Hannah Simone

is a Canadian television hostess, actress, and former fashion model.

Hosted AMAs

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HannahSimone3632 karma

5000 dollars worth of Walmart gift cards so I can decide on my own time. Ain't nobody pressuring ME.

HannahSimone2558 karma

Only Schmidt would know how to be at Schmitty as Schmidt but that being said there is only one true Schmidt and an actor can't be Schmidt since Schmidt is Schmidt which leaves us with Schmidt being Schmidt inside and outside of Schmidt.

HannahSimone2051 karma

it's exactly like that.

HannahSimone1878 karma

I don't like to revisit my past.

HannahSimone1820 karma

I am obsessed with AMAs. The level of honesty you get is so rare.

HannahSimone1697 karma

that's a damn good question. that place is SPOTLESS.

HannahSimone1628 karma

Fuck Bruce. Marry Bruce. Kill Bruce.

HannahSimone1429 karma

Pure coincidence. Our best friends in real life are all banged up too though so art... life... you know what they say.

HannahSimone1420 karma

Cece has never been involved in a True American game! Maybe this year it will happen and if it does we will do another AMAA....