I'm a comedian with an album that just came out today. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-girlfriends-boyfriend/id740481163 If you guys like the album/special write a user review on iTunes or amazon.

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betterdustinthewind324 karma

Aww sweet an AMA!

.... wait who's our celebrity?

birbigs275 karma

hahahaha. point taken, nerd.

ColorblindChameleon113 karma

Hey, isn't your brother Joey Bag O'Donuts!

birbigs109 karma


CaptchaTheFlag68 karma

Seriously, how much can Joe Bags drink???

birbigs129 karma

so much.

notsperrys81 karma

When I saw this picture, I lost my mind. You and John Mulaney are my two current favorites.
My question is what comedians do you think deserve more attention?

birbigs104 karma

there are so many. i mean...here are some i love: maria bamford, doug stanhope, kathleen madigan, jake johansen, michael che, pete holmes...

itsdavi37 karma

Ahh, Pete Holmes! Your episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes was my favorite.

birbigs72 karma

I LOVE PETEY. i leave him insane voicemail messages about once a week usually in a character. Characters welcome.

CalebTheWinner22 karma

Jake Johansen's special on netflix is hilarious.

birbigs26 karma

totally agree. jake is brilliant.

TheStuart19 karma

What do you think of Kyle Kinane?

birbigs30 karma

i like kyle a lot. we both did sasquatch fest this year, which was a blast. my fave rock fest.

cardinals199615 karma

I thought BirBigs and Mulaney were the same person.

birbigs45 karma

we are the same person. have you ever seen us together aside from this obviously photoshopped picture?

moldycookies64 karma

Hey Mike, you are one of my all-time favorite comedians. I may or may not have watched My Girlfriend's Boyfriend on Netflix everyday this past week. In any case, I know you said in the special you weren't a fan of Texas, but we are fans of you. Any chance you'll swing by this big ol' state on your upcoming tour? Specifically Dallas, but for you I'd be willing to take a road trip. I can definitely promise there will not be a Scrambler or carnival salsa present. But I will bring you Dunkino Donutos on the house-o.

birbigs65 karma

i kid texas because i love PARTS OF texas. i will be coming to houston, dallas and austin FOR SURE. just stayed tuned with my my twitter and facebook. twitter.com/birbigs and Facebook.com/birbigfans

moldycookies31 karma

This is awesome. And also, as a native Texan, I love PARTS of Texas too. Sometimes.

birbigs43 karma

me too. SOMETIMES.

birbigs85 karma

If they put the REAL me in and not THE FAKE ME, then yes.

simonsays12319 karma

Oh man, story about that! This Sunday I made an unprompted Twitter observation about how Matt Flynn wearing his helmet looks a lot like @birbigs. 2 hours later, @birbigs favorited, then retweeted it to his 300,000+ awesome followers. MIND BLOWN. My best tweet ever. I ran around the house and told everyone I know. My feed was blowing up with RTs, favorites, and new followers. And then, within about 30 minutes, @birbigs undid the RT/favorite and posted his own related joke since he apparently gets this a lot: "Guys, I have something to tell you. I am actually quarterback Matt Flynn." Sure, I got my 15 minutes of internet "fame", but to be honest, it was a bit of a letdown.

pfelon11 karma

I first noticed this Sunday but after some Googling it turns out it's an observation that's been around for years. And celeb retweets just lead to tons of spam, so you may have ended up dodging a bullet there.

birbigs27 karma

people tell me this CONSTANTLY. also, i've been told i look like a cross between matt damon and bill o'reilly.

warholica11 karma

Aw man, you shouldn't undo a RT after you riffed on it, though! Netiquette!

birbigs9 karma

ha. i'm telling you people tell me that constantly. i probably got 5 tweets saying the same thing that day. :)

dubu258453 karma

hey mike, was that story really true?

birbigs91 karma

i am asked this 75 times per week.

spacegirl_370 karma

Was it?

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birbigs48 karma

You guys, I'm about to hop off this and keep writing my new "Thank God For Jokes" material. Come see me out on tour http://www.birbigs.com/tourdates. i've posted 30 cities (but it'll end up being 80 i think. don't worry, texas!!!)

