Mike Birbiglia

starred in three Comedy Central specials and has released three albums with Comedy Central Records: Two Drink Mike (2006), My Secret Public Journal Live (2007), and Sleepwalk With Me Live (2011)

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Tosh would destroy me. Also, because 15 frat guys would see him beating me up and join in.

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hahaahahaahha. this is great. if you don't get this, look up the track "celebrity golf" on "My secret public journal live." it's free on spotify or expensive on itunes.

birbigs1425 karma

i'm trying to do a collab with Beyonce but she won't return my shouting at her in parking lots.

birbigs1110 karma

thanks, but you really missed the point of this whole thing.

birbigs1008 karma

That I'm American? I have a birth certificate and a letter from St. Mary's school in Shrewsbury that says that I was "Author of the Month" in 3rd grade.

birbigs985 karma

yeah! how do we do that?! i don't know how the hell this things works!

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Ira Glass smells like tote bags.

And yes, I love him. He's a mentor and friend and I learn so much from him whenever we work together.

He says I tricked him into making the film. this is a hilarious vid about how he never should have produced the film.


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what other podcasts should i try to go on? can i ask YOU questions?!

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I like both but POTUS is more fun because I get to ride in crazy ass helicopters.

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he's good! he's coming to indianapolis with me this Friday. we're doing some Q and As there. The real question is, "how much can joe bags drink?"