Hi Reddit! I'm Hannah Simone and I play Cece on New Girl! Excited to get to all of your questions today! Also if you are interested in hanging out on the New Girl set with me (airfare and hotel included) and then grabbing lunch with myself and another cast member head over to www.prizeo.com/hannah

Anyways, go ahead and ask me almost anything!

verified: https://twitter.com/HannahSimone/status/397518560878022656

UPDATE: Hey guys thank you so much for all your questions! I have to run. I am so sorry that I didn't get to everyone. I will do better next time. Hopefully you win at www.prizeo.com/hannah and we can hang out on set, go to lunch and chat. it is open to almost every country and we fly you to LA and put you up in a fancy hotel!!

hannah xx

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patrickp3211436 karma

Is Schmidt Schmidt outside of being Schmidt?

HannahSimone2558 karma

Only Schmidt would know how to be at Schmitty as Schmidt but that being said there is only one true Schmidt and an actor can't be Schmidt since Schmidt is Schmidt which leaves us with Schmidt being Schmidt inside and outside of Schmidt.

BongHits4Jeebus1391 karma

If you had to spend $5000 at a Walmart in 20 minutes, what would you get?

HannahSimone3632 karma

5000 dollars worth of Walmart gift cards so I can decide on my own time. Ain't nobody pressuring ME.

dangerdark1113 karma


HannahSimone1697 karma

that's a damn good question. that place is SPOTLESS.

befenpo1036 karma

What is something that you have done recently that deserves putting money in a doucebag jar?

agroundhog996 karma

You and Zooey have matching (and very lovely) bangs. Was that a creative decision or just a coincidence??

HannahSimone1429 karma

Pure coincidence. Our best friends in real life are all banged up too though so art... life... you know what they say.

logicatch979 karma

You tweeted earlier that you've "stalked" reddit for years...what subreddits do you like to browse?

HannahSimone1820 karma

I am obsessed with AMAs. The level of honesty you get is so rare.

Apollo182954 karma

Do you actually know the rules to True American?

HannahSimone1420 karma

Cece has never been involved in a True American game! Maybe this year it will happen and if it does we will do another AMAA....

This_Is_The_Life755 karma

Hannah so happy you've decided to do an AMA.

  • 1: I see you're in Spike Lee's Oldboy, what is your role in that movie?
  • 2: How's the energy changed since Damon Wayans Jr has returned?
  • 3: (Schmidt voice) Cece you my boo. I hope you and Schmidt get back together or at least just talk it out.

HannahSimone1035 karma

  1. I get to break the bad news to Josh Brolin's character...
  2. It is great to have Coach back on board and back in the weirdness!
  3. I gotchu x

Meaterator726 karma

I was out at El Carmen a couple weeks ago with some friends for a birthday party. I was peeking over at you at the bar wondering if I should bother you for a photo, but decided to hold your privacy over my novelty photo needs.

Now finally seems like the right time to say hi. Hi Hannah!

HannahSimone821 karma

Hiya! And THANK YOU.

BidetToYouSir724 karma

I have a few things if you don't mind, Hannah.

  1. Obligatory /r/newgirl shootout where we discuss the show and post our favorite moments.

  2. What has been your favorite episode in the now 2.5 seasons of the show?

  3. How much is Max Greenfield like Schmidt? Does he have driving moccasins?

HannahSimone833 karma

  1. That is amazing!! When I am done this AMAA I will head over to it!!
  2. Honestly every episode has been great to work on. I have favourite moments in all of them.
  3. Go ask him @iamgreenfield... and I don't think so but wouldn't be surprised.

furyasd771 karma

I responded to you, so know that we know each other, it's like if Hannah Simone responded to me.

HannahSimone2051 karma

it's exactly like that.

Mrs_Damon497 karma

Hey Hannah!

As a Torontonian, I have to say that I will forever remember you as a MuchMusic VJ when I actually cared for the VJs :)

My question is, if you could interview any non-living person, who would it be & why?

HannahSimone603 karma

The best part of being a VJ was talking to people all day that I only knew through their art/ music/ films. It was a fascinating way to learn about new people and different perspectives. So thank you for watching! I would love to be able to sit down with my grandparents that have passed and just hear everything... all of it...

TheKoi470 karma

Have you ever thought of becoming a cage fighter?

HannahSimone1878 karma

I don't like to revisit my past.

redtalker421 karma

Hi Hannah! First and foremost, thanks for doing this AMA. Between you and Aziz showing up a couple days ago, it's been a very cool week for Desis on reddit :)

My mom is Southeast Asian and my dad is Desi. I grew up feeling like I wasn't Asian or Desi enough for either side. On top of how racially ambiguous I look, my first name sounds pretty standard American. Early life was like a cultural identity crisis where I thought I couldn't be SE Asian, Desi, and American at the same time, as if being associated with any one of those cultures meant I permanently disqualified myself from the others. I know more now, but I'm still treated this way by people who take for granted what it's like to be biethnic or a POC in general.

