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We are in your computers to answer your questions. Ask us anything.

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Edit: Thank you all for your questions. We tried to get through as many as we could but Jody was being a punk about it.

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daaaabear1572 karma

What was it like buttfucking Channing Tatum?

Eastbound_Down2431 karma

dude's booty is made of gold.

trueblue29681489 karma

I just want to let you know, to the right crowd, Your Highness was an absolute success. Also, for some time, I used "I can feel it down in my plums" as a ringtone. You're the shit, looking forward to future works.

Eastbound_Down1955 karma

Thank you, thank you. The right crowd is the only crowd I care about. The rest can suck it. Suck them plums. Thanks for watching.

McPick1057 karma


What was it like shooting "This is the End?" Just watched it last night for the first time and it is amazing. Who is most like their character? Is it you? I bet it's you.

Eastbound_Down2890 karma

One of the best times I've ever had making a movie. Kind of hard not to have fun with that crew. Anything Craig Robinson says makes me laugh. I think Channing Tatum is most like his character.

Bigdongs796 karma


Eastbound_Down1050 karma


quaint28788 karma

Danny: In "This Is The End," Channing Tatum only fondles you when he's wearing the mask. Is that really him doing so or is it a double?

This has caused a debate between my sister and me.

Eastbound_Down1576 karma

that was channing tatum all the time.

huckfinn5891628 karma

I've always been extremely curious of this, particularly with such a vulgar show (Not complaining, I LOVE EASTBOUND.) What is it like working with kids on a show that is so full of bad language, and sexual material? Is any of the shoot censored for the kid, or are we to assume that most kid actors are just fucked up already and there isn't much that can phase them or their parents?

Eastbound_Down1223 karma

We have a zero tolerance policy. If the kids or their parents aren't cool with what we do then they can't work on the show. Not trying to be dicks or anything, but we put it out there so we don't have to watch our mouths at all. You'd be surprised at how cool most people are.

spidersscareme599 karma

I accidentally watched This is the End last night. I meant to watch World's End.

Anyways, Danny, when you walked out in the movie, it was the only time in our relationship that I heard my boyfriend "cheer." I don't know how else to describe it. Thanks for pleasing him in ways that I'm unable to do.

Eastbound_Down741 karma

Your welcome. I do what I can. Where do you guys live?

DoctorFahrenheit572 karma

Do you have your own personal stylist or do you shoplift your shit from a fashion bug?

Eastbound_Down787 karma

shop lift. cato fashions. dress barn.

rkque556 karma

You two have made going out with friends just a Kenny Powers quote-off for the last few years of my life. Thank you. Also the last episode of Eastbound and Down was the best since season 1. Keep it up this season.

Eastbound_Down578 karma

JOdy...Thanks. We're really proud of this season. It's made of gold and rainbows.

Danny...oh just wait. Thanks for watching.

shipskelly518 karma

Danny if you just respond to this I willl fucking buy a pair of K SWISS TUBES!!!!! Damnn these Tubes are comfortable...

Eastbound_Down1027 karma

Your move.

MustacheDanger513 karma

How did you guys lose your virginity?

Eastbound_Down1515 karma

My Uncle

Eastbound_Down1768 karma

that was Jody. Mine was my dad.

redread3490 karma

Mr. McBride,

How do you feel having Marilyn Manson as a gigantic fan?

Eastbound_Down1099 karma

feel dark. Feel dirty. Feel like I gotta go home and take a shower.

AndroidsEatApples416 karma

Danny quick question!

How much pot you smoke a day?

Eastbound_Down1671 karma

all the pots. all the days.

TomRalphio391 karma

Danny, you're a giant star. You can get any woman. Have you ever paid for sex?

Eastbound_Down1331 karma

I've put sex on layaway.

FlamboyantSloth381 karma

Danny, what was it like working with the guys from lonely island on hot rod?

Eastbound_Down689 karma

great. I love those dudes. That was my first studio movie so the whole experience kind of blew my mind.

indecisiveprick332 karma

Mahalo you fuckin' actor, ya goddamn nerd.

Eastbound_Down376 karma

catching any A-frames, green rooms?

indecisiveprick326 karma

who's cooler in person, seth rogan or james franco?

danny mcbride is excluded from the competition.

Eastbound_Down1346 karma

They're both pretty lame dudes.

mattgoodnuts326 karma

Scale of 1 to 10: How hard is it to remain focused with Katie Mixon's funbags right there?

Eastbound_Down512 karma

I'd say a 7



Eastbound_Down313 karma

miss it all the time. Try to get back when I can. Bangkok, bistro bethem, kybecca, rec hall.

Strychn9ne214 karma

Danny, how do you maintain such exceptional hair? What does it smell like?

Eastbound_Down543 karma

I'm not going to lie. My hair smells pretty dope. As far as the exceptional up keep...that's an industry secret.

pfelon179 karma

Hey guys!

Just curious- have you had any responses from Major League Baseball players (or officials) regarding KP and the show in general? (positive or negative)

Eastbound_Down676 karma

If we have have, we wouldn't know it. We don't watch baseball.

prettytiedup763170 karma

DANNY & JODY: I have been a big fan of you guys since The Foot Fist Way! I am loving this season of Eastbound and Down! It will forever be one of my favorite tv shows! Sadly, I know there are only 7 episodes left and Kenny Powers will be out of my life. My question is, what’s next for you guys? Will you be collaborating on a new project? Or maybe you are working separately? Love your brand of humor! Keep it up! Also, DANNY, when will I see you again on the big screen?! I adore you! =)

Eastbound_Down468 karma

Danny...Thank you for watching. We love working on eastbound but we have some other projects that we are excited to get down to bidness. we've set up a new show at HBO that will unite a lot of the cast from eastbound. It will be our follow up. Our Heaven's Gate.

Catdogisok162 karma

Who is the most famous person you have had sexual intercourse with?

Eastbound_Down404 karma


Eastbound_Down704 karma

that was jody. Mine doesn't live around here. I met her at camp...up in canada.

pheen142 karma

Which one of you wrote this? It's my favorite line from any movie ever.

Let me think about that for a second. Ok, I've thought about it and I think my answer to that question would have to be "fuck you". I don't care if you wake up in a ditch with grown men shitting on you and jumping on top of your head. Maybe your nose will turn into a big ole dick and you can stroke that all the time. I hope your hair turns into dog shit one day. You wake up and you run your comb through it and all that it is, is little trundles of dog shit. The worst shit that you could imagine. AIDS... it's cool. Everything comes around sweetheart.

Eastbound_Down221 karma

Danny made that shit up. Everything comes around was written and so was fuck you, but the middle details were all Danny.

DansonInTheDark138 karma

Jody, I just wanted to say what a big fan I am of Observe & Report. I really think it’s one of the best comedies of the 2000’s and it’s a small miracle that a movie so truly dark and subversive got released wide by a major movie studio. And it's just really damn funny of course.

Do you have any plans to make another movie in the not-too-distant future? I know HBO gives you both a lot of freedom and you have a new project lined up, but I’d love to see another Jody Hill film using the skills you’ve picked up on Eastbound (maybe that 70s southern gangster/Dukes of Hazzard movie, is that still on?).

