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mayonnaise_man62 karma

Jason, are you aware that you have the absolute best stage presence of any frontman out there right now? Where do you get the energy? Did you just decide one day that you were gonna be the craziest frontman ever?

Jason_Aalon93 karma

I was not aware. I'd like to thank the committee for stage presence of all frontmen for such an accolade. I'd also like to thank adversity, hard times, and saccharine treats for catalyzing the performance reviewed by the committee. Holler.

lovely86957 karma

When will you finally re-name the band Beardlive?

edit: beardlive.

Jason_Aalon46 karma

Hahaha noted.

Captain_Blood51 karma

Hey, Jason! I'm a huge fan of what letlive. does. A few random questions.

  1. How's no-shave November going?

  2. What is your favorite music to listen to that's not hardcore or punk-based?

  3. Who said the "proud-ass nigga" line in H. Ledger? I've always wondered if it was Jean or you.

  4. Have you gotten any racial backlash from a proud-ass nigga on the back of the bus?

Jason_Aalon83 karma

I'm a huge fan of your fervor. To answer your question(s) 1. It's going about as well as the last 7 months. 2. Currently: Keaton Henson 3. Jean, while being a proud ass nigga, did not say that line. It was I. The proud ass half black kid. 4. No I have not. I think its meaning was quite clear. xo

Captain_Blood26 karma

You're a beautiful man.

Jason_Aalon44 karma

Far too kind. xo

JiggerJay17 karma

Such a powerful line in such an awesome songe.

Jason_Aalon34 karma

Thank you for listening. Truly.

Alteryo8 karma

Birthdays is one of my favorite releases this year

Jason_Aalon20 karma

Incredible album.

Albyyy49 karma

Dear Jason,

I’ve met you about three times now in person, and every time I do, I’m completely befuddled by your humbleness and appreciation for your fans. It’s a quality a lot of recent artists lack. Your ability to lose yourself in your music and your live performances greatly reflects the love you have for what you do. You truly inspire me to be a better person and to conquer the challenges that life throws at me.

You explained at your first headlining tour in Orlando that letlive isn’t a band. It’s an idea. It’s a community. It’s a feeling. It’s ll.ove. (My first and currently only tattoo reads “ll.ove” that is placed on my right bicep. )

Every time I meet you, I wish I wasn’t so nervous to tell you how much your music really means to me. So I will just use this AMA as an outlet. The last time we met I was wearing my sweat soaked tie dye shirt at Orlandos Warped, and all I asked for was a hug. Thank you for that. It means more than you know.

I don’t really have a question, more of a request.

Please continue to do what you do. We listen. We believe in letlive.

Honest music is sadly a lost art, but you and the other guys (Ryan, Jean, Jeff, Loniel) keep it alive.

Thank you.

AJ Newman

P.S. amazing beard

Jason_Aalon54 karma

Without you, there is no letlive. I am so grateful for you and your support, but I also want to be sure I show how much I appreciate you as an individual. That "humbleness" is simply us interacting as we should. Sharing a common respect for each other. Thank you for viewing myself and this band as something worth while. That's real.

mstein0433 karma

What went through your head when you hung over the railing at Warped Tour in Milwaukee?


Jason_Aalon68 karma

Shakespeare Act 2 Scene 2

y0ungbl00d10 karma

I spoke about this as a theatrical performance in my theater class. "Read a fucking book" ;)

Jason_Aalon16 karma

hahaha yeeaaaahhhh!!!

mstein047 karma

At least nothing bad happened...I would be lieing if there wasn't a serious "fucking hell" moment had by all in attendance.

Jason_Aalon28 karma

I am quite thankful that those in attendance cared enough to think that. You being one of those people, I'd like to thank you personally for regarding my well being. That's love.

Jason_Aalon32 karma

By the way...these are my friends. My friends are doing something I really believe in with the "free music" world. I could talk on and on about it, but I think I'd rather let them explain it to you themselves


I'm a professional wrestler in Nottingham, UK, and I use We The Pros Of Con as my entrance theme - the reaction it gets is phenominal, people know shit is about to go down when they hear that.

I was also at the gig where you supported Enter Shikari - I was the guy you almost crushed when you jumped off the balcony =P

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for being part of two great parts of my life, and I can't wait to see what heights letlive. get to.

