US Army Recruiter here. Any questions or story's you heard ask them. I'll post proof tomorrow while I'm at work.

Here's one from today

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kingrobert24 karma

All the recruiters I know almost immediately regret their decision in becoming a recruiter.

Would you choose that job again if you could go back or choose something else?

Hippypirate32843 karma

I never requested to become a recruiter. I got promoted to Sergeant and came down on orders for the special duty assignment. So got voulen-told for it.

It's a stressful job but there are perks as well. Being able to speak well and read people make the job a little easier. I would rather be a Drill Sergeant because that was my dream, but maybe after I'm done here.

ShivanMarauder22 karma

As the somewhat-foreigner (Canadian) that I am, I'm curious as to what sort of reputation other countries' militaries have with the US Army outside of the spokespeople that we hear on the news. I know one of my cousins went on exchange to West Point (Armour Officer), and was treated pretty darn well so far as he would tell us, but, what do you think is the general consensus? If you had to guess, which country do you think is closest, military-wise, to the US?

Hippypirate32839 karma

Canadian. I was deployed with Canadians and French Canadians. Loved them. Hilarious bunch and great soldiers. Even though they get paid much better than us lol

doesitmatterrly18 karma

Do you ever feel any guilt about your job? Some of the young people you recruit might/will eventually be killed while on mission... does this cross your mind or not really? Cheers for doing an AMA, not trying to be an ass, just curious

Hippypirate32837 karma

Not at all. There is no smoke and mirrors when I talk to applicants. I have lost many close friends since I've been in. It comes with the job regardless of the job that they pick. I am only 23 years old so I like to be straight up with everyone I talk to

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Hippypirate32814 karma

Most of them are civilians. The military ones down there are recruiters working at a battalion level. Now-a-days our applicants go down to MEPS with their job already reserved just for this happening. Happened to me as well.

Bleeding_Zombies11 karma

I had a former high school coach who was a former marine who called you army guys a "bunch of boy scouts". Best comeback to that? And thanks for your service to this country.

Hippypirate32836 karma


Must Always Reside In Navy Enlisted Showers

jackofalltrades1238 karma

I worked with a kid that enlisted, and he told me that he had to sign something that pretty much said he was government property. Is this true? And I didn't see a vet on Veterans Day, so thanks for your service and fighting for my freedom!

Hippypirate32818 karma

When you enlist in a way you are government property. They spend money training you and putting time into you. So in a way, yes.

dc_throwaway20138 karma

Do you ever discourage people from joining if you read them as not being cut out for military life?

Hippypirate32829 karma

All the time. You have to find out their true passions and help them realize what they want to do even though they have no idea.

PolynesianEnglishMan5 karma

Hey big question here! I want to join the military, but I'm colour blind, personally I don't think it's severe but how many (if any) colour blind dudes get into basic training? It would mean so much to me if I got a response!

Hippypirate3284 karma

You can enlist in certain job fields even being color blind.

tttttttttttttty4 karma

What is boot camp like?

Hippypirate32816 karma

A lot of people have different experiences. Kind of a "results may very" deal.

For the most part the overall goal is to take a civilian and push them to break and mold them into a soldier. Lots of ranges and "camping" or field exercises. Basic tactics on military movements and procedures. Shoot tons of different types of weapons. Get yelled at and get in great physical shape. Learning how to be a soldier and responsible person.

slyzxx3 karma

When I was In high school the recruiter basically forced his way to try to convince me to sign up, even out of no where showed up at my home trying to get me to enlist. I had to kick him out politely. What's he army's policy on this?

Hippypirate3288 karma

Thats how recruiting is done. Follow up face to face at a school, if the applicant showed any intrerest follow up at their home to ensure they got the questions answered.

zordonatron3 karma

How long have you been in and what was your occupation before you were given recruiting duty?

Hippypirate3285 karma

5 years, 25U SIgnal Support Systems Specialist.

Sunshine_Bag3 karma

Oh God, 25Useless. Did my time as one of those before reclassing, happy to hear you have a better job now haha

Hippypirate3283 karma

What did you reclass to? I hate 25U lol

Sunshine_Bag3 karma

18E haha. It was the only way out.

Hippypirate3283 karma

Damn how bad was the school

Sunshine_Bag2 karma

Long, hard, but ultimately greatly fulfilling. It was probably the second best decision regarding the Army I ever made, after getting out.

Hippypirate3282 karma

How good of shape were you in before you went

Cgod772 karma

Do you have quotas you have to fill?