I know you're half Desi as well. Did you ever feel like you weren't Indian or white enough to land fair roles? How much does it matter to you that you play an Indian woman on such a popular show? Because to me and many other POC, it matters a whole lot!

Thanks again. Keep rocking! Happy Diwali!

HannahSimone563 karma

Thank you! I just stopped trying to fit in and realized the power in being ethnically ambiguous. I focused on what I loved and my cultural background gave me a unique perspective that opened a lot of doors. That in turn created a platform for me to share the things I am passionate about. Being on this show is a gift on so many levels including have a south asian face representing!

MainAD397 karma

Which scene of New Girl made you crack up the most?

HannahSimone1195 karma

I have to stop myself laughing all damn day long but there was one time I couldn't keep it in and I laughed so hard that we had to cut and give me time to learn how to breathe like a normal person again. That time was with with Schmidt in the old folks home where he gets turned on and starts screaming. I had no idea he was going to scream in my face that loud and I just broke down into hysteria.

herescharlie392 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill:

Bruce Willis, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Lee.


PS. New Girl is the shit! I got hooked last semester!

HannahSimone1628 karma

Fuck Bruce. Marry Bruce. Kill Bruce.

Massalassi392 karma

What was it like going to school at UBC and what are some good places to go eat in Vancouver?

Thank you for doing this AMAA. I absolutely love the character you play on New Girl!

HannahSimone975 karma

Head to Stepho's down on Davie. Wait in line. Don't be a diva, I know it's raining. Order the Tiroboukes. YOU ARE WELCOME.

nalawrites380 karma

Hi Hannah!! I absolutely adore Cece and Jess's friendship, one of the best female friendships on television right now. What's one of your favorite scenes including the two of them?

HannahSimone840 karma

Anytime Jess and Cece get together I love it! One of my favourite moments is from season one where they hide from their dates in the bathroom and eat cookies and avoid confrontation.

Potatoseamen373 karma

I'm standing here debating what to eat. Reese's puffs or brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts?

HannahSimone1360 karma

Always go for the brown sugar.

jamieflood328 karma

What's the weirdest thing that somebody has tweeted you?

HannahSimone898 karma

Ask the people I've blocked.

moniquemarques324 karma

Do you like "Schmece" ?

HannahSimone869 karma

I am a fan of awkweird made up words.

hubbahubba2112279 karma

If you could have a Ben and Jerry's flavor named after new girl what would it be called and what would it taste like?

HannahSimone733 karma

Caramel Miracle. What else?

moniquemarques263 karma


HannahSimone703 karma


McPick254 karma


We worked together on the Pepsi Refresh Project. You were a great brand ambassador and I'm so happy you've had such success. Your show is a must-watch in my home and I have to ask: what's it like playing the straight-faced character in a group of...well...weirdos?

HannahSimone367 karma

Hey! I actually got involved with the Pink Daisy Project when I was the Health Ambassador at Good Projects. Nice full circle moment. And they let me get weird... hello junkpunch.

aryasneedle42221 karma

how often to people walk up to you on the street and call you Cece?

and then how often is that followed up by "please get back together with schmidt?"

HannahSimone869 karma

I have legally changed my name to: Cece Pleasegetbacktogetherwithschmidt

uberlad165 karma

What's your very best life advice? Can be about anything... you pick.

HannahSimone581 karma

Stop talking.

aryasneedle42128 karma

You have an absolutely amazing body and yet people still refer to you as curvy. What do you think about the stigma of being stick thin in hollywood?

I personally have battled with not eating properly and being unhealthy, how do you stay away from doing things like that and keep your confidence? Also any workouts your absolutely love doing?

edit: formatting

HannahSimone356 karma

Block out the noise. You only have one life so focus on FEELING good.

dsbllr102 karma


HannahSimone191 karma

Loved my time at RyeHigh. I'll swing by and bother Nadler next time I'm in town.

yianni6480 karma

What city did you live in Cyprus and what do you miss about it?

HannahSimone141 karma

In Cyprus, I lived in both Lefkosia and Larnaka and I miss it everyday.

compumaster77 karma

Hey Hannah,

We really enjoy the show, and thank you for being part of it.

What would be the ultimate role for you in acting?

Also what's the last non-profit you've donated to?

HannahSimone147 karma

Thank you! Playing Cece is the ultimate role. Everyday is a new experience. Last non-profit was a donation to the Pink Daisy Project in support of all the brave young women and men who are juggling their lives and families and beating this disease. If you support you could come and hang out with me on set! www.prizeo.com/hannah

Terbmagic67 karma

How was the filming of the upcoming Oldboy remake? What was it like working with Spike Lee?

HannahSimone145 karma

Incredible. Spike is the best. New Orleans is perfection. And the story is... welll you know...

Chris_Mundy26 karma


HannahSimone47 karma

the damn cutest. furry furgie furg.

supercpro24 karma

My friend wants to know, how the hell do you get your bangs so straight? For...for science.

HannahSimone98 karma

I tell them to behave and they know well enough to listen.