I created a TV show. Sometimes I'm on it. Other times not.

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Erikshirtless1546 karma

What's working with Danny DeVito like? Is he down for any of the weird things you guys throw at him? (Like Mantis toboggan, being naked in a couch, etc)

Bilbolambskin2873 karma

He suggested the couch thing. That should give you a good idea.

Caidan441534 karma

Love your work Rob, I can't even pick my favourite episode of Always Sunny, I love them all, but which is your favourite episode?

Also, Dennis is asshole, why Charlie hate?

Bilbolambskin2121 karma

Because Dennis is a bastard man.

I can tell you we collectively hated shooting that episode. Fun to conceive. Fun to write. Fun to edit. Hell to shoot. So much screaming.

Bilbolambskin1483 karma

That's it for me. But I'll be back. Thanks for all the questions and all the support over the years. It doesn't happen without you. You have no idea how grateful I am.

Dara4041382 karma

Have you seen Japanese kids perform Day Man? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCB4XRRn0WU

Bilbolambskin2559 karma

We're global. Accept it and move on.

youwreckme1097 karma

Did you enjoy being fat Mac more than regular Mac?

Bilbolambskin2170 karma

I wish I could be 60lbs overweight all the time. It was glorious.

schustermaster945 karma

Will the McPoyle's be back soon?

Bilbolambskin1717 karma

Our season finale is a Thanksgiving special with many of our favorite characters. The McPoyles will be there.

shaedesign871 karma

Are there still plans for Aaron Paul to be on the show this season?

Bilbolambskin1215 karma

We'll see....

laurennerual830 karma

Is Mac ever going to address his sexuality ie come out of the closet?

Bilbolambskin1450 karma

What closet?

CorporateExpress770 karma

Why was Frank in the coil?

Bilbolambskin961 karma

If I told you it would ruin it, now wouldn't it?

ogragreg04767 karma

Where do you and Charlie get all of your awesome shirts?

Bilbolambskin1446 karma

Suburban Riot is a clothing line that has given us quite a good amount of our wardrobe.

ZexyMercenary756 karma

It's Always Sunny has been my favorite TV show since it has come out, so thank you for that.

How difficult was it to gain all of that mass and then lose it shortly after?

Bilbolambskin1294 karma

Lotta weight questions. I put on sixty pounds in four months. I tired for a hundred but my doctor put a stop to it. Stupid doctors.

I tried to do it eating massive amounts of healthy food. Didn't work. I went for the donuts, fast food and weight gainer shakes.

The first 30 lbs on and off was the easiest. The next 20 was very difficult. The final 10 brutal.

CookieDahmer735 karma

Rob! The episode where Charlie makes the play about day man honestly makes me cry laughing everytime. Where do you come up with those amazing songs? I always pay the troll toll.

Bilbolambskin926 karma

We wrote a number of them together but it's really Charlie and our buddy Cormac Bluestone that write the vast majority of the music.

ZeusPeabody663 karma

If you had to bust out some sweet karate moves on Glenn, Charlie, Danny or Kaitlin, who would last the longest before you pound them into submission?

Bilbolambskin1760 karma

Kaitlin gave birth to two babies, without drugs in our bedroom. She's the toughest human being in American as far as I'm concerned.

Ztorz627 karma

Will there ever be another Chardee Macdennis the game of games episode? Mac and Charlie came so close, and I want to see a rematch.

Bilbolambskin1022 karma

There is a very good chance of that, yes.

sajeevck623 karma

Where in Philadelphia am i most likely to run into you?

'Mac is a serial killer' is my favorite episode. That was some television gold right there. Thanks for being awesome!

Bilbolambskin1029 karma

The Eagles game this Sunday. Or at my bar Saturday night.

jacobtiihonen610 karma

Do you guys actually get drunk at times when filming drunk scenes?