Hippypirate3283 karma

Not exactly. We have a mission we need as a whole.

kane552 karma

I have four questions.

  1. My nephew (currently 20) was considering going into the military for a while. He claims that he didn't get to go in because he took the ASVAB and scored too low. Is that possible? If you score too low will you not be allowed in? I think he just changed his mind because he is very lazy and is just saying this so nobody will bother him about it.

  2. I was in high school in the 1980's and having military recruiters on campus was a regular occurrence. One friend told me that you are no longer allowed to go to high schools unless you are formally invited to a school function. Is that true?

  3. Again when I was teenager, I remember some of the recruiters (some of my friends served and I thought about it) seemed, frankly, full of shit. I remember hearing them talk to one guy and they asked him what he wanted to do with his life and he told them that he wanted to be a musician and the recruiters told him the military would help him get into the music industry. There were a few other instances that were similar and it felt, to me, like they were just saying anything to get the people to sign up. Is that something that happens regularly or was my experience more of an isolated thing?

  4. Five of my high school friends went into the Military. Two marines, one navy, one army and one air force. All five of them went in supposedly guaranteed what job they were going to get (or that they would get one of a few choices of job) and only one of them actually ended up doing what he was promised he would do. Again, this was in the 80's so things might be different now. Just curious how often this happens.

Hippypirate3283 karma

  1. Yes, if you score under a 31 you will have to re-take the ASVAB. You can always re-take it.

  2. I go to schools everyday of the week, during lunch time to give out information that kids would like.

  3. Not from me, but I can not say wether or not it still happens. The Army does have a band which is extremely hard to get into and it is very prestigous.

  4. The Army has gaurenteed job reservations. I show the applicants the job that they want, as long as they qualify for it, and together we reserve the job before he even goes to MEPS so he knows what he is getting into.

smiggitygiggity2 karma

If I can be called in for check ins with a probation officer but am not on typical probation can I still join or should I wait for that period to end?

Hippypirate32810 karma

Wait until it is over. Can not do anything until all pending actions are taken care of

wufnu2 karma

How can I find a recruiter that really understands the "high school to flight school" process and won't try to force me to "just enlist" (to save themselves time and hassle)? From what I've heard, most recruiters really don't know much about it and that I'll have to do it all on my own with almost no guidance.

Hippypirate3282 karma

Tell them that, thats what you want. Explain to them that you want to know all about it, if they don't then find a new recruiter because he is not doing his job

wufnu1 karma

That's what I expected to do, although it may be difficult. There isn't even a recruiter in my city. I have to drive an hour just to meet one.

Is it possible to do the entire thing via mail/phone, except for testing/interviews?

Thank you for answering. I posted this 3 hours ago and you're still answering questions. GG AMA Recruiter

Hippypirate3282 karma

You can do the prequalification questions over the phone, other than that you need to be face to face.

preventDefault1 karma

The Army has been funneling resources into their America's Army videogame for over 10 years now, and I was wondering if you've ever encountered anyone who got interested in joining after playing the game?

It seems like those who are swayed by the game would want to keep that fact to themselves for obvious reasons, so it has to be hard to collect data on if the project is working or not.

Hippypirate3282 karma

Can not say that I have had anyone say that.

Noobinator31 karma

Just as a question I genuinely want to serve my country but I have a ticket for not having a license will that affect recruiting? P.s still paying for my ticket

Hippypirate3282 karma

Once it's paid off you will be fine as long as all tickets are paid off and it is not more than a traffic ticket.

Oniriggers1 karma

What MOSs are still offering sign up bonuses? I have an associates degree, will that get me some extra money and rank?

Hippypirate3282 karma

Almost none. I have yet to see a sign-up bonus.

Epinephrined1 karma


Hippypirate3282 karma

Question 1. When ever you have time. Call your local recruiting office, tell them you are serious about joining. They should drive out to you, the drive Government vehicles so they dont pay for gas.

Question 2. Exactly right.

Question 3. It prepares you for Basic. Take the initiative and work out on your own at your local gym.

Question 4. The recruiter will give you a bag.

ClearlySituational1 karma

Have you ever been in a combat situation?

Hippypirate32810 karma

Yes, I was in Afghanistan

ClearlySituational-22 karma

That's a combat zone, not a combat situation, though.

Hippypirate3286 karma

Well my earlier answer is still yes.

RyZaN1 karma

Is active duty letting reservists come over as more than just 18X yet?

Hippypirate3281 karma

Depends on your MOS, rank and additional schools.

