you happy fine. That's your life. I think everyone needs a father. That's just me. That's my belief."

CLOtography207 karma

Hello from Scotland! What a lovely AMA.

Have you ever been to Scotland, and where is somewhere you haven't travelled to yet but would love to?

Oh, and happy thanks giving from across the pond!

Iampossiblyatwork247 karma

She is busy! She had never been to Ireland until about a decade ago. My family took her out there to visit her family's home town. She loved it. Sorry for intervening!

jackcreambun98 karma

Tell her I said hello from Ireland!

Iampossiblyatwork138 karma

Our family is from county mayo!

red--king33 karma

WESTSIDE representin'.

Where in mayo?

Iampossiblyatwork44 karma

We dont know the actual town...sorry. All over the county.

Aussierotica202 karma

Firstly, I want to say keep on going with your independent life-style. I have relatives into their 90s, and they're quite happily living the independent lifestyle.

Is there a specific event or reason tying you to your house? Have you had well-meaning relatives or carers try to move you into a smaller / single-story residence?

Iampossiblyatwork335 karma

"Yea, there is a particular reason. I like it this way. I don't have the ambition to move! To tell you the truth. It's very lengthy and move to a condo, I would be in the same financial situation I am now. I'd be even steven!"

"No, not really. We've talked about it, but no."

"I have lots of friends around me and they're very helpful to me. So why should I move? They take my garbage to the dump, do my groceries, so why would I move?"

blazeking420189 karma

What decade did you think had the most movement, music wise?

Iampossiblyatwork539 karma

"It wasn't the 90s or 80s. laughter We can eliminate that. I liked the 40s and 50s. I watched the Macy's day parade today and I wonder what Fred Astaire would say today if he saw that dancing. Glen miller and Tommy Dorsey were my favorite. I liked Motown too."

Iampossiblyatwork338 karma

She would like it to be known she also enjoys country music.

NorbitGorbit170 karma

What event or bit of nostalgia do people today make a big deal of that, because you lived through it, wonder what the fuss is about?

For example, was the Great Depression as bad as people today think it is?

Iampossiblyatwork436 karma

"I remember Pearl Harbor, like I remember Kennedy, but I was in training in 1941 and we heard it on the radio that FDR announced the bombing on the radio. We didn't realize what a big deal it was. We heard it on the radio, but we didn't realize that all of friends were all going to war. It wasn't a big deal until we started seeing people getting in line for gas and for food and the next couple of months. Everyone was going in the service. You didn't join. You were drafted. Then it became a big deal. Kids were just getting out of highschool and being drafted. The only ones who didn't go were those who could prove a disability. I oculdn't get into the Navy because of my weight. I had to be over 100 pounds. Some guys couldn't get into the service because of their eyes."

"That's when you saw those pictures of Rosey the Riveter because all those guys disappeared and all of these jobs were vacant. And now when I see these young girls going into the service and leaving their family behind, money?"

Dr-Sommer161 karma

How did you imagine the future when you were younger? Regarding society, technology, etc... is there anything in the world right now that you never saw coming?

Iampossiblyatwork372 karma

"I didn't have time to think about it. I worked two jobs while raising a family."

Splitzle150 karma

What is the best thing you have done for someone in your life?

Iampossiblyatwork370 karma

"The best thing I ever did in my life was bring up my family."

Iampossiblyatwork247 karma

"That was fortunate because I had everyone around me. The depression separated my family, and that was hard. If god let me live long enough with a mother and father and everyone together. I would be very thankful. And he did."

stee_vo148 karma

Do you drink or smoke?

Iampossiblyatwork441 karma

"I did drink. I drank up until I retried from work. I never smoked, I mean I smoked a couple of whiffs...but..." "My drink was a Canadian Club on the rocks."

fumblebee132 karma

How many Grandchildren do you have? And what is your best memory of them?

Iampossiblyatwork212 karma

"7. I went too coopers town with my oldest grand child. He said he didn't understand any of it because he was too young We took him to FAO Schwartz."

IntendoPrinceps102 karma

Just so you know, she's probably referring to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

Iampossiblyatwork150 karma

Oh she was. Sorry. My grandfather...her husband...took my cousin around. We are big baseball people. To me cooperstown is baseball and....maybe ommengang

DrippingI14 karma


Iampossiblyatwork25 karma

3 Philosophers is my jam.

IntendoPrinceps3 karma

Oh, nice. I wasn't sure because I think you got autocorrected to splitting it into two words.

