EDIT3: We've now PMed everyone with all of the keys; if you PMed us before 19 Octobear at 12:59 pm GMT and didn't get a code, PM me (GOGcom) and link to a screencap of your original PM and I'll see what I can do for you.

EDIT2: Some of you guys got duplicate codes. Please re-PM GOGaway if you received no code or a "code redeemed" message when you tried to redeem your code. Sorry about the bot hiccupping.

Woo Hoo! GOG.com and Stainless Games have launched Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now and we're giving away 50,000 copies of the original Carmageddon Max Pack to celebrate while we host an AMA!

First up: I'm sure you're interested in how to get your free copy of Carmageddon Max Pack:

  • Send a PM to user GOGaway. Keep it simple, since we're not going to be reading the PMs here. Maybe you wanna tell GOGaway what you did last summer, or your secret plans for world domination. Whatever you say there, we won't judge.
  • Wait. We have 50,000 codes to give away and Reddit's API recommends a 3 second delay between each PM; that means that it will be a minimum of 42 hours until we give all of the keys out. Don't worry, though. We got your PM. I totally checked.
  • The bot will read the mail and send you a PM with a GOG.com key for the Carmageddon Max Pack.
  • We'll edit the top of this post to let you know when all of the keys are distributed. :)

Eligibility: We are only allowing 1 key per account. You have to have a Reddit account to receive a key (der). We are only accepting PMs until 19 October 2013 at 12:59 pm GMT or we run out of codes (whichever happens first), although due to the nature of time and lag and APIs, you may not actually get your gift code until after then.

The bot we're using was written by Reddit user /u/kurtschwarz, so big thanks to him.

But I'm sure you're interested in the AMA as well! We have Nobby, one of the original founders of Stainless Games, artist extraordinaire and Brand Director, and Jason Garber, the Publishing Director. (We may also be joined by Sim McDermott, Game Designer on Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Producer, Brand - if she can get connected from her top secret holiday location!) They're here to answer any and all of your questions about the original Carmageddon games, their recent Kickstarter, and what's been happening with the upcoming Carmageddon Reincarnation. Ask away, and they'll be happy to answer.

EDIT: proof is here: https://twitter.com/nobby_SG/status/390798995909406720

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lennartb616 karma

50.000 codes? Damn! This is gonna be Karmageddon!

GOGcom423 karma

It's a "self" post; I don't think we actually get any Karma from it. :P

Laurian44 karma

i got a message the is nothing there. after that i press the link again (from pm).

it said code already used. there is no carmagedon max pack in my account. so, what to do ?

GOGcom40 karma

Our code bot seems to be hiccupping. We're trying to fix it at this instant, and we'll go back and get all of you who were issued duplicate codes a valid one by tomorrow at the latest. Sorry about this. :(

EDIT: Grammar. Because I'm apparently bad at it this evening.

EDIT2: Please re-PM GOGaway and you should get a new (valid!) code.

Specnerd8 karma

I'm just happy you're giving away the codes! Do we need to do anything if this happened to us or is it going to be taken care of automatically?

GOGcom14 karma

We'll go back through all of our "Sent" PMs and find everyone who got sent a duplicate and re-send.

EDIT: Just got told by Dev that we're actually going to free back up all of the user names who were issued invalid codes and they will be able to PM GOGaway again for a valid one. It should be ready in about a half an hour.

EDIT, round TWO: And apparently you should re-PM GOGaway, as that's the best fix we can implement.

maratc5 karma

Same here. Wasn't logged into my GOG account before redeeming.

GOGcom10 karma

We have fixed our drunken DB. Please re-PM GOGaway and you will get a new key.

Do you hear that sound, Mr. Maratc? That is the sound of in-gnomeitibility.



I dunno which word applies.

Kamenwati3 karma

Exact same problem here :(

GOGcom2 karma

We have fixed our drunken DB. Please re-PM GOGaway and you will get a new key.

There are no problems, only things that server gnomes have caused because they are vicious.

sekoku2 karma

Same. "Code already used" but I was logged into GoG and got to the code redemption page.

GOGcom7 karma

We have fixed our drunken DB. Please re-PM GOGaway and you will get a new key.

In recompense, we will happily offer you a free copy of Carmagedd--uh. Wait. :P

addriano134 karma

lol i got an used code...

janizary4 karma

Mine was invalid. C'est la vie, it's not like you had 100 percent chance to get it in the first place.

GOGcom3 karma

If your code was invalid, re-PM GOGaway and you should get a valid one this time. Sorry about that.