Yo - Redditors! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s ME… Diamond Dallas Page aka DDP and I’m comin’ to you L-I-V-E on this AmA thing from 7:45pm - 8:45pm EST! It was here on Reddit that our Arthur Boorman video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448) took flight in May 2012…back then I had no idea what Reddit was…but I do NOW. Today that video passed 10 million views. Ha! I guess Reddit has some serious stroke!

If you got questions for me about that disabled veteran video, my wrestling career, DDP YOGA, or questions about Jake, Scott…whatever…I’m here for the next hour.

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See you in about an hour… BANG!

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ShiningDown109 karma

what inspired you to take Ortons finish as your own? ;)

seriously though, you were one of my favorites growing up as a wrestling fan, what would you say is your favorite match you've had and why?

RealDDP150 karma

First of all, you made me laugh out loud when I read the first part of your question. Kudos to you bro!

I have many favorite matches.

1, becoming the world champion in a 4 way dance with Sting, Hogan and Flair and Savage as the special referee.

The nature boy taking the diamond cutter in the middle of the ring for the win, it proves if you believe in yourself and you work harder than anyone, anything is possible.

2 My feud with Savage - pick a match, they were all phenomenal ... the first one will always be my favorite though. Randy was amazing and laid all his stuff in snug..but so did I. Randy controlled his own booking just like Hulk, so for Randy Savage to put me over in the middle with the Diamond Cutter in 1997, it made me not only a top guy, but a main event PPV draw, which was mind boggling to me at the time. I'm very thankful for everything he did for me. If you want to see a great tribute look it up on my YouTube channel under DDP's Savage Tribute.

savagepirate62 karma

is it wrong that my friends and i still say "Self high five" every time smells like teen spirit comes on?

RealDDP110 karma

No, that's about right bro

Gelatinous_Queef51 karma

Ready to Rumble is one of my favorite movies. Do you have any good behind the scene stories?

RealDDP86 karma

Oliver Platt, who played Jimmy King HATED that we called his suit the fat suit... the one that Kanyon wore while doing all the stunts.

Kanyon was 240 and Jimmy King was 300 EASY.

Also, when the boys came off on the 4 corner splash and while they were kicking Jimmy King they were laying it in pretty stiff. Let's call it a welcome to the business to the "fake" actor. Ha ha!

NotPerfection48 karma

As someone who has struggled with working out and a slue of health problems, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your yoga program. Your help through my weight loss journey thus far has been invaluable. I'm on the intermediate week 12 and I feel awesome and am down 30+ pounds since starting... I rant and rave about your program to anyone who'll listen! So that being said:

Big Rob on the "Diamond Cutter" can do almost a flawless side plank 4. Any advice to get there? :)

RealDDP68 karma

First of all thank you so much for your comment and I'm really proud of you. By the way, it's DDP YOGA monkey, not just yoga. As far as the side plank, all I can tell you is that repetition is the mother of learning. The more you do something, especially in the workout, the more strength you will build and the more you will own it. Update me on your progress bro, over at TeamDDPYOGA or on facebook.

johnnynoname1245 karma


Whenever you are in a gym or a mall or just flipping between stations on your car radio and "Smells like Teen Spirit" starts to come on do you have some sort of knee jerk reaction?

RealDDP78 karma

Ha! ha! Ha! You made me LOL again... here's a great story about that song. I was on MTV as a guest, right after Dave Groll and the blond haired dude were interviewed then I came out. I talked about the PPV I had coming up and my buddies from Stuck Mojo.. the lead guitar player Rich who also is partners with Jericho with Fozzy, this was a huge break for Stuck Mojo. Toward the end of the interview, Raven came out of nowhere behind me on the couch and hit me with a stop sign over the head. I'm not talking about one of those big ass stop signs that don't hurt, I'm talking about one that was half the size and hard as hell. When he hit me on head it startled Groll so badly he jumped in the blonde guys lap. Raven came out and DDTed me through the table. Later, we all watched the footage, including Raven. We all laughed hysterically including Dave Groll as he jumped out of his seat onto his buddy's lap. They never said a thing about using their song.

I loved that song as my entrance music and thought it defined an era in time. One of the smartest things I did was have Jimmy Hart retool that so it was off by just one note. When I hear that song today it brings back great memories... how could it not?!