Iampossiblyatwork2 karma

Aye aye sir.

alphajohnx125 karma

Any major challenges to living alone?

Iampossiblyatwork330 karma

"Everything is painful. I have no cartelidge*."

unpaved_roads75 karma

Wow. That must be some intense pain. Sorry to hear you're having to live with that.

Iampossiblyatwork418 karma

One time I came up to visit her. She asked if I wanted breakfast as it was before noon. I said no thank you. She gets me cereal regardless. She goes to open the oven....underneath the counter. At this point, I think she's lost it completely. "Nana, why are the Cheerios in the oven?"...her response,"That's the only place I can reach them." I was happy she wasn't senile, then sad her body limits her lifestyle.

NorbitGorbit116 karma

Grandma drives??

Iampossiblyatwork288 karma

"I didn't learn how to drive until 1955. I do drive. It's tough. I drive locally, never on a highway, never in the evening. I go to the salon and grocery store. I have a lot of good friends that help me if I can't drive."

NorbitGorbit100 karma

What do you think of google's self-driving cars (or idea of self-driving cars in general)

Iampossiblyatwork223 karma

"I don't know. I haven't gotten that far. I hear about them, but it'll be a long time before. If they'd be better than some people drive cars then I suppose it would be better! I'll be long gone by the time that comes around."

littiefirefly100 karma

I love this AMA. If you and your grandma are still around, my question is: Could you tell me about a day in your memory that stands out to you as being the most beautiful in your life?

Iampossiblyatwork134 karma

I think we're all done. Its late and she is very tired. I'm sorry!

walksinthewoods93 karma

Thank you so much for this AMA. Her life is so interesting. I just love reading her answers. You are a fantastic Grandson !!

Iampossiblyatwork140 karma

Trying to convince her to write a book!

unpaved_roads24 karma

You talk to her like this, ask questions, let her talk. Let her tell the stories she wants to tell, too. There's your book.

Edit: eek, I forgot to add to record her. That's the secret. So many digital devices that would do the trick.

Iampossiblyatwork24 karma

We need a better writer...or at the least a stenographer.

Colorblocked87 karma

How are your knees?

Iampossiblyatwork175 karma

"They're okay! Shoulders are bad."

Colorblocked71 karma

My 85 year old mom is reading this with me, her knees would keep her from going from floor to floor, so good you!

Do you have any advice for an otherwise healthy 85 year old?

Iampossiblyatwork103 karma

"I don't. That's very tough. I'm sorry!"

doctechnical80 karma

What's your favorite video game?

Iampossiblyatwork223 karma

"I don't play videos. I watched you [me] playing them long enough that I don't play them."

uebercelsus73 karma

What's the best book that you've ever read?

Iampossiblyatwork200 karma

"I love biographies. I read a lot of maeve binchy. She's dead though."

MySockHurts63 karma

What was your favorite memory from childhood?

Iampossiblyatwork148 karma

"I used to love to go to my grandmother's house. They were very musical and would all tap dance and sing."

Iampossiblyatwork144 karma

She added more later. Apparently her uncles played in a band and would clear the living room floor. Her aunt danced on stage for work and would take her dancing. In her words "that was happy."

IAMAchavwhoknocks60 karma

Hey There! Do you feel, as someone using a relatively new website, that the elderly can easily adapt to new technology thats supposedly ahead of their time?

Iampossiblyatwork202 karma

Sorry! Her grandson (iampossiblyatwork) is typing all of this! "I worry that all this technology is taking away the memory of children. They were talking about the Gettysburg Addresss and this anchor guy walked into a school and they didn't know what it was. They don't use their memory any more because everyone has the computers. I think computers are great for certain aspects, but you need to keep a sharp head. Sometimes, I've gone to the grocery store and gone up to the register and the girl at the register says use the charge card because she doesn't want to count on the change and it's easier for her. I'm a little timid about checking out at the self check outs. I haven't done it yet. I might try it if there's no one behind me."

Redditard24111 karma

I've gone to the grocery store and gone up to the register and the girl at the register says use the charge card because she doesn't want to count on the change and it's easier for her.

Unless you are giving her $100 for a pack of gum, she is lazy

Iampossiblyatwork163 karma

Would not put it past my grandmother....honestly

Mr_Tib58 karma

What would you have done differently?

