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Hey Kal! I'm a big fan! My question for you is, were you happy with your role in Superman Returns or were you hoping for a more prominent role?

Also, if you could be in any superhero movie, existing or not, and play any character, which would you choose?

Take care!

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Where could they have gone? How did no one notice the bodies being removed?

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Hey Wayne! Thank you for doing an AMA! I met you once in Seattle about 10 years ago when Shadow Zone came out. Thanks for talking with me.

Which album do you feel had the most work put into it? Do you write in the studio or do you have stuff written before you start recording?

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Hey Adam! Thanks for doing this AMA! I have a stupid question. Do you ever get mistaken for Danny Elfman?

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Hey Paul! Great to see you around here! I always loved the look of your bikes. Of the bikes that were made on the show, which would you say you're the most proud of?