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ESPORTS_HotBid80 karma

Snute, what was it like practicing in the CJ house in Korea and did you learn anything? Do you feel better now!?

redbullESPORTS76 karma

"Overall it was awesome, because I could play against them and their level was even higher than my current games. When I started to play more with the CJ players my level increased.

My favorite part about being in the CJ House in Korea was getting to socialize with the players, and the practice environment was so perfect. It was easy to understand why the Koreans improve so much faster when they have pro houses like this." - Snute

Ranker9467 karma

@MC why are you so awesome? Love you. Marry Me.

redbullESPORTS331 karma

"If you hot girl I can marry you. If you man, please no." - MC

AGumby60 karma

Which programmers do you think are good but are underated or overlooked by most people?

redbullESPORTS234 karma

"The dudes who made Chrome made it work pretty fast." - Snute

realged1359 karma

You can make one change in the game right now what would it be. Would like an answer from at least one of each race.

redbullESPORTS212 karma

"Delete Oracle." - Bomber

"Delete Void Ray." - Scarlett

"I would give protoss lift (like terran). Only production buildings though." - MC

"I want to be able to chrono boost units, like the Immortal to shoot and move faster." - Parting

"I would delete the mothership core." - HyuN

"I would delete the corruptor and add scourge!" - Snute

"I would add shield battery. I want to recover Immortal shield." - sOs

"I would delete protoss." - Golden

J_Sauce_C58 karma

Hey PartinG, Looks like Cloud Kingdom is in the map pool, The Soul Train ready to leave the station?

redbullESPORTS122 karma

"Yes CHOOO CHOO" - PartinG

st_huck55 karma

@koreans, who's the best foreigner in your opinion?

redbullESPORTS224 karma

"InControl" - MC

redbullESPORTS125 karma

"Naniwa" - PartinG

"Naniwa, Scarlett but no good Terran foreigner" - Bomber

PhoenixVoid53 karma

To HyuN, where can I get those amazing stretchy pants you wear to European tournaments.

redbullESPORTS57 karma

You can buy it in Korea haha - HyuN

MrBrightside146 karma

This is for all:

If there was a 2v2v2v2 tournament between the 8 of you, who would you want on your team?

redbullESPORTS136 karma

"Hyun!" - MC

"Golden." - Parting

"Parting." - Golden

"MC." - Hyun

"Golden!" - Bomber

"I want to change to Bomber." - Golden

"Then I change to MC." - Parting

amarant199541 karma

For every player if possible : What is the worst thing about being a pro gamer , what you guys really dont enjoy and what would you like to change ?

redbullESPORTS223 karma

"The pressure of going to the military, I'm no longer young." - Hyun

"So much travel, we have to spend so long flying everywhere to go to tournaments and it's exhausting." - Scarlett

"Carrying all this money. My back hurts and it keeps falling out of my pockets so I always have to pick it up. So much stress." - Snute

backhoff41 karma

Bomber, what do you recommend for newbie Terrans to practice most and best strategies to improve? sOs, how does it feel to be WCS champion? Thanks

redbullESPORTS103 karma

"Just practice tons of marines... easy" - Bomber

btop8539 karma


When you take breaks from SC2 do you play other video games? If so what are they? If not what do you do with your free time?

Thanks and good luck!

redbullESPORTS83 karma

"GTA 5, Heathstone, Pokemon. LoL is so boring. I love GTA" - MC

"Nothing" - PartinG

"Some racing games" - Golden

"Nothing" - Bomber

MaRiN_SC38 karma

  • For anyone, Do you have any advice for the aspiring pro gamer?

redbullESPORTS166 karma

"Please don't try it at home." - MC

"It's important not to get stressed." - sOs

"You should never give up, and always work hard." - Parting

"Welcome to hell." - Hyun

"Choose protoss!" - Golden

"Yes, play protoss." - Bomber

nice__username38 karma

Parting, MC, sOs

New Oracle is good, yes? What do you think of the patch

redbullESPORTS84 karma

"Oracle is pretty awesome, but I want the Carrier to be better because it's useless" - MC

"I would have preferred to get a Carrier patch instead of an Oracle patch" - sOs

"The turn speed feels very good, but the normal speed is too fast" - Parting

_wildstrawberries34 karma


redbullESPORTS119 karma

"If you eat kimchi, you'll also play faster." - Snute

MaRiN_SC32 karma

  • For anybody: What player do you think is the smartest (not necessarily the best) player in SC2?

redbullESPORTS105 karma

"Life." - Scarlett

"Rain." - Parting

"Me." - MC

"Taeja." - Snute

"Life." - Bomber

"Me." - Hyun

"Hyun." - Golden

MaRiN_SC30 karma

  • For anybody, What is your best offrace and what rank is it?