Bilbolambskin1069 karma

Yes. But not often. Earlier seasons more often. I'll tell you what, you name a scene and I'll tell you if I was drunk.

fuhfuh601 karma

Why is Franks hair shorter this season?? I preferred his hair as long and disgusting as possible

Bilbolambskin1154 karma

Frank's hair has it's own way of doing things. We've learned not to question it.

AncestorsProtectMe574 karma

Did you use the D.E.N.N.I.S. system to seduce Kaitlin?

Bilbolambskin1534 karma

She did.

Wag3Peace563 karma

When is the episode written with the game of thrones writers airing? You guys are the best show on TV right now and have me and my buddies cracking up every Wednesday night

Bilbolambskin672 karma

Next Wednesday

Doctor_Shnu539 karma

What is Charlie like? I imagine him to be fluffy.

Bilbolambskin1120 karma

The funniest person I've ever known. Sometimes jolly. Other times an ornery son of a bitch.

greensign529 karma

What other projects do you have coming up other than It's Always Sunny?

Love It's Always sunny and your work on the show.

Bilbolambskin1280 karma

Working on a kids adventure movie right now. That's right. A monster movie, bitches.

greensign284 karma

Nice! That's gonna be interesting to see you play a role that isn't mac.

Bilbolambskin1046 karma

Not acting in it. Wrote and directing.

childishGabino519 karma

Rob! I'm A HUGE FAN OF THE SHOW!!! I've always wanted to know, how you, Glenn, and Charlie met?

Thanks for doing this!!

Bilbolambskin1222 karma

I met Charlie on an airplane from NYC to LA. We were screen testing for the same part. I knew by the end of the trip I wouldn't be getting that particular part.

rachaelivy477 karma

Any news on the sci-if series you guys were developing? It needs to happen!

Bilbolambskin885 karma

Developing it now as an animated show for FOX.

Rainy_Daiz458 karma

Do you find yourself acting the same and using the same mannerisms off screen with each other as you would do on screen?

Bilbolambskin1355 karma

We're all actually quite different from our characters. Except for Danny.

btm29445 karma

Do you foresee Dennis killing someone in future episodes?

Bilbolambskin970 karma

I'm wondering if he already has.

CMHex422 karma

I love the show's self-referencial humor. Is it hard to fit in references to older episodes and jokes, or is it just fun and part of the process?

Bilbolambskin989 karma

It's really fun when a character or relationship from the past fits in organically with a current episode idea. The Gang is constantly using the same old VHS tape camcorder for various purposes. It's probably one of my favorite runners through the entire series. I'm not sure if I've laughed harder on set than on the day Charlie and I shot the Fight Milk commercial.

smalltitsbignipples368 karma

how much of Sunny is improv? also, tell us how you gained all that weight!

Bilbolambskin757 karma

We usually do a scripted version of every scene. Then we find what works, what doesn't. Sometimes an entire scene is exactly the way we scripted it. Other times not a word was written.

re: the weight. I ate. A lot.

MyNameIsBruce2366 karma

Hi Rob! Thanks for wearing an Emerson College Football shirt on the show, like, five seasons ago. Emerson students still talk about that. And thanks for creating such a messed-up, hilarious show that all of us messed-up people can quote endlessly.

Bilbolambskin891 karma

That was sent to me by Emerson students. If you send me a cool tee shirt and I look terrible in it, I'll wear it on the show.

Abe_lincolin348 karma

What do you think about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman?

Bilbolambskin1048 karma

As long as he lowers his voice three octaves and acts sullen I'm good.

ThCrapperMan337 karma

How much did the first episode cost to make? Who does the majority of the writing now versus then?

Bilbolambskin850 karma

The first two episodes of what would become Always Sunny cost $300.

Dara404337 karma

Ghouls or Magnets?

Bilbolambskin560 karma

Magnets. Without a doubt.

jacob33123325 karma

Sunny somehow manages to stay fresh with almost every new episode, while most shows this late into their run start getting stale. Is this as hard to accomplish as it seems, or are you guys still just having fun bouncing ridiculous ideas off each other and having it turn into comedy gold?

