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Ok, I hate that that is region locked and I had to work around it, but that is, probably the best thing I have seen from SNL all year.

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How do you feel about criminals like the confidence artists Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu using Patreon to get money from easily duped simpletons?

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Mine was invalid. C'est la vie, it's not like you had 100 percent chance to get it in the first place.

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Always did love Mr Show, felt Run Ronnie Run was a pretty solid follow up to the series.

You, David, and Tom Kenny have all moved on pretty completely from Mr Show, do you miss coming in to the offices and hanging out with the crew? Have you ever tried to get a role for one of your old coworkers in a project you have a part in? Have you ever tried for a part because you know one of them will be there?

Hell, for all I know you hate them all, but you seemed to be having fun on the show.