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!RemindMe 25 years?

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If you're still around, could you take a look at this analysis of the pilot episode where Elliot is doing the hack/prevention of the RUDY on Evil Corp's servers at the server farm and tell us how true he is on Elliot's custom programs for it?

Also I would love to know how fast someone is able to pull what Tyrell did on the one guys phone (making himself root and hiding the original root) without it being super obvious/social engineering them to give them a moment to do that.

Also while I'm thinking of it, how "true" to the hacks are you without making it a step-by-step to where anyone if they reverse engineered the commands (like if they figured out the custom programs? :) ) would be able to do the hacks themselves?

I gotta give props, the show has engaged me because it's probably the closest to being near 1:1 with technology stuff in any television/movie program I've ever seen.

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http://i.imgur.com/cLeQY9E.gifv Ahhhh he replied!

I knew of Flexispy thanks to Wired's article about what Elliot uses and them throwing it in. I didn't know the actual screens used were part of the tutorial for Flexispy. Interesting, and very lucky for Tyrell that Anwar rooted his phone? :)

Hopefully going into season 2 you keep that sort of accuracy. It's a good point-at-example of "you have to protect your phone/computer/tech device if you want to make sure your information is safe and be SUPER PARANOID now a days."

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Same. "Code already used" but I was logged into GoG and got to the code redemption page.

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