I’ll be here for an hour starting at 2:30p CT to answer your questions. As a three-time cancer survivor, I’m particularly excited to share our new website, Cancer Hacks. This is a crowdsourced platform that compiles tips and tricks from cancer survivors on how to make the daily battle against cancer more manageable. Please, take a moment to visit the site and contribute if you can!


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lula248863 karma

How has the fallout of Lance Armstrong doping affected Livestrong's reputation?


It's had a huge impact on the organization. Fundraising has been challenging as you can imagine, but it's brought the team together. We remain entirely focused on serving the needs of people affected by cancer.

lula248811 karma

Is there/What has been the plan moving forward from the scandal?


The plan is to stay focused on cancer patients and their needs. We plan to stay relevant by serving more people in innovative ways. Ironically, while fundraising has been challenging, we've been able to serve more people this year than ever before. Stay tuned for an exciting new things in 2014.

Sloppy_Episiotomy30 karma

Do you make a slap version of your bracelet?


Great idea. My daughter would love it.


Thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions. I love the format and so appreciate the thoughtful questions and those of you who shared your personal stories. I hope no one underestimates the value and impact that sharing our cancer experiences has on others. Hopefully this is just the beginning of an ongoing dialogue. I would humbly request one favor: the next time someone you know is facing a cancer diagnosis, please send them our way so that we can offer them our free cancer support services: www.livestrong.org.

Thenervemann7 karma

My brother just go over cancer and all i can say is that what you are doing, it is unappreciated by most. Thanks for your work.


So glad to hear your brother is doing great. Thanks so much for your kind comment. If you want, we would love for you to share any knowledge you gained through your experience on Cancer Hacks. Best wishes for continued health!

VivaBeavis7 karma

I never really understood the yellow bracelets when they first came out. I didn't know what they represented. Once I was diagnosed with leukemia, I have been wearing the bracelet, and it really does impact me every day. It's a constant reminder for to keep pushing through the treatments, not be a victim of this disease, and to live fucking strong every minute I have. I was late to the game to get much help from your organization, but learning what you do for others is great, so thank you for all you do.

Will there ever be an updated version of the bracelet? I would be interested in a higher quality version.


Congratulations on your survivorship. I feel the exact same way when I look at my wristband every single day. You embody the LIVESTRONG community. Stay well and stay in touch.

Lati47 karma

No question. Just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to everyone who has suffered from cancer. Thank you for everything that you do.


Wow that's humbling and I so appreciate it.

prastell6 karma

You've been at the LIVESTRONG Foundation for more than 10 years and the cancer landscape has changed quite a bit in that time. What is the foundation doing to stay relevant in this space? Do you feel like the Foundation has ever lost its way?


The landscape has changed a ton. Survivor advocacy continues to grow. In order for the Foundation to stay relevant, we need to keep cancer survivors at the center of everything we do. There have been times where we have lost focus over the last 10 years as we grew quickly and tried to tackle too many things. But moving forward, we will be more disciplined.

CitizenSam5 karma

Did you ever consider changing the name of the company after the scandal?


Yes it was discussed. The truth is the name LIVESTRONG came from focus groups and many conversations with cancer survivors 11+ years ago and it still resonates with millions of people around the world.

amurphy74 karma

For my Public Relations Research and Case Studies class, we decided to feature Livestrong and how you guys handled the whole Lance Armstrong situation. I was even able to get in contact with a few people over there at the organization who provided us very valuable information.

I like that you guys didn't shy away from the fact that he was such an integral part of the organization, as his name was in the title.

What we found most inspiring was that you guys decided discuss it head on, and immediately went into crisis management mode.

From a PR standpoint, I feel that you guys did well with what all you were given.

Sooo yea, not a question, more like, good job!


Your post means more than you know. The most important thing I've learned through this process is that being transparent is key both internally and externally. Let me know if I can ever be helpful going forward.

MickFromAFarLand4 karma

Where, specifically, does money raised for cancer research go? Are the studies performed with donated funds made public? Or are we supporting individual private research firms in their profitable race to the cure?


The research enterprise is complicated with many funders, including government, pharma and non-profits. I feel strongly that the research community should be even more transparent so that patients and their families understand the options that are available and the results of the studies. We've chosen to focus on the practical, emotional and financial challenges of people affected by cancer.

HuStone3 karma



Absolutely. I'm sitting next to one right now and I'd never turn my back on Chris or any other TC survivor.

corgonin2 karma

What is your daily ritual like?


I wake up at around 5 and workout, take my daughter to school and head to work. After work I like to have dinner with my family. Repeat.

db2192 karma

What are the biggest issues facing Cancer Survivors today, and how does Livestrong step in to address them?


I hear from people every day who are facing practical, emotional and financial barriers. Each experience is different. Our aim is to work one on one to understand and solve the issues that survivors are dealing with. We continually survey thousands of survivors to understand their current needs.

theworldgotme2 karma



I think cancer research is absolutely critical. We advocate at the state, federal and international level constantly for increased funding for research programs. That said, I think our focus on serving the needs of patients today is the greatest impact our organization can have in the cancer community. We will continue to serve people's needs today and advocate strongly for cancer research that will benefit all in the future.

