Frontman from Static-x and my solo band Wayne Static.

Gearing up for a small U.S. tour run. You can check out dates and locations here:


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Semanticsalmon93103 karma

How did you first find out about Tera and what about her made you fall in love with her?

iamwaynestatic279 karma

Tera was modeling for Hustler on Ozzfest 2007. She brought me my shot on stage and told the audience she masterbates to me every day.

kcsx100 karma

Have you talked to Tripp Eisen at all since he got arrested a few years back or did you guys basically cut contact with him after you fired him? For the record, I agree with your decision, I'm just curious because he basically seemed to just drop off the face of the earth after that whole thing.

iamwaynestatic139 karma

I have had no contact with him. What he did made the entire band look really bad, and I think it hurt the band's career a little.

iamwaynestatic91 karma

Battery is dying on the laptop. It has been great talking with everyone and thanks for the great questions. I will be going out on tour in December, check out the dates at Thanks again guys. Must do this again.

diirtytrash67 karma

Any chance we will here more songs from Shadow Zone next tour, such a underrated album. What about All in Wait and Invincible, never heard them live?

iamwaynestatic61 karma

It's so hard to make the set list. So many songs to choose from....

blackcat2149 karma

I saw you at a Del Taco in southern California a few years back and I was too scared to ask you for an autograph. Do you care if fans come up and talk to you when you are out, or do you prefer to be left alone?

iamwaynestatic97 karma

I don't mind taking time for fans. Just be polite.

joel_a43 karma

How was it working with Mephisto Odyssey on Crash for the Batman Beyond soundtrack? I've loved that song since I heard it in the movie as a kid.

iamwaynestatic55 karma

Those guys are really cool and talented. The video was awesome too. I did my hair to look like Batman and it was a big hit.

iamwaynestatic33 karma

jackjustdied32 karma

Hey Wayne!

I was a massive fan of Static-X growing up, thanks for contributing to the shaping of my future!

Have you always enjoyed playing music or was it something that came to you later in life? If you hadn't gone in that direction, where do you think you would be now? Cheers, good luck with the AMA.

iamwaynestatic48 karma

I have always played music in some form. I got my first guitar when I was seven. The only other hobby I have is offroad vehicles so if music disappeared I would be an auto mechanic!

rockstarradio28 karma

Hows your health lately? We know it caused some touring problems in the recent past. You go to go for this upcoming run?

iamwaynestatic64 karma

It's taken me almost a year to get back into touring shape. I am good to go for this upcoming run. The band is slamming and we are ready to kill.

Cid27 karma

Please say you're promoting a new album whether solo or static-x.. also I saw an interview years back with you and your girl, have you guys got cable yet?

iamwaynestatic47 karma

I'm working on a new solo album between tours. We are doing a Southwest tour this December, then the whole country next year. So hopefully there will be new music this year

dangergirl61225 karma

hey wayne & tera, i love you. the end! cant wait to hang out in vegas. Xo - Stef

iamwaynestatic26 karma

We love you too!

ScubaBird22 karma

No question. I just fucking love your music. All of it!! I hope to catch you in this tour! I live in MN (seen you in Mankato a couple years ago) hope you get clise enough for a road trip! Thank you for the hours of music in my phone and in my blood

iamwaynestatic18 karma

Thanks for the kind words. We will make it out your way early next year.

blackbandit17 karma

What's your favorite Static-X song? I started listening to yall when I heard Cannibal and have loved the band since!

iamwaynestatic38 karma

I love playing the song Cannibal. In general I like playing whatever the crowd wants to hear.

8ghriv7ht8gbr7gjv16 karma

What are your favorite bands to listen to these days?

iamwaynestatic33 karma

I like classic rock. Zeppelin, Journey, stuff I grew up with.