redbullESPORTS73 karma

"Protoss, Top master" - Bomber

_wildstrawberries30 karma


redbullESPORTS51 karma

"I'm proud of it because when people use my builds it means that they're good and they make sense, they're good enough to copy. It doesn't matter if they copy my builds though, because I always change them more." - sOs

Ariuz29 karma

to all players: what abillity in starcraft 2 would you like to have in real life?

redbullESPORTS70 karma

"Blink!" - sOs

"Recall. So when I can come to New York I can just go home." - MC

"Same as MC!" - Parting

"Overchar... no wait, Recall." - HyuN

"Cloak. I can't tell you what I would do with it though." - Golden

"Cloak!" - Bomber

MaRiN_SC28 karma

  • For anybody, what race do you think is the hardest to play as? The easiest?

redbullESPORTS104 karma

"Zerg is the hardest to play, Protoss is the easiest" - Bomber

"Easiest play is Protoss, Zerg is hardest" - Golden

"Zerg is hard, protoss... hahaha" - HyuN

"Hardest is Terran, protoss is easy" - PartinG

"Terran is best EZ race, because terran is just chesse rush and win. Protoss is really hard bc so many micro, SOOOO HARD, really hard. if you play protoss just give up or change race, Zerg is soso because of inject and creep tumor" - MC

"easiest race is Zerg just inject, creep tumor and attack ez win. Terran is a hard race" - sOs

tholt21228 karma

To Bomber. Do you feel like your age, and military experience give you an advantage over younger opponents? Or is it a handicap to yourself? NOW GO AND TAKE FIRST PLACE BOMBER. <3

redbullESPORTS77 karma

"I think with age comes slower micro" - Bomber

redbullESPORTS28 karma

Thank you for joining us! We'll be taking a couple more questions then wrapping up.

pariah01325 karma

Scarlett: How have you felt about your play throughout this year? Do you feel that you're at the peek of your game?

redbullESPORTS34 karma

I felt like I was playing well when I was practicing in Korea and for the few weeks afterwards until I took a break~ Other than that, I haven't actually been happy with my play.. I don't think I'm at the peak of my game at all right now unfortunately

J_Sauce_C24 karma

To Bomber, sOs, MC, and PartinG - 4 Zergs, who worries you the most??

redbullESPORTS66 karma

"None, They are scared of me" - MC

"None" - Bomber

"None of them" - sOs

MaRiN_SC23 karma

  • For anybody: WCS 2014, Good or bad?

redbullESPORTS67 karma

"Good except Challenger should be group stage" - Scarlett

"Good" - MC

"Good" - PartinG

"Bad" - Bomber

"I dont know" - HyuN

"I dont care" - Golden

AllMightySC23 karma

MC, on a scale of 1 to Bosstoss do you Bosstoss?

redbullESPORTS135 karma

"I am always the bosstoss, because I am so handsome" - MC

Junho_C22 karma

Any players you particularly don't want to face and why? Which player would you like to face in the finals, assuming you make it to the finals, and why?

redbullESPORTS42 karma

I am most afraid to play PartinG because he is Protoss in my group. In the finals I would like to face any Zerg. I hate Protoss. - Bomber

redbullESPORTS27 karma

sOs I dont like PvP. In the finals I would love to play Golden ;) - MC

RedNeckd22 karma

MC - What your favorite food from canada

redbullESPORTS99 karma

"Canada has food?... Maple Syrup? Subway" - MC

xlnqeniuz20 karma

PartinG: How many Immortal all-ins will you do?

Hyun: When will we see our hero SpiderHyun again?

sOs: What are you going to do with all that WCS (esports) money?

redbullESPORTS44 karma

"I dont think about spending it, I just want to save it" - sOs

"Ill use it against HyuN" - Parting


cma168120 karma

To all players (Especially Scarlett I guess):

Do you consider yourselves to be role models for non-professional gamers? Does the fact that people look up to you mold how you behave in front of the media and in online communities?

redbullESPORTS31 karma

"Honestly, not really. I know people do look up to me but I don't really behave differently because of it.." -Scarlett

McSpoish19 karma

What is your favourite moment from Starcraft 2?

redbullESPORTS48 karma

"Red Bull Battle Grounds 2012, Austin, TX." - MC

"Winning BWC." - Parting

"When I won DreamHack Valencia. I think if I win Red Bull Battle Grounds that will be the best." - HyuN

"Winning Red Bull Training Grounds Santa Monica, of course." - Golden

"Winning HomeStory Cup." - Snute

Pregason18 karma

How much Red Bull do you consume every month?