SNESdrunk39 karma


RealDDP166 karma

I found out the night of the PPV. Nash and Hogan were actually booking then. Hulk was more behind the scenes but behind everything. They pulled me into the booking office and told me. I don't think it sank in right away because I didn't really sell it. The way I remember it...they told me and said we'll talk about it later. What really sticks out in my mind was after the match...after Rick took my finish and I actually had the world title in my hands, I walked into our dressing room, and Hulk was sitting there. His knee braces on the ground... he had actually booked me putting him out of the match with Bret Hart's infamous figure 4 on the turnbuckle post, so we could set up an angle down the road when he came back. When I walked through the door I'll never forget Hulk looking up at me...and he said something like... "This is the way our business is supposed to be. That someone like you could work so hard that you silence the critics and skeptics and could raise yourself to the level of main event world champion."

It choked me up so much I'm sure a tear or two came down, and he gave me a hug and said I'm proud of ya. Now that was a moment.

CDRAGZZ30 karma

How do you feel about your time in the WWE, and was a match vs The Rock ever teased as a People's Champ vs. People's Champ match?

RealDDP64 karma

Had that idea 2 years before it ever could have come to fruition. I blame myself for dropping the ball there... I knew 2 years earlier that THAT was my destiny and I let myself get talked into that stupid stalker angle... HAHA I don't make any mistakes like that anymore.

NatureBoy9228 karma

Is Jake Roberts really planning a Royal Rumble return?

RealDDP63 karma

I know Jake would like to return at the Royal Rumble, but no one will have any idea if that will really happen until the WWE says so. Jake would of course love it...and so would I - but the word has to come from the top. Plus the WWE doesn't like to reveal the entrants ahead of time...

I think he would blow the roof off the ceiling if he did. I hope the stars all align.

magicmalek27 karma

How did it feel transforming that man from diagnosed as unable to walk by PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL DOCTORS to running down the street? Was it just yoga? Can you please enlighten those who have no idea what am I talking about/haven't seen the inspiring video?

RealDDP62 karma

First of all... If someone has not seen the video - GO WATCH IT! www.bitly.com/arthurb - if that doesn't inspire you I don't know what will!

I've always been a guy who followed the path less traveled, and I'm pretty accustomed to people saying things can't be done. Even though I respect what doctors have to say, I don't like the words "never" or "can't" -- so anyone who ever is in a situation when they are told something's impossible is simply a challenge to prove them wrong. I never really knew if Arthur would be able to walk again, but I'll be honest that it was humbling to think that I played any part in his incredible transformation.

Arthur is living proof that you should never say never, and that hard work and believing in yourself can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

mad_hattter24 karma

How did you get involved in The Devil's Rejects?

RealDDP55 karma

I met Rob Zombie buying Christmas trees... we started talking and exchanged numbers. He was turning 40 and was concerned about his physique... I started talking about YRG which has become DDP YOGA, but back then it was YRG, and when he asked me what it meant ("Yoga for Regular Guys"), he said, "YOU DO YOGA?"

And I commented, "well not exactly". I told him I was writing the book and doing the workout 6 days a week if he wanted to try it out... I was willing to come to his house and do it with him. We only lived a mile apart. 4 Weeks later, Rob's body was beginning to change dramatically, I had him organic juicing which he still does today... and he offered me a part in the Devils Rejects that he had personally written for me. Rob actually wrote the forward to my book Yoga For Regular Guys... The first line says "Yoga...Give me an F'n Break" - then goes went on to put the program over huge.

the_EVblast22 karma

how's jake roberts and scott hall's progrees with DDP yoga coming along?

RealDDP40 karma

Jake's been under the weather as of late, but I look for him to have a strong comeback very soon. He's been working hard at so many aspects of his life, and I'm so proud of him. It's not just about the workout for him or Scott... there's so much more to their progress than just DDP YOGA, so I sometimes just back off until their hectic schedules settle down.

Scott came in today after being on the road in the UK and Maryland and we had a great workout together. Jake stopped over and was sick, but I know he'll come in for a workout as soon as he's feeling better.

Both are doing amazing with each workout and are surprised each time they are able to push themselves farther than the last time. It just goes to show you that ANYONE can decide to change their lives and it's never too late. If you really look at it, just go back a year in time and look where they were and look where they are today... two words say it all... MIND BOGGLING! :D

inmynothing18 karma

Also, were you disappointed with your WWE run? You should've been headlining, man!

RealDDP37 karma

Of course I was...look at where I came from! I learned a valuable life lesson from my experience during that transition... I didn't stand my ground when it came to the stalker angle, and I learned that you have to take control over your own destiny and there are times in life when you have to walk away from the table.