Jason_Aalon31 karma

Thanks for catching ya boy, big dog. Love.

letl1ve29 karma

Dear, Jason. You appear to me like a very intellectual person (judging by your interviews, lyrics, etc.).What are your favorite books? What were the last books you've read?

Jason_Aalon41 karma

My favorite books vary from American and Russian classics to more modern reads like "No More Prisons" by William Upski Wimsatt. But to be quite honest, my favorite book of all time holds an abounding sense of nostalgic epiphany for me and it is called "The Only Alien On The Planet", a book suggested for teens. Pretty pseudo intellectual of me, huh?

byertfjord29 karma

Hey Jason, I don't have a question really, I just want to say thank you. When I first saw letlive. open up for Enter Shikari in 2012, I had no idea who you guys were, or what to expect. 45 minutes, one heartfelt pre-Muther speech, and a smashed clock later, I was a fan. Your music is amazing, and it's helped me through some rough times in my life. I've also met some amazing people from just going to a letlive. show (shout out to Haley, Elle, Emily, and Diandra), and I can't wait to see letlive. next time you guys pass through Orlando (Or Tampa, or Gainesville, anywhere in Florida really).

Actually, now I do have a question: When do you think you guys will be coming back to Florida? I haven't seen you guys since Warped Tour and that's far too long a wait. And do you still have that sweater I gave you after the ll./ES show when you guys were opening for Falling in Reverse?

(also next time you come through Florida, I'll be sure to have another letlive. Newcastle jersey for you)

Jason_Aalon31 karma

My man! So good to hear from you on here. That night was easily one of the most memorable, not only of my career, but of my life. Incredible that I was able to share such an experience with others. I'm not sure when we will be back in FL. To be honest, I love it there. I'm hoping we return in the Spring. P.S. That Jersey was the illest. Fuck those punks that broke into my car and lifted it. All ll.ove.

ANattyRat28 karma

Hi Jason, hope you're doing well.

You have a very unique way of writing. What writers, if any, have inspired you and influenced/shaped your writing style?

Jason_Aalon40 karma

Why thank you, my friend. My first attempt at writing like a somewhat understandable weirdo was prompted by lyrics from 16 stone. A Bush album. I'm not being ironic. I love that band. xo

VeryGolfing6 karma

The Science of Things is one of my favourite albums. I don't care if they get a lot of stick for sounding too much like Nirvana in their early albums.

Jason_Aalon18 karma

You're the shit. That era, although short lived, was great for grunge associated music.

TripleDan28 karma

Hi Jason! When letlive. first started out they gained a lot of comparisons with Glassjaw from the music media. Did Glassjaw ever really have any influence on your sound, and how do you feel about the comparisons?

Jason_Aalon51 karma

I am flattered. That band was seminal. I think as an artist you'd be full of shit to say you're not influenced by artists you enjoy. That's what music is. Finding sounds that appease your ears and proverbial heart and then tastefully expanding on those feelings. To put it simply. We are not Glassjaw. They are better than us.

JakkStanley28 karma

What are some of the worst injuries you've had whilst on stage?

Jason_Aalon51 karma

Heartbreak...SIKE! I've busted my face up pretty good a few times. Warranted a couple hospital trips. Nothing bad enough to stop the show from happening the next day though.

Jason_Aalon25 karma


ericforpluto22 karma

Jason, I believe that letlive. is meant to be an entity/a gathering of ideas/a work of art/what have you, and not just a band. That being said, where do you see letlive. headed or ending up in the long term? What do you ultimately want letlive. to be or represent? Much ll.ove.

Jason_Aalon34 karma

I want letlive. to be regaled as something you were a part of. Alongside, you were others that fully invested in what it is to be letlive. for no benefit of just one person, but for a group of like minded individuals that all wanted to evolve at once. That would be fucking awesome. All ll.ove.

eifersucht12a20 karma

You're known for your hold-nothing-back performance style. There have been some pretty crazy highlight reels and snippets. Is there any moment or action you'd care to admit you may have found yourself thinking "that was a bit much" or is nothing off limits?

Also shout out to /r/letlive

Jason_Aalon30 karma

I try to live a life where I don't find a need to regret anything. Simultaneously, I try to do everything in my power to respect others. That being said- I don't often think "that was too much", but I make it a point to rectify damage if it is significant or could offend someone. Communication is key here.