And if you have a moment, post a user review of the My Girlfriend's Boyfriend CD or DVD on itunes or amazon or netflix. I seriously owe so much to you guys for supporting these very specific type of comedy shows i am so lucky to get to make. and i SO appreciate your telling a friend or the internet or a friend on the internet that you like it so i can keep doing it. started from the bottom now we here. love u guys. -mike

Swiftapple48 karma

If you had a rapper name what would it be?

birbigs235 karma


mattisafriend27 karma

Hey Mike, you and Ira gonna make another movie? My Girlfriend's Boyfriend maybe?

birbigs44 karma

i hope so, yeah. i'm working on a couple of possible pieces for this american life right now and i'm writing a movie script that ira may or may not produce depending on whether he's into it. but yeah, i loved working with ira. he's a brilliant guy and a great person. one of the best i've met and i've met roger clemens. (bad example)

birbigs9 karma

hopefully!! working on a script.

popcorny2727 karma

What was it like filming "The Fault in Our Stars"?

birbigs33 karma

oh man, what a dream come true. sheileen woodleigh is one of my favorite actresses, so that was a thrill. such an absolute pro. nat and ansel were so good too and i got to hang with the novelist john green on set. plus, it was in pittsburgh so i got to see the pirates reds playoff game. it was just a great trip. i can't wait to see the movie.

misterbuckets26 karma

No question...just a big fan. Could you pass the Sun Chips, cracka?

birbigs35 karma

sure. they'll be right over.

DoubleSuited21 karma

Obligatory "you're hilarious," which you are. I drive by the Walla Walla La Quinta Inn whenever I drive home to Idaho and get a good chuckle.

Question: How are you and Marc Maron getting along these days? Love your appearances on WTF!, and really enjoyed the recent podcast with Todd Barry.

birbigs18 karma

i love marc. i listen to WTF religiously. he and i talk probably every few months maybe?

molemon20 karma

When are you going to patent the Pizza Pillow?

birbigs66 karma

you can't own the pizza pillow the same you way you can't own rainbows.

nejenomalas16 karma

Hey Mike, my husband and I don't always have the same taste in comedy, but My Girlfriend's Boyfriend has bridged that divide. I imagine this is the case for many couples who have watched this show. We bought tickets to your upcoming Valentine's Day show up here in Boston - he knows the way to my heart.

I was wondering, if you had to give a tag line to your upcoming tour, what would it be? What is the theme running throughout the show?

So excited to see you live and grateful to have your comedy in my life. Take care!

birbigs18 karma

This is the sweetest question and comment. Thank God for Jokes birbigs.com/tourdates is all about jokes and what they mean to me and how they can get you in trouble but ultimately how they can make you feel closer to people. Mostly the show is just 90 minutes of all new funny stories but the arc of the show is definitely in process right now.

so-high-o13 karma

Roast Beef or Corned Beef?

birbigs21 karma


youngboldstupid12 karma

When you jumped out of the window, did you wake up midfall?

birbigs26 karma

i woke up after i landed. i say this on the CD actually. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sleepwalk-with-me-live/id429815013

but basically i jumped through the window, landed, got up, kept running (still in the dream) and THEN realized where i was.

in walla walla, WA.

jamesiscoolbeans12 karma

Do you go back to Shrewsbury often?

Has Ira Glass ever been to Shrewsbury?

What is your favorite pizza place in Shrewsbury?

birbigs17 karma

  1. not too often. my parents moved to the cape when i was in high school.

  2. i don't know, but i don't THINK so.

  3. village pizza= best sauce. shrewsbury pizza= best cheese. dean park pizza = best crust, also wildcard award for being unusual.

rozanund12 karma

Are there any comedians active today that you think, had they been active at the time, would have influenced you when you were younger?

birbigs29 karma

sure yeah. todd glass. jake johansen. brian regan. kathleen madigan. mitch hedberg. bill cosby- who also has an album out today!

doinnothin11 karma

If I made you a pizza pillow would you eat it?

birbigs15 karma

i no longer eat pillows.

voluptuous_axolotl11 karma

Hi Mike! Thanks for doing this AMA and for being constantly insightful, funny, and relatable. You are, by far, my favorite comedian and “celebrity”.

3 questions for you:

  1. You just posted a video of a proposal at a recent show. How did this come to be?

  2. I’m told by my sources (Wikipedia) that “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” will be made into a movie, but instead of the main character being a comedian, he will be a journalist, and it will not be entirely autobiographical. Why did you choose to take it in this direction, as opposed to the direction you took with “Sleepwalk with Me”?

  3. Ever hear anything from LAPD or that particular officer since you went very, very public with that debacle?

Thanks, Mr. Gabigirboo!

mayordomo8 karma

Very interested in the answer to #3!

birbigs25 karma

ok ill answer #3.


i don't think the LAPD calls people too often. also, i gave everyone fake names and everything so hopefully there's isn't an ACTUAL officer timpson who's like, "Dammit that's not me!!!"

cobblehillis11 karma

Hi, Mike. Long time listener, first time caller. Are there any types of personal story that you wouldn't ever talk about in your work, whether they be too intimate, provocative, or litigatious?

birbigs13 karma

absolutely. all the autobiographical writers i'm fans of are admitting a picture of themselves but it's never fully themselves. you have to edit. you have to choose. otherwise it's just a reality show and that's just boring. as a writer you're building a narrative out of your own life experiences to build to an arc. but you have to choose what those stories are.

stayorleave2710 karma

Hey Mike! Remember that time we were all blurry together? Apparently I don't, since my eyes were closed.