KristopherRocancourt1 karma

Are you guys as scummy and like used car salesmen when you try to 'sell' the Army to new recruits by telling them what the want to hear? Word on the street says that is how it goes.

Hippypirate3281 karma

There is nothing to sell. Information is free online, most young adults now-a-days look up everyhting online. I do not need to 'sell' the Army. It has great benefits that anyone can look up online.

Chubbstock1 karma

How fast can I expect advancement for 11b?

Hippypirate3283 karma

Very fast. I have a co-worker here that is 11B and got promoted to E-5 after 3 years.

OhMyZombies1 karma

How is it looking for prior service getting back in? I was Navy not Army but have been thinking of going green.

Hippypirate3282 karma

Slim to none as of right now. Army is downsizing so its a little more difficult.

TomBong420-8 karma

How do you go about vulnerable people that are just unsure what to do with their life and want to join, do you encourage or discourage them?

I imagine a lot of young man/woman will chose the army as a way to go somewhere with their life and having no confidence in themselves come to think that dying for an awful fucking corrupted system is somehow worth it. I believe there is a million ways to go that are better for them and the world and people around them. Now I do not know you! I don’t judge your reasons or life, I tell you this cause you may have a chance to save a lot of ppl, if you ever see someone that's vulnerable just unsure of what to do and wants to join the army remember that person may be way better doing something else, make sure they see it, send them off to find another way and just encourage the ones that see the army as their dream or the truly passionate ones. My girl’s brother got killed he was in the army and he was just the typical misguided kid…

Hippypirate32812 karma

No offense but this post made me laugh. I was that "unsure" person. I am only 23 years old so I clearly remember what it's like. I am 100% honest about everything that I say. There is no reason to lie about anything. I tell everyone my story from when I enlisted to now.

It saddens me when people think that the military is beneath them or it's a last resort. It's quiet the opposite. What big company has better benefits? Has a better loyalty? Free college money? On the job training and skills training? Free certifications. The military can help anyone regardless of their personality, dreams, or background. Arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible will prepare you for the harsh reality of the real adult life

TomBong420-22 karma

Of course it will seem great if you paint it as a career! but you my friend are alive today so you got it good, now have you killed someone? do you know why you did it or for whom? Again not trying to be rude. I have a one year old baby boy and let me tell you, I will never die for anyone but my wife and kid. and I believe I would never dirty my hands for anyone, not even for them, I would protect them with my life even, but I would never take another life

Hippypirate32811 karma

I will not answer the have I killed anyone question. Period. I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old. I would have no problems defending my family regardless of the means. When you love something more than your own life you will do anything regardless of your own preconceived notions. I would protect not only my family but others who cannot protect themselves and any brother or sister in arms. My love for this country and it's freedoms runs deep in my veins.

TomBong420-15 karma

Oh yes, the selected group of people that you chose to defend and kill for are of course worth the life of the puny person that is not in your list or that you where ordered to just shoot...and if your family is sitting at home warm and under no harm why should another family at the other end of the world suffer because you and the other recruited are there for reasons they do not know and even worse demanding that they be thankfull for all that great freedom they just received

Hippypirate32811 karma

You have no idea what you're even talking about. Sounds like a bunch of regurgitated shit from someone who told you what to believe.

So what's your story then? The man out to get everyone? We all have secret agendas? What type of nut are you?

cookie-cutter6 karma

Alright, Im jumping into this one, US Army medic with 7 years service and 2 tours here. The military is an amazing option for the "misguided" because it helps to create a sense of purpose and direction without the stress of having to scratch out a living. Military pay and benefits are hard to beat at 18-24 and it really helps to get your head in the game, no matter the game. Are there more inherent risks? Absolutely but it is, in my experience, pretty clearly communicated throughout the enlistment process. Given the expansion of social media throughout the last few years and Q&As like this new recruits are going into things with a better idea than was previously available to them.

Hippypirate3282 karma

Love this reply, thanks!

TomBong420-12 karma

Thanks for the reply. Of course it helps to create a sense of purpose and direction, unfortunately one that aligns with the interests and purpose of people that are not dying out there for anyone! They are very well fed and do not have to deal with making a living since they have a ton of money but the poor guys are missing one thing tough, a labor force for their dirty business so they pick from the herd….I am just saying the youth has no idea what world they really live in and why Wars are really fought.

Hippypirate3286 karma

With today's media and technology I believe the youth has a far more understanding than most people conceive.

War is War.