Jason_Aalon23 karma

Live Free.

wutae20 karma

Hello Jason, I met you during warped tour 2013 in Portland Oregon. I have been dying to ask, what made you get into music in the first place? Any preferable listeners?

Jason_Aalon50 karma

My father and Marty McFly.

SGDrummer719 karma

Jason, saw you at Underoath's last show in Tampa and it was great. I have to ask: You hopped up onto the balcony and ripped off a screen door. Was that planned, and did you have to pay for damages after?

Jason_Aalon37 karma

Certainly not. I ended up on that balcony unexpectedly and thought maybe I would be shown some Floridian hospitality by the homeowners. When I was not shown that, I got my Bruce Banner on and Hulked out.

Nah, I'm playin, I was just fuckin around and broke the screen. I offered to fix it after the show, but apparently there were no tenants and the club didn't even like the building.

da_asparagus18 karma

In what ways did having a dad who led a soul group influence you in your writing/style of music?

Does your dad still give you advice as far as life in the industry goes?

Jason_Aalon29 karma

It was highly instrumental in what I became as a person and an artist. It was all I knew for many years so it was the first reference I had for music. He will offer up some advice every now and then. I listen. I think he knows a thing or two about the business after his involvement. Thanks, dad. You played with Marvin Gaye. That's tight.

MickeyRooneyy18 karma

Hey Jason thanks for the AMA!

First off I want to say I'm a huge fan and a ll.ifer. You may or may not remember me but I saw you on warped in Auburn Hills, MI. I asked you to do an AMA.

Anyways, I'm seeing you the 23rd in Detroit and was wondering if you and the band wanted to get some lunch before the show?

Also, the new JMSN album is killer if you haven't checked it out yet!

Jason_Aalon21 karma

You're the shit. Thank you for this suggestion. It's rad. If we're around the venue before hand, just holler at me and we'll see what's up. As for that JMSN record- hell yeah, son. Love it. I'm actually the person speaking on the first track. Love.

MickeyRooneyy9 karma

I thought I recognized that voice! haha that's awesome! As for lunch, I guess I'll tweet at Loniel or Jean since they always seem to answer because I don't think you have one. Do you?

Jason_Aalon19 karma

I don't. I'm way bad at social media.

rkwhitney15 karma

Hey Jason, I've been following letlive. since Fake History came out, both it and Blackest Beautiful are spectacular. I love the visceral, no nonsense writing style.

When, if ever, do you intend to bring the ll.ove to Canada? Specifically Vancouver.

Jason_Aalon22 karma

Hopefully sooner than later, my friend. I hear BC is beautiful and some of my favorite skaters came from there. Poutine, what up.

brieflypanhandling15 karma

Also, how come Letlive never plays anything from before Fake History live?

Jason_Aalon29 karma

I am the only member from that era so I don't think the sentiment is held the same throughout. Maybe one day we will find ourselves performing a redux set.

Catlady_Danny13 karma

Hey Jason, I saw you guys play at your last Richmond, VA show. I talked to you about how I gave the Fake History album to one of my campers at summer camp who was struggling with their racial identity, being mixed (black and white), and being made fun of for liking hardcore music because it was not "black enough". Well you asked me for his name, and told me to tell him that whatever feels right to him, then it is right. Well, I saw him this past summer and told him. He was excited and shocked that I actually met you and told me had listened to your cd several times during the year. He told me he feels a lot more secure about himself thanks to your music. I know this isn't a question, but I don't know when will be the next time I will meet you again. Thank you for words, your passion in music, and helping a 14 year old boy accept and love himself. And from me, thank you as well. letlive. appeared in a time in my life that I really needed it

Jason_Aalon11 karma

That is amazing to hear. Please send my love and take some for yourself. Mad love.

brieflypanhandling12 karma

Hey Jason! I was curious if you have a favorite song to perform live? Looking forward to seeing you all in Denver Nov. 29th!

Jason_Aalon14 karma

Still trying to figure that one out. Pheromone, albeit quite difficult, does feel good to perform with transparency. See you soon.

massivejobby3 karma

Saw you guys play in Glasgow recently and Pheremone was fantastic. The song made so much more sense after seeing you perform it. Cheers for that gig was one of the most genuine things i've seen.

Jason_Aalon9 karma

141 stand up.

aslongasbassstrings11 karma

Jason, letlive.'s music addresses a lot of social issues, what do you think is the most important topic your music discusses?