Iampossiblyatwork115 karma

"I had have to go over everything. Inch by inch. That's a difficult one." I"ve overwhelmed her! We'll take a break!

NoFunHere49 karma

Way late here, but I hope you see this. Thanks for convincing your grandma to do this. I am thinking you have a very special relationship with her to convince her. I hope you treasure her, such an interesting AMA - one of only two AMAs where I read all of her (and your) responses.

Love her and care for her and make sure she understands how many smiles she put on people's faces today!

Iampossiblyatwork29 karma

I will do my best to make sure she reads this :)

FOTBWN48 karma

Do you think that people today would be able to cope with the hardships that were happening during the depression?

Iampossiblyatwork217 karma

"I think people today are going through it still. Those kids in Haiti...ugh.. I feel awful. All that money that goes there. I'm sure it doesn't all reach them."

Lodge_podge39 karma

Have you been living in Fairfield County for the majority/entirety of your life? What has been the biggest change in the area over time if so?

Iampossiblyatwork80 karma

She's done so I'm answering easy ones. She's lived in the same house in darien for several decades...she got kicked out of her old house because they needed to build the turnpike.

Nightbreeze1727 karma

Not to be a downer but are you ever worried that you will pass and nobody will find you for awhile?

Iampossiblyatwork162 karma

"No. I don't worry about that all! That's not the least of my worries! I'm ready! I've done it all, I've seen it all!"

itsmekyle021 karma

I don't think she understood the question. :\

Iampossiblyatwork4 karma

She did. She honestly doesn't care.

PimpBummbleFaggot23 karma

How did you discover Reddit.

Iampossiblyatwork53 karma

Her grandson ;)

Seducist23 karma

Her gym teacher was a pirate! Jealous. :(

Iampossiblyatwork34 karma

Basketball definition. Haha

GotAhGurs21 karma

Thanks so much for this AMA. One of my favorite AMAs of all time. I just lost my grandma earlier this year. Please hug yours for me.

Iampossiblyatwork40 karma

Will hug her more tomorrow... If I respond to all of the hugging requests....I might start to worry her...haha

autumnx20 karma

My grandmother lost her husband and sometimes I wish I could do more for her. More than just keeping her company. Is there anything? Is just sitting and keeping company enough?

Iampossiblyatwork36 karma

I was too young to recall...but my dad tells me that when we visit. Its just the best.

Again. From the grandson. She is asleep....but my phone is lighting up...

fionnt17 karma

what was your favourite drink when you were young?

Iampossiblyatwork59 karma

"Canadian club on the rocks."

NYCmichael2 karma

I too was born in Stamford, CT. What do you think of the area.

Iampossiblyatwork1 karma

She's lived in the area for decades....so...she doesn't hate it! From the grandson...

1minuteman2 karma

do you have any really old jewelry that didnt cost much at the time but is now worth alot? if so what did it cost then and how much is it worth now

Iampossiblyatwork9 karma

"I don't have anything that costs that much."

iamtheonlytruth2 karma

Walter Kennedy the pirate was her gym teacher (I Googled it). That's fucking cool.

Iampossiblyatwork4 karma

Next one down bro

ForgetfulDoryFish2 karma

I was going to ask how you found Reddit, but then I saw that your grandson is doing the typing so I guess that's how. :)

Iampossiblyatwork2 karma

Grandson reporting in...I dont know how to not reddit...

Murphthegurth1 karma

What do you think of the internet and websites like Reddit?

Iampossiblyatwork3 karma

She doesnt have a computer. Grandson....is Iampossiblyatwork

SwedishPrince1 karma

Have you been to Stamford since you moved ? I was born there albeit it was only 20ish years ago but I barely recognize some parts now.

Iampossiblyatwork1 karma

We just ate dinner there at capitol grill. Hahaha

lollipopklan1 karma

Iampossiblyatwork2 karma

Try the other one.. Haha

TheRealMrPopTart1 karma

As of right now, what is the most amazing invention you've seen in your lifetime?

Iampossiblyatwork1 karma

This question was answered. Ctrl f television

asphalt_prince-53 karma

At 90 do you still masturbate?

QuickkBrownFoxx21 karma

How offensive to ask this question via a grandson about his grandma - have some respect!

Iampossiblyatwork3 karma

Thanks man.