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How did you find out about this job?

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Most temp agencies charge employers a fee to hire workers off of the agency, so unless a worker is really special, it's not worth paying extra. Since you weren't with the agency later on, they didn't need to worry about the fee, and on top of that you had good experience there.

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Why'd you get fired?

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They put me on mandatory medical leave because I got put on a new medication for migraines that might lower my blood pressure. Since I already had low blood pressure they wanted me to wait to see if I would pass out while on it before I was at work (liability). Well the leave was 14 consecutive days, I misunderstood and thought it was 14 WORK days. So I kept calling my supervisor asking what day I was back, only he never returned my calls. One day he finally answered and told me I was supposed to be back the day before, so I was "terminated".

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Why were they even aware of your medical history and treatment plan?

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Well they noticed my rate went down thanks to my migraines and asked what was up. They suggested the leave because it was the only way to save my job but it ended up failing anyway.

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How do you manage your social life?

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What a strange schedule. You should start gaming ^

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Have you ever heard of league of legends?

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I have. I've played once and didn't really get it haha

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Hello Amazonian! I worked in the FC in California last year during peak and it was chaotic. However, it was an incredible experience. Work hard and have fun. :)

I have a few questions: What is your job function?

Are you considering becoming Ambassador?

Is your rate suffering because of peak or is it still as high as you said it was?

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Hello! I am in outbound and primarily am a waterspider at this point because I'm of on restrictions due to arthritis pains. Moving constantly helps more than standing at a sort station all night. I do think about becoming ambassador actually, one of my good friends just became one! My rate has dropped slightly, it's been consistently at 106 the past few weeks, however I've been mostly doing unrated tasks so it's hard to tell anymore.

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You should go for it! You'll love being able to help others. My boyfriend was an Ambassador in outbound (now PA) and he loved being able to teach people. Some of the ones he trained are some of the best they have in the FC. He says being able to accomplish that is so fulfilling.

P.S. I'm sorry you're on restrictions. I hope you feel better. Isn't AMcare amazing though?

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I might go for it after peak if I'm still working there! The next thing I'm going to focus on is getting my unlock badge, I think.

AMcare is amazing! I hurt my knee at work two weeks ago and they were so helpful and made sure to give immediate care so I didn't miss ANY work. I missed maybe an hour to ice it that shift and fill out the paperwork and they continued following up with me and offering ice until I told them I no longer needed care! Very positive experience.

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Can you snag an Xbox One for me?

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Haha yeah right! I actually have never seen an Xbox come through. The only gaming device I've seen that we're allowed to sort through would be Nintendo 3DS. Once I got a sort cart with the new iPad's on it and they took that away really quickly and said we weren't supposed to have it! But here is a fun fact, every time we enter the building we scan into a turnstile using our badge. When we leave, we have to press a button and it randomizes who gets searched and who doesn't. You have to walk through metal detectors if you get chosen to get searched. We aren't even allowed to bring our phones into work with us. I've heard some other warehouses make you go through the metal detectors every time you leave though.

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Maybe its amazon doing an experiment. People getting caught at random vs always.

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Maybe! I think they told us when I started that we were the only warehouse that didn't always get searched.

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Holy shit.

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Yeah it's pretty extensive.

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hows it feel to work as many hours as me?

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So far so good, we'll see how the 60 hour work weeks go. I'm gonna go ahead and assume it'll suck pretty hard!

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Have u seen the Xbox ones? If u have can u send a pic?

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Not yet, and we aren't allowed to bring any electronics into the warehouse. Only management can have their phones

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I am a software engineer who works 60+ hours per week and has for the last fifteen years straight because that's the job

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Okay no need to lash out at me. I'm simply putting into perspective that we are working 20 hours of overtime a week to meet customer holiday needs. Not to complain.

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Whooooooo 60hrs in a week for a season.... yawn.

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And 60hrs is child's play, especially only for a season.

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Okay, take it easy internet tough guy. See my above answer to other person who went out of their way to be rude to me, I won't explain again.

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Oh you have pains? I'm a disabled vet dealing with tons of pains and still work 0430hrs to 2100hrs. I can barely walk some days and I have it easy compared to other disabled vets.

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Keep in mind you were the one going out of your way to insult me. How was I supposed to know about any ailments you have? You can't come at me disrespectfully like that and expect respect in return.