Jason_Aalon29 karma

The emotive quality as human beings. I feel it is was makes us peculiar and beautiful as a species on this earth and what I know of the universe. Also, the ironic benefit you can glean from adversity and erroneous nature. That and how I think we should all be entitled to a basic human respect from governments and authoritarian models if we're going to have them in place. Oh, and cupcakes.

bowseat8811 karma

Hey Jason! First off I'd like to say you're absolutely nuts on stage, and every time I see you guys live you kill it. My question is, what bands were the best/worst to tour with?

Jason_Aalon10 karma

We've developed some of the best relationships we have thanks to touring. We have so many great friends in that world now, it would be quite difficult to name them all. I can say that the upcoming tour we are doing with ETID will be amazing as they are one of our favorite bands and undoubtedly some of our favorite people.

selfish_machine10 karma

Hey Jason, I met you at warped in Boston this year and you were awesome, thanks so much.

You guys killed warped this year and almost everybody agrees you guys had the most energy. How can you be so energetic, and what do you think about their support? (I know Jordan from New Found Glory wore a ll. shirt at a show I saw last night, and tons of people talk about you on twitter/facebook)

Will you collab with blessthefall? Beau loves you.

Jason_Aalon12 karma

I think the support is the most heartwarming sentiment you can receive as an artist. Especially when it is from other artists that you respect. Jordan is one of the coolest I've met, and I love Beau. That's my dude.

yourmomcantspell10 karma

I've always found your take on race and religion to be very thought provoking and interesting. I know the basics of your ethnicity through interviews and such, but not much on your personal take on religion. Care to share?

Also do you get a kick out of white dudes like myself singing "I'm a proud ass nigga"?

You've become one of my favorite lyricists because of your thought provoking/smart/blunt lyrics. Keep up the good work dude. Tell the band the same because they write some tasty jams as well. I saw you guys in philly a couple years back and you guys were amazing. I look forward to seeing you again at the Lancaster, PA Show in mid December.

Jason_Aalon29 karma

I think the idea of religion is all relative. A place to designate faith. I haven't a problem with what others choose to believe. My qualms lie in the encroachment of others' beliefs and the glaring negativity that some regimes have harbored. Therein I do find an issue. A problem. Never have I said I have the answer or that I am right. If I ever do, then I am no better than my adversaries. All I do know is this world is here for all and within it exists an inherent respect we must abide if we want to progress. That's what I believe in.

contagiouschemi9 karma

Hey Jason, how did you enjoy the UK tour last month?

FogAnimal8 karma

Electric Ballroom Muther sing-along, holy christ.

Jason_Aalon16 karma

Fucking chilling. Truly blew my mind.

dannyxvalerio9 karma

Hey Jason, thanks for doing this AMA. I saw you guys at Underoath's last show in Florida back in January and had never seen you before and immediately became a fan that night. I remember you climbed on to the fire escape of an adjacent building and you were shouting in peoples' windows.

I can't really think of a good question, so what bands have you been listening to lately?

Jason_Aalon18 karma

Daughter. Keaton Henson. Danny Brown.

dfmacdonald8 karma

Hey Jason, I met you in Toronto at Warped tour for a brief moment, you sort of seemed like you were extremely happy to have fans who wanted to meet with you after the show, yet at the same time like you just needed to get out of there and get away from people. I may have been reading into the situation a bit much, but I was curious, I know you've said you have a hard time trusting; does it bring out any social anxieties having to meet legions of people who look up to you?

And as a stand alone statement, thanks for being you, for putting the music that you and your band puts out there, and for being as candid as possible at your shows. Every time you have an interlude in your set where you end up going on a tangent, I honestly believe that I grow a little bit as a person hearing what you have to say. Not to be a creep.

So to wrap things up, Thanks man, letlive. means more to me than you'll ever know!

Jason_Aalon11 karma

I think we all need time to ourselves sometimes, but often when I am in that environment I am quite willing to be amidst others. I don't have much trouble in the realm of anxiety. I just want to say thank you to whoever I should be thanking. Like you. You get it. Thank you so much for getting it.

anjerika8 karma

Jason I'm aware that you are a Queen fan! I am a huge Queen fan myself and was wondering if Freddie Mercury influenced you to become a unique front man? -Angelica

Jason_Aalon10 karma

Absolutely. There is no denying Freddie as one of the most eccentric and powerful frontmen to date. Love me some Queen.