Anyway I'm a fellow Hoya and haven't heard you talk about the Hilltop too much. How did you enjoy your years at Georgetown?

birbigs7 karma

i love georgetown. i go back at last once a year. i actually workshopped my girlfriend's boyfriend there at the new gonda theater. beautiful theater.

jbaugues8 karma

What do your parents think of your success in comedy?

Is your dad proud of you yet?

birbigs31 karma

ha. i think so. i've worn them down after about 12 years of this. i did a show in cape cod a few years ago where they live and all of their friends came and they really liked it. it was one of the happiest nights of my life.

GrumpyHour8 karma

Hey Mike! I’ve been a tremendous fan of all the stuff you’ve done in the past few years: the movie, the book, the 2 Fresh 2 Furious Short, all the podcast interviews, and now this album (if I recall correctly, the show I attended in Seattle this spring was where you recorded it). Your material has resonated with me more than any other comedian’s and I would even go so far as to say that your book gave me a much-needed boost of positivity during some tough times last year.

Two questions:

1) For your upcoming tour, should I stick with the tickets I bought for Portland or do you intend to visit Seattle later in the year with the same material?

2) Will we ever somehow get to see the pilot you shot for CBS? That cast list looks incredible.

birbigs19 karma

PRE-ANSWER: thanks!!! that means so much to me.

  1. Seattle will be on the tour. HOPEFULLY for a week next Fall but we'll see what's available. obviously i love seattle, shot the special there, my DP Ben Kasulke is from there, etc.

  2. No.

getmymusic8 karma

that was blunt

birbigs42 karma

i meant it a little bit as a joke but also not really. it wasn't my best moment artistically because there were too many chefs in the kitchen and it ended up feeling like someone else's show that my body was just IN. i'm so glad it didn't get picked up a series. because it didn't get picked up i was able to make all of these specials and albums and my movie!!

Roy_SPider7 karma

Last year you had a show scheduled for Green Bay in March. I bought tickets immediately and got really excited. I even planned to tailgate the event with some friends. One day my money was returned and the show was off with no explanation. What Happened?

birbigs18 karma

honestly i think that show just didn't catch on there. sometimes that happens. you announce a tour and for whatever reason 1 town just doesn't sell a lot of tickets and you have to cancel or else a lot of people involved with the theater will lose money. fortunately that hasn't happened with my new tour. i have 27 new dates here. birbigs.com/tourdates maybe u could come to the milwaukee date? that one is gonna be amazing. i love the pabst.

CaptchaTheFlag4 karma

Hi Mike! Just wanted to say your Sleepwalk With Me Live album is my favorite comedy record ever and you’re my favorite comedian. Can’t wait to see you in Boston this February!

Have you had any other sleepwalking adventures since then? Or do you still sleep in that sleeping bag while wearing mittens?

birbigs10 karma

i actually still sleep in a sleeping bad, take medication, but DO NOT still wear the mittens. that would be ridiculous. :)

jolly_holiday3 karma

Hi, Mike!

Very excited you're doing this.

I'm trying to find an interview that you did with Ira Glass promoting Sleepwalk with Me and I'm pretty sure it's this Filmmakers at Google one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilSyu6OskVw

In it, you do an impression of Ira, and he looks visibly annoyed. Did you guys ever get kind of sick of each other after doing all the movie promotion? Would you say you two have a friendly, non-working relationship?

birbigs3 karma

hahaha. is he annoyed?! really?! he's seen me do that before. we are close friends. i love ira. just a great person and a great mentor. he's taught me so much.

Poetics173 karma

Hi Mike, I saw you in Portland a few years ago and it was a great show! Also, I love the work you've done with This American Life. The story about making out made my dad laugh harder than I've ever seen him laugh so thanks for that. I really enjoy your particular form of stand-up. When did you decide to focus on long-form narrative comedy rather than short set-ups followed by punchlines? Thanks!

birbigs5 karma

a lot of it had to do with The Moth. do you know that show/podcast/radio show? they were the first people to ask me to tell a story on stage and i just loved it and kept doing it.

birbigs5 karma

i think it's themoth.org

birbigs6 karma