Bilbolambskin605 karma

We never take an episode off. We take some big swings and sometimes we miss but it's not for lack of trying. We don't wanna put out mediocre, recycled shit.

CaerbannogSurvivor306 karma

I love the way you guys handle politics on the show, especially on 'Gun Fever 2', is it difficult to keep your own politics out of the show and go for balanced hilarity?

Bilbolambskin1150 karma

Yes. But I figure that I have this platform in order to make you laugh and enjoy yourselves for 30 min, not to preach to about how I may feel on a particular subject. Besides it's way more fun to present the extremes of both sides of an issue. That's where the idiots who drive the national conversation dwell.

That said, just let the gays get married for Christ sakes. What is the big fucking deal?

SuperSaiyanAragorn296 karma

Just wanted to say Mac is my favorite character on Sunny! thanks for making me laugh so much!

Bilbolambskin742 karma

Smart. You're my favorite questioner so far.

WaffleStomper1133292 karma

Did you take Karate growing up as a child?

Bilbolambskin850 karma

Judo and wrestling. I got my ass beaten more times than a cranky three year old during the Depression.

-theimplication-285 karma

Who are some comedy writers that have influenced you?

Bilbolambskin674 karma

The Marx Brothers. Woddy Allen. Carl Reiner. Norman Lear. George Carlin (big time). Gary David Goldberg. Larry David. David Sedaris.

Jabbathematt271 karma

Are there still any plans for the Jackass crew to be on the show?

Bilbolambskin923 karma

We were prepping to have Ryan Dunn on the show in season 7. To think about it now makes me really, really sad.

indel266 karma

What do you do in your free time? (besides practice your sweet martial arts skills)

Bilbolambskin898 karma

Spend time with my children. You wanna hear about my kids, right? You wanna see pictures? Everybody likes seeing pictures and hearing stories about other people's kids, right? Come on....

ThisIsMarklar239 karma

What inspired you to create IASIP?

Bilbolambskin814 karma


lids369236 karma

Thanks for creating such an awesome show! How did you guys create the most catchy song of all time, Dayman?

Bilbolambskin554 karma

That's all Charlie and Glenn. And a little inspiration from Queen.

Wirephone226 karma

Does it take much out of you? Constantly being a Badass that is.

Bilbolambskin404 karma

It's exhausting getting beaten up all the time.

word2thewise155 karma

If you weren't a hilarious actor, what do you think you'd be doing with yourself? Huge fan by the way!

Bilbolambskin445 karma

If I had the size, speed, agility and mental wherewithal I would be a professional basketball player. Though if I had the mathematical acumen and intellectual prowess needed I would be an engineer of some sort.

freedommerc138 karma

Hi Rob,

Thanks for so many excellent years of Always Sunny. It's great for so many reasons and you're one.

Anyway, I've seen Kaitlin, Charlie and Glenn acting in many other projects lately. I'm wondering if we can expect to see you in any movies or shows, or possibly writing/directing?

Bilbolambskin241 karma

Mostly writing and directing.

Dooley114 karma

are we ever going to get more episodes of Boldly Going Nowhere???

Bilbolambskin168 karma


Sully78979 karma

Massive fan Rob, seriously love the show!

What were you doing before Sunny and how did the idea form to start making it?

Bilbolambskin172 karma

I was waiting tables.

blade31646 karma

were the names listed in the credits of "Covington's House" real people? Especially the "load wipers"

Bilbolambskin69 karma

Members of our crew.

dstev531 karma

Hi Rob, Just wanted to apologize for trash talking your Eagles when the Chargers kicked there butt a few weeks ago. Oh and I love show. Please keep it bad ass.

Bilbolambskin216 karma

Ah the Chargers. The only NFL organization that can't sell out their home games. Wonderful...

KingRodgers14 karma

Why do you make such last minute, rash decisions?

Also, how did you guys decide to finally "out" Mac this season?

(Love IASIP, thanks for the years of laughs.)

Bilbolambskin39 karma

Out from what?

Bilbolambskin31 karma