Cocaine448 karma

How was working with Stray from the path? Any more plans to do music with them?

Jason_Aalon11 karma

Best band. Would love to.

KarmelCHAOS7 karma

Hey Jason. I went to high school with Rjay so I've been watching you guys since the days of Veteran's Park and such, like ten years now. My question is what would you say is the hardest part of going from small places like that, to the bigger places? What do you miss the most about those kinds of shows?

Funny story plus: I worked with Jeff for literally ONE day at Blockbuster before he bailed lol.

Jason_Aalon12 karma

Damn. You're an OG. Good to hear from you. I don't see much difficulty in the changing of venue sizes as I think you shouldn't feel the need to tailor your performance. I try to be the same performer in the same band every show we play no matter the setting.

mrhs2157 karma

Jason, I've been a huge fan for years now. We've actually met several times in both Houston and Austin. (I was too nervous to initiate the first conversation so my girlfriend, at the time, grabbed my Fake History CD and had you autograph it.) My question is, who is the Ben that you refer to in Day 54 and what was the bullshit he was causing?

Jason_Aalon16 karma

An old friend. He's doing very well now and I'm happy for him despite juvenile discrepancies. Check out "cloudkicker".

jefclarkk6 karma

Hey Jason. First of all, I love you entirely and you're so down to earth. Now some questions: Are you religious? I've noticed religious undertones in some songs, but other songs like 27 club go against that.

What's your most memorable show? You've done crazy shit, but something has to stick out the most.

On that same note, who was the best band to tour with and why? Also, worst band to tour with and why?

Last of all, when the heck are you coming back to Spokane?! We need you guys back here!

Thanks, Jeff Clark, loyal fan for at least a year and a half.

Jason_Aalon6 karma

Just wanted to say really quickly how much we love Spokane. Ever since our first tour years and years ago Spokane has treated us like family. We will always love that city. Neato Burrito stand up.

greg2256 karma

Why do you spell the band name in all lowercase and with a period?

Jason_Aalon40 karma

To see if people are paying attention.

boydivison6 karma

Jason!! It was such a pleasure meeting you at warped this summer, If you remember this picture but you stood in one place forever making sure you got to meet your fans and got to talk to them and that was the highlight of my year. Seeing such compassion and you caring so much about fans who really wanted to meet you. It shows me that you make great music with a great band and how you are an amazing person. Much ll.ove

Jason_Aalon6 karma

I definitely do remember that photo. Nice to hear from you, hun. xo

JanEliasFrank6 karma

Dear Jason, I just wanted to say thank you for your and the bands great work. I heard you the first time few years back in Munich! The last show was one of the most intense shows i've seen my whole life! Me and my band wrote a song that's called "Less theory, more love", and guess it's pretty much inspired by your spirit eventhough it does sound like you guys. Would you give it a listen and give me honest feedback?

Jason_Aalon9 karma

I love hearing new music. Especially that of like minded individuals. Let's get it!

JiggerJay6 karma

What was it like to work on the last King Blues album with the awesome Can't Bring Me Down? I'm a huge fan of what Itch has done with his style.

Jason_Aalon8 karma

It was rad. Itch is the homie and it was cool to collaborate on something a little further outside of letlive.'s realm.

Dscim0o6 karma

This isn't really a question but more of a statement, In around 2010-2011 (I think) I had no idea who you guys were but all I knew was that you was the opening act for Your Demise in Southampton, for whatever reason i never decided to look into the band which was going to be opening because (This is probably a bad habit) most of the time I don't enjoy them. Needless to say around five minutes into your set I turn around behind me and you are there stood on a table right next to me on the microphone and i was pleasantly shocked, there was so much energy coming from your set!. You earned yourself a new fan that day and i would just like to say thank you for bringing so much energy to your sets and making "the show" a show.

Again, thank you :)

Jason_Aalon6 karma

That's too cool. I'm so glad we were able to leave such an impression. Sending my best.

SquadUpSquadUp5 karma

Hey Jason! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I've seen that you are very fond of the band Daughter, so my question is as for yourself or letlive., would you consider doing a cover of "Youth" or any of their other songs?

Secondly, I'd like to thank you for your music and the message you convey through it. It has taught me how to love and live my life to the fullest. I've talked to you about this event before via tumblr but this moment still stands out as one of the gracious moments as a fan. Back at the Dallas warped tour date I had forgotten my cd in my car and as if it were no big deal your reached over and handed me one for free. That very moment I realized, "wow this man really is in it for the fans" and is what every true artist should be. picture from warped tour.

tl;dr You're amazing and I thank you for it.

