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albinorhino531 karma

Are the dogs just as loving when they are not in elite combat mode?

MikeRitland40 karma

yes very much so

lowspeedlowdrag29 karma

Do you notice any differences between American and European bred dogs, Malinois in particular? Do you prefer to start with a titled dog or a green one?

MikeRitland32 karma

I prefer a green dog, and we've sourced dogs from both europe and the states. Good dogs are good dogs, though the percentages of european dogs are higher.

SeaHawken22 karma

What type of breeds are the most common in the military? What's your favorite breed? What breed do you find to be the all out best?

Also, thanks for serving!

MikeRitland22 karma

Good dogs are good dogs- but I like malinois and bully breeds

Giorlando_Calrissian21 karma

How frequently are dogs used in SEAL operations? What sort of roles do they fulfill?

MikeRitland33 karma

frequently, and they do explosive detection and suspect apprehension

mastiffdude21 karma

Can you train my oldest male to not lay around all day and pass gas?

MikeRitland26 karma

Probably better that you do that :)

mastiffdude13 karma

god damnit. On a serious note, I do have a question. I know you more specialize and work related training but any ideas on how to get my younger mastiff to not literally shit himself when a stranger comes in the door? He's scared of everyone.

MikeRitland16 karma

Try to use whatever motivates him to reward him for being good. Try taking him to environmentally challenging areas and use rewards to relieve stress and make him comfortable

MikeRitland21 karma

Thanks to all for the support and great questions- I sincerely appreciate it. Take care and talk to everyone soon.


ownedbyapyr19 karma

Are these dogs euthanized after their service is over?

MikeRitland47 karma

Not typically, they are either adopted out to families or sent to places like the warrior dog foundation to live out their lives in our sanctuary

dyanceyfunnie18 karma


MikeRitland18 karma

Very, I can't imagine doing anything else

Samstoner18 karma

How many years is a dog's service?

MikeRitland27 karma

It just depends, but on average i would say 5-8 years

A_huge_waffle16 karma

Have you ever worked with a dog that you wanted to keep as your own?

MikeRitland28 karma

Most of them, yes

EvilTech515010 karma

Nifty. So do they make scuba gear for dogs or what? :D

Ok, so that should entertain the peanut gallery. What do you think of the publishing industry so far? Are you self publishing, working with a publisher, doing print on demand, create space?

MikeRitland14 karma

No scuba gear as of yet, I am enjoying the publishing process thus far. I am working with a couple different publishers

tfonk210 karma

Thank you for your service!

MikeRitland23 karma

My pleasure, thank you

elchuchu-21 karma


MikeRitland11 karma

dogs and K9s are the same thing. Dolphins can go with us on land...

MikeRitland3 karma

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