redbullESPORTS42 karma

I drink on average one red bull a day. - Bomber

Ariuz18 karma

to all the zerg players, what do you guys think about the new burrowed roach speed? I think its very strong but kinda underused!

redbullESPORTS48 karma

"Useless. I don't get why they buffed it, I used it against Taeja at the HSC finals and it was useless." - HyuN

"I would never expect it. I will never use it." - Golden

empathyx17 karma

Do you have groupies?

redbullESPORTS70 karma

"You think I have some? Some girlfriends but they have boyfriends" - MC

btdubs17 karma

For Bomber:

How do you feel about being the only Terran in this tournament? Do you feel confident in your TvZ and TvP?

redbullESPORTS34 karma

"I like TvT so I am sad that I have to match with TvZ and TvP" - Bomber

jaysonpun16 karma

Everyone: What are your thoughts on New Polaris Rhapsody and Cloud Kingdom being in the map pool?

redbullESPORTS39 karma

"Trying all the new maps is fine, but zerg can't win on New Polaris Rhapsody. Even if the creep lives through the lava it doesn't matter. Cloud Kingdom is perfect for my all-ins." - Parting

"I never played the new ones, but Cloud Kingdom is nice because it reminds me of the old times." - sOs

"I didn't play the new maps, because I was so busy. But Cloud Kingdom is interesting because I love this map in Wings of Liberty." - MC

"I was happy that I didn't have to play Protoss Kingdom in the past few months, it's very hard for zerg." - Scarlett

"Is the guy that made New Polaris Rhapsody coming to Battle Grounds?" - Golden

"Cloud Kingdom is okay, but Lava map is unfair for zerg. But I'm terran so I like it." - Bomber

CYWON15 karma

Scarlett, when you come back to Canada wanna get froyo?

redbullESPORTS39 karma

"I don't even know what that is." - Scarlett

MaRiN_SC15 karma

For anybody: What is a typical day of practice for you guys? (how long playing? min/max games/hours?)

redbullESPORTS45 karma

"When I wake up, eat, shower, practice about 5 hours" - MC

"I practice at least 9 hours a day and sometimes +2/3 hours more than that" - Bomber

"9:30 wake up practice... 1 AM finish" - PartinG

"Do what I want" - Golden

"I dont know" - Snute

OffCreep15 karma

Hey Golden

My little brother and I are big fans of yours and we just wanted to say GLHF!

redbullESPORTS26 karma

"Thank you" - Golden

reading_rainbow0415 karma

Favorite movie?

redbullESPORTS34 karma

"Lord of the Rings" - Bomber

"armageddon" - HyuN

"Independence day" - Golden

MaRiN_SC15 karma

  • For any of the Terrans and/or Protoss. What is your opinion on the current oracle?

redbullESPORTS61 karma

"Most imba in StarCraft II HISTORY!!!" - Bomber

"I'd have to use some bad words." - Golden

TheRealZertoN15 karma


redbullESPORTS77 karma

"Because of the patches and DK (David Kim) is Bonjwa" - Bomber

LeRedditface14 karma


Do you like it when fans ask you for pictures or autographs at international tournaments or are you kind of shy?

Are you feeling completely healthy again after resigning from Challenger League in Season 3?

Good luck this weekend, I will always cheer for you :)

redbullESPORTS28 karma

"I am kinda shy but I enjoy helping out my fans. I am feeling good with great condition being able to rest in the US instead of flying between tournaments" - Bomber

AGumby12 karma

PartinG I'm big fan! And I must ask do you feel like you're back to your competing best or still have any kinks to work out? I hope you win! :)

redbullESPORTS20 karma

"I'm feeling in my best shape." - Parting

seahole12 karma

To MC, If you played in a 4v4 at Redbull, what 3 teammates would you pick?

redbullESPORTS35 karma

"HyuN, Scarlett, Snute" - MC

prowala11 karma

Bomber--- what do you think of the new widow mines? Has your play changed because of them? Do you find yourself relying more on tanks now?

Scarlett--- do you think you'll ever use the new Roach burrow move upgrade? Perhaps against Protoss or another zerg?

Thanks for your time!

redbullESPORTS23 karma

"I already used it some!" - Snute

"Even before the buff you did." - Scarlett

"No I didn't" - Snute

"Yea, when we were both in Korea your standard ZvZ was roach all in; then if it didn't work, roach all in again with burrowmove. I might use it in ZvZ, but it's bad for ZvP." - Scarlett

tonypwns11 karma

Bomber, what is your favorite food?

redbullESPORTS25 karma

My favorite food is korean bbq - Bomber

_Imperium_11 karma

Parting, you're going to win both Red Bull Battlegrounds AND WCG right? :D

redbullESPORTS36 karma

"Yes" - PartinG

leokatz10 karma

To all ~ Which do you prefer--a big tournament with many different opponents, or a smaller tournament like RB Battlegrounds?

redbullESPORTS48 karma

"Smaller one cause it doesnt take much time" - HyuN

"Doesnt really care but more players more fun" - PartinG

"I just want big prize money" - MC

oberkapo10 karma

To Bomber:

If Texas held another big tournament, would you come back? Is America your favorite place to attend tourneys?