It's hard to say though because sometimes these types of events happen for a reason and maybe it was just preparing me for future decisions in my life.

SNESdrunk18 karma


RealDDP40 karma

Not really. I give each and every one of the boys the program if they want it. Pretty much anybody knows that. I was just at the WWE performance center last week where we got kick ass reviews and all 71 of the boys and gals left with the program.

I try to give back wherever possible.

Mildly-Amusing9 karma

What was it like working with the various celebrity talents WCW brought in (Jay Leno, Karl Malone, David Arquette, etc.)?

How did you feel when you first heard about Randy Orton using the Cutter?

Also I want to thank you for getting me into wrestling in the first place. The stuff with you and Kanyon was one of my favourite things about WCW, so thanks. :D

RealDDP35 karma

I enjoyed working with all the celebs because it made the matches more challenging and gave us more crossover appeal. Working with them is one of the reasons why the Diamond Dallas Page brand is known around the world and I'm grateful for that. I recently just got back in touch with Karl Malone.

As far as Randy using the cutter... aka the RKO... I love it.

Chiphai8 karma


RealDDP17 karma

You'd have to tell me who that musketeer was bro

johnnynoname128 karma

Also I know you and Marc Mero are still friends but have the both of you ever discussed how RIDICULOUSLY similar your lives are? I'd list similarities but sadly there isn't enough bandwidth on the intranets

RealDDP17 karma

Anytime I'm compared to Marc Mero in his wrestling afterlife, I consider it a HUGE compliment. I think Marc Mero will be the next Joel Osteen, I called that 3 years ago. Marc is changing lives on a major level and his talk is as good as anyone out there today... maybe better than anyone out there today. As far as my matches with Marc, that was the early signs of what was about to come for my wrestling career... because those matches on the PPVs were filled with drama, reality driven spots, and a lot of action. Go watch one if you've never seen me and Marc Mero wrestle...for two guys who didn't really know what they were doing, we did pretty good!

dmx2k17 karma

Hmm can you shine more light on this? I don't think I heard much about marc after he left.

RealDDP16 karma

Marc spends most of his time traveling across the country to middle schools and high schools discussing bullying getting kids to make the right choices...check it out at www.championofchoices.org - I've been to several of his talks and there's never a dry eye in the room!

Kaiju-6 karma

Hey Man I loved watching you when the monday night wars were on Fantastic era for wrestling.

Did Jake Roberts or Scott Hall rach out to you personally to help guide them into a healthier living?

Also did you know Rick Rude personally as a friend or was he an aquaintance at all ?

If he was a friend what kind of guy was he ? There is never alot of talk about him and he was one of the best wrestlers imo.

RealDDP16 karma

I was fortunate enough to ride with Rick quite a bit, when he came into the WCW. I was a sponge trying to learn whatever I could and he had no problem sharing the business with me... as long as I drove, which is really crazy considering most guys would never let me take the wheel (Austin, Nash, Michael Hayes, Big Show... all considered me the worst wheel man in the business.) Ha!

be_fake4 karma

Hello, DDP! You were my absolute favorite wrestler growing up and it's an honor and a privilege to interact with you here on reddit. LOVE DDP Yoga, BTW. It makes you so flexible and is fun to do. Recommend it to anyone.

Anyway, I have a few questions I've been curious about for years, hope you can answer some:

  1. In 2001, it was alleged that Kimberly Page found an illegal substance in a locker room, then told management that it belonged to Tammy Sytch (Sunny). Management confronted Tammy and she flat out denied it and offered to take a piss test. She passed. Scott Steiner found out and chased Kimberly out of the building and she never appeared on TV again. Then apparently you tried starting something at the next taping where Scott shooted on TV and that provoked a fight. Any truth to this?

  2. Firebreaker Chip was apparently mad because he thought you tried to take advantage of him during a match? And you hooked him in a front face lock, and had to be pulled off? That true?

  3. Around 2001, Scott Steiner said some trash about you and your wife in the ring. Backstage, you jumped Steiner and a bunch of wrestlers had to pull you apart? Did that happen?

  4. According to some, you and Eric Bischoff held swingers parties from time to time, and a title run may have come out of that? Is there any truth to that?

Thanks a lot and to everyone please check out DDP Yoga, it's really fantastic.

RealDDP20 karma

I don't remember anything happening the way you heard. What I've always found is there's your version, there's their version, and then there's what really happened.

I think it's awesome that you love the workout...have you ever joined TeamDDPYOGA?