Tlalex682 karma

I was just dx'ed with lung cancer. I am 45 non smoker. What can livestrong do to help raise awareness that Lc is not only a smokers disease.


Thanks for sharing your personal situation. Please call, email, etc., if I or we can do anything at all to help you through your journey. By sharing your story so publicly, you will raise awareness and reshape the stigma associated with lung cancer. Rest assured, the entire LIVESTRONG Foundation is here to help you in any way.

SpicyMcHaggis6662 karma

I had a friend who was DX'd with cancer several years ago and did not have health insurance. I told him about Livestrong, but he never sought help until after it was too late.

I know that LiveStrong helps people obtain insurance or get other help, but how has Obamacare changed that now that you can't be denied for pre-existing conditions?


So sorry to hear about your friend's experience. One of my biggest frustrations is our frequent inability to reach people at the exact time when they have a significant need. ACA removes many of the traditional barriers that patients faced and I am proud that we can help many people with their insurance needs. ACA is so polarizing, but it is incredibly valuable to millions of cancer survivors.

reidoo2 karma

With the Prop 15 in 2007, you guys started to get involved in public policy. Do you have any plans for similar efforts in other states? Do you have any plans to engage federal lawmakers?


Prop 15 was a huge success. Unfortunately, we lost a very close ballot initiative in California last year, but we are constantly looking for high-leverage opportunities in the advocacy arena.

MoBroGarone2 karma

Doug - Adam here from Movember. 2 questions: 1. What do you see are the main differences between how men and women access the LIVESTRONG services? 2. How is the moustache coming along??


Often men are hesitant to seek out support services, but thanks to you and your team and millions of men and women participating in Movember, we're able to focus on serving more and more men each day. As the son of a prostate cancer survivor, I have witnessed first hand the impact of our services on men like my dad.

The 'stache is full. The 'stache is itchy. And so proud to be participating in the movement you have created.

Swooshdaddy2 karma



I'm deeply sorry to hear about your experience. Please know that our intention is always to provide the best possible service to those in need. Thank you for your incredible support of our mission in the past and I'm hopeful that we will regain your trust and support in the future.

balex1 karma

Your beloved Ravens are not doing too well this year. How do you think they will fare against the Jets this weekend?

What book are you presently reading?

Please tell Loyfe I said hello.


Go Ravens! Congratulations on being a married man and Lofye says he's much healthier since you left.

notjaneane1 karma

Interested to know the best gift or piece of advice you received during your own cancer diagnoses and treatments.


Wow. That's a difficult one. The most important thing I learned was how to be an advocate for yourself. My parents served in that role for me and showed me the value of asking questions and demanding quality care. I owe them a lot.

jeffsnotfaking1 karma

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. Your organization has withstood so much. And you continue to keep the patients at priority #1.

You rule.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

jwk9071 karma

What has the response been to the new CancerHacks.org?


There's been a really strong response so far - both positive and some negative. The most important outcome so far is that it's generated a discussion about the daily needs of cancer survivors. We're eager to iterate and improve the tool and welcome your feedback on it.

moystory1 karma

Is the Foundation partnering with another sports apparel company to replace Nike?


We're currently looking at lots of options to further promote our brand and our work. Send thoughts and ideas our way!

jwk907-1 karma

Why do you think the media place such a high importance on a cancer foundation funding research and almost critical of supporting everyday issues people have fighting cancer now?


Because that story has been easier to tell. It's linear. Over the past few decades, the media has always framed the conversation about "a cure for cancer." But it's not that simple - there will never be just one cure for cancer. We know that this disease is scary, messy and complex, but it's also very personal. Every single person with cancer deserves patient-centered care and the opportunity for a high quality of life. If anybody is interested in going deeper into this point, check out my op-ed: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/doug-ulman/livestrong_b_4305824.html?utm_hp_ref=tw.

notjaneane-1 karma

Aside from giving money, how can we younger folks make a difference for both LIVESTRONG and the general fight against cancer?


There are so many ways to get involved. You can volunteer, share information about our free programs and services, share your story, or simply be a friend to someone battling the disease. We encourage people to get involved in the cancer community, whether with LIVESTRONG or with another great organization.

Kgb529-1 karma

What are you currently watching?


News, sports, news, sports.

snakesonanxyplane-2 karma

Cancer Hacks look awesome. Where do you see this going in the future? What do you imagine the idea will look like in a couple years?


Thanks so much! This is literally Beta and we want this to grow into a vibrant community-driven knowledge-base platform for patients, survivors and caregivers trying to navigate the practical, every day challenges of a cancer diagnosis. We need your input to continue to improve. This is just the start.

jwk907-7 karma

In the time you've been on here about 45 people have died of cancer in the United States, yet you get those few people on here just to ask stupid questions, isn't that frustrating when all you're trying to do is help people?


Thanks for the reminder of the gravity of what we're dealing with. None of the questions have bothered me at all and I'm always thrilled to engage. The thing that bothers me the most and keeps me up at night is that people are suffering and dying every day from this disease. Those individuals and their families need to be at the center of everything we do.

inbeforethend-7 karma

Are you hiring? Have a great résumé/portfolio.


Absolutely. Always looking for talented people: livestrong.org/employment.