To Snute:

Would you recommend for more foreigners to try to get into eSF/KeSPA team houses, or is it just more suited to your intense practice schedule?

redbullESPORTS14 karma

"Those who REALLY want to should do it. But, those who don't really shouldn't do it. If you don't feel motivated, you shouldn't go. If you actively think about it and you have the opportunity then you should go." - Snute

Filanthil9 karma

Bomber, can you elaborate about your upcoming military service and you carreer as a progamer? I havent' been able to understand wherher this will be your last tournament before it or if you will be playing as a full-time pro next year.

PS: You are the most awesome player ever, Bomber fighting!

PPS: Oracles imba!

redbullESPORTS25 karma

"I will try to push it back and play at least until end of 2014" - Bomber

LOOMY_9 karma

PartinG, you've always been my favorite player, how do you feel about your 2013 performance, and what and how do you feel heading into the new year?

redbullESPORTS26 karma

"Bad...It didnt bring good performance, I am going to win at least 2 tournaments in 2014" - PartinG

edias008 karma

One of the major changes made for Starcraft 2 was the mining scalability when adding additional workers to mineral patches. For those who don't know, in BroodWar each additional worker added gave diminishing returns all the way up to 5+ workers. In SC2 these diminishing returns only start when added a 3rd worker at which point you reach the hard cap on mineral mining. As a result, players receive no mineral advantage when mining from more than 3 bases, where as in BW they had an incentive to continue expanding up to 5-6 mining bases. Since continued expansion is less of a priority, the result is more passive and "turtley" games.

This graphic from the SC2BW mod shows what I'm talking about. http://i.imgur.com/56JZY.png

As professional players of both Starcraft games, do you view this as a problem in Starcraft 2 game design?

Would you fix the problem of passive play through mineral scalability of another game mechanic?

Are there other BW mechanics you would like to see introduced to Starcraft 2?

redbullESPORTS26 karma

"If Blizzard made gas units more interesting, that could help. If Blizzard made more gas-heavy and mineral-light units it would promote expanding a lot. The High Templar is a good example of how getting additional geysers and cutting minerals can be incredibly effective." - Snute

Andsc28 karma

Paring, is it true you're going to military after this Redbull tournament. If so why?

Thank you so much Redbull for all the great content, really enjoy the amount of content coming out.

redbullESPORTS21 karma

"No, I haven't even thought about going." - Parting

seahole7 karma

To all: What do you do to pass the downtime at tournaments when you're not practicing?

redbullESPORTS14 karma

"Sleep." - Scarlett

"Read books, sleep, browse the internet. Nothing interesting." - Snute

prabhbhambra136 karma

To PartinG,

사랑해요. 워이삭 선수랑 정윤종 선수는 제 제일일 좋아하는 프로토스예요!


To Everyone

Who do you think the best player of each race is? What do you think about OGN not being part of WCS 2014?

redbullESPORTS24 karma

"Just like me. Not Rain." - Parting

"Right now - sOs for protoss, JD for zerg, Taeja for terran. Of all time - Me, MVP, and Nestea." - MC

"JD and Soulkey for zerg, sOs for protoss, No top for terran - but many that are very good." - Bomber

RomerSC6 karma


What was the best thing in the CJ Entus house? (be specific please <3)

redbullESPORTS18 karma

"No mosquitos!" - Snute

BronzeBoss5 karma

For Snute: Do you still plan to open early Pneumatized Carapace against any eventual Terran opponents?

redbullESPORTS8 karma

"Depends on the map, but sure. If your plan is to play long term and if you get it at the right time it doesn't hurt your economy too much, and you're able to see everything." - Snute

DLZN4 karma

MC, any ceremonies?
Golden, your chances of winning this are 40/40, right?
Snute, how was your time at CJ? Who was your favourite person/player in the house?
sOs, the blizzcon trophy was heavy, eh?
Hyun, are the crazy pants on?

Redbull - thank you so so much for doing these events, production is awesome and the players are amazing.

redbullESPORTS14 karma

"Bbyong, Hydra, and effOrt, they spoke the most english and were really friendly and helpful. I like them a lot." - Snute

poplols1234 karma


Who do you think is the hardest player you will face at this tournament and why?

redbullESPORTS7 karma

"Bomber, because my ZvT is my weakest." - Snute