Sozly14 karma

Hey Mr Static! When will we see you in Australia? It has to happen!

iamwaynestatic19 karma

Not soon enough! We love it there so hopefully soon.

s36himself11 karma

Yo Wayne, you rock! I've loved every album you've dropped, and especially liked how every album has had such a different and distinct sound. I also really enjoyed Pighammer, and can't wait to see you in Hollywood in December.

Machine is my favorite album - I've never found anything that sounds quite like it. To me, Machine is the epitome of industrial metal.

1) What was your inspiration or what were you channeling when making Machine?

2) when can we expect your next album?

3) I would love to see you work with Fear Factory again, or Sybreed - any collabs in the future?

iamwaynestatic20 karma

  1. I wrote Machine while we were touring with Pantera, so it's really heavy!
  2. I should have a new album out this year. I'm writing between tours. We are touring the southwest in December and then the whole US next year.
  3. I recently did a song and video with legendary rapper DMC. That should be out soon.

climbherm7 karma

How does your songwriting process work? Do you usually start with a vocal melody, or actual lyrics, or just a guitar riff, or...? Is it generally just you, or is it you and some band members sitting around coming up with stuff?

iamwaynestatic16 karma

I like to write by myself. I start with a cool guitar riff and drum beat and build it up from there. The vocals and keyboards come last.

piraterobb7 karma

hi wayne i recently posted a link to a festival in the uk on facebook which i would love to see you play at, you liked the post any chance a hint you may be playing there?

iamwaynestatic4 karma

Sorry no UK plans right now.

stat1stick6 karma

Hey Wayne! Thank you for doing an AMA! I met you once in Seattle about 10 years ago when Shadow Zone came out. Thanks for talking with me.

Which album do you feel had the most work put into it? Do you write in the studio or do you have stuff written before you start recording?

iamwaynestatic10 karma

My solo album Pighammer was the most work because I did everything myself. I wrote a lot of that in the studio too. Most of the other albums were written before entering the studio.

Grefter5 karma

Got any plans for a UK tour? If you do please bring the Defiled along

iamwaynestatic10 karma

I will take it under advisement...

Semanticsalmon935 karma

Have you considered incorporating or venturing into other genres like post-rock, trip-hop, or shoegaze?

iamwaynestatic11 karma

I love all types of music and it's very possible you could hear some other influences on my next cd.

Mgallred5 karma

I was wondering are you still going keep recording music.

iamwaynestatic17 karma

Of course! I love making music. My first solo cd came out in 2011 and I'm working on another right now.

dnoack4 karma

Any chance you will come to green bay Wi soon

iamwaynestatic11 karma

Next year. Wisconsin is awesome.

demonbadger3 karma

I saw you play a few times around 1999-2001. Loved the first two albums...and then something happened. What did happen? Wisconsin Death Trip was great. The others lacked that great. Any thoughts?

iamwaynestatic40 karma

Sorry you didn't like the other cds. Like I said, I always try to keep things fresh and change things up. You wouldn't want me to keep making WDT over and over again would you?

ciko_gfb3 karma

would you consider to dye your beard to black :p

iamwaynestatic20 karma

I used to dye it black! I let the grey grow out because she likes it.

s_mw3 karma

Biggest influences? How do you feel about Katatonia? What brand hair gel do you use?

iamwaynestatic10 karma

I have too many influences to list here. That's why my music is different than anyone else. I use hair spray, not gel.

shitpplsay2 karma

Tera didn't show titty at the Utah show, she owes me!!!

iamwaynestatic21 karma

Utah has very strict laws about showing titties. You have to come to a show in a different state!

bellblues2 karma

Hey Wayne, I've dug Static-X for years now and I think all your music is pretty damn good. However, which is in your opinion the best album you produced with Static-X?

iamwaynestatic7 karma

They all are good in their own way. I always try to change things up a little each time.

SpaceAstronaut1 karma

Hey Wayne, you get to see a lot of cool up and coming bands when touring I imagine, who are some of your favorites?

iamwaynestatic2 karma

My memory is so bad I can't think of their names right now!