Jason_Aalon6 karma

I would love to cover Daughter. Perhaps not officially, but maybe just for fun. I am so thankful that you see letlive. the way you do. This is for you, just as much as it is for us. Remember that. Hope to see you soon.

negaburgo5 karma

What is your motivation for your stage antics? What runs through your head as you (and the others) perform live?

Jason_Aalon12 karma

Express. Expel. Be free.

THANAT0PS1S5 karma

Hey Jason,

So this question might not go over well, but I'm really curious about it, so here goes: why the decision to produce The Blackest Beautiful in the way that it is produced. I felt it sort of hindered the aggression and rawness that you guys have going for you to be produced in what is seemingly a pop sort of sound (obviously my opinion doesn't really matter, though). I thought the production on Fake History was fantastic, and you certainly don't need the obvious pitch correction you had on your voice in TBB. So, what gives?

You guys are fantastic, and the songwriting on both albums was consistently awesome, the production just rubbed me the wrong way and felt counter-productive to your sound. Anyway, love you guys, love your work, keep being inspirational and one of the best frontmen in the business! Your passion and intelligence amaze me.


Jason_Aalon16 karma

I totally respect and appreciate your honest opinion and I hope I am ok in giving you mine. That record was recorded and mixed in a way that we felt was necessary. Typically, most people are used to hearing records in a way that does not represent the band, whether it be fixing instruments or criminal post production magic. We wanted to present a record that spoke against most of the records that are being released in this (often times) painfully digital and falsely enhanced world. Not to say that I, myself, am not a fan of the technologies we have developed in music as I used some of them on this record, but the point here is that we wrote a record then we recorded it, then we had it mixed sound as closely as it could to those moments when we were tracking. I think people are very used to hearing these quantized and heavily produced records in rock music especially. As a band, we took an artistic liberty to liken our record, sonically, to records we enjoy the most and grew up listening to which, consequently, were either records from an era where people did not utilize digital equipment as much and didn't go back after you tracked and added elements that were not played and often times not even there at all. This is why I think our record may sound unappealing when placed against these unrealistically pristine rock records.

Or maybe it just sounds like shit. Either way- it's the record we felt it should be. Thank you so much for inquiring with authenticity. I do appreciate it, my friend.

oilgavart4 karma

hi jaosn, Let Live is not a very good band. :( imho. i would realy like it if i could mostly undertand what you were saying, then maybe it would be beetter. i think I could maybe like what yuo are singing about but i just dont know. also it is hard for em to follow you if I am like watching you on stagfe because you are moving around so much. maybe other people like this, i guess, that is Let Lives thing they have a lot of energy! That is great! it just is notreally my thing. anyways i was hoping that you could give me RJay's number becuse i think he is very cute and i think probably we could make cute cash bbys together. ;) thanks for reading and doing stuff for your fans and stuff that is cool.

Jason_Aalon12 karma

Sasha. I love you. But don't you ever talk about our son like that again. I'm all about being liberal and free love, but incest never yields evolutionarily beneficial results.

P.S. Stop crushing fairy houses.

muhlissa4 karma

Hey Jason, Just curious....

Who is your favorite emcee, and why is it Dreu Hudson?


Jason_Aalon6 karma

HAHHAHHA because he is the biggest pymp of all the pymps.


Fenim0re4 karma

Jason, When you played at warped tour this summer in st pete, florida you guys barely made the show. Glad you did as you were the main band I wanted to see. anyways, how did you come up with the idea to jump into the nasty ass water behind the stage? Also great fucking show love u guys

Jason_Aalon9 karma

I was hot. xo

StepOut3 karma

Hey Jason... So how many LetLive members will fit in a photo booth? ll.ove ya friend. Hope to see you soon. (sporting my ll. hoodie today). KARRI

Jason_Aalon2 karma

Karri! Amazing. We love and miss you so. Hope all is well on your end. Sending my warmest regards. xoxo

Groblin262 karma

First off huge fan. Love the passion of your shows. Any chance you guys are going to be touring through South Dakota?

Jason_Aalon3 karma

Been a while since we've hit the Dakota's, but we do need to come back and show love as it is one of the first regions to show it to us.