Rob McElhenney

is an American film and television actor best known for his role as Mac on the FX TV series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Bilbolambskin2873 karma

He suggested the couch thing. That should give you a good idea.

Bilbolambskin2559 karma

We're global. Accept it and move on.

Bilbolambskin2170 karma

I wish I could be 60lbs overweight all the time. It was glorious.

Bilbolambskin2121 karma

Because Dennis is a bastard man.

I can tell you we collectively hated shooting that episode. Fun to conceive. Fun to write. Fun to edit. Hell to shoot. So much screaming.

Bilbolambskin1760 karma

Kaitlin gave birth to two babies, without drugs in our bedroom. She's the toughest human being in American as far as I'm concerned.

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Our season finale is a Thanksgiving special with many of our favorite characters. The McPoyles will be there.

Bilbolambskin1534 karma

She did.

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That's it for me. But I'll be back. Thanks for all the questions and all the support over the years. It doesn't happen without you. You have no idea how grateful I am.

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What closet?

Bilbolambskin1446 karma

Suburban Riot is a clothing line that has given us quite a good amount of our wardrobe.