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Deal breaker

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You're not an asshole. You're offering anecdotal evidence that is backed up by actual statistics. People need to understand this so that they can be more aware of the importance of protecting themselves if they're in riskier demographics:

Male to Male Sex: 555,000
Male to Male Sex _and_ IV Drugs: 81,000
== 55%

Male IV Drug Use: 188,000
Female IV Drug Use: 90,000
== 24%

Heterosexual Sex - Females: 137,000
== 12%

Heterosexual Sex - Males: 78,000
== 6.8%

Note (a): ~1.6% of cases are from transfusions, hemophilia, and perinatal.
Note (b): Heterosexual cases involved contact with a person known to have HIV or be at high risk for it.

source: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/statistics/basics/

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Probably a fugitive

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Duchovny is known to be a sex addict. How many times did you have to fen pd off his advances? And did you fend ALL of them off?

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Having wrestled for fifteen years, I would fight anyone on earth for ten million, if it was ten mil just to fight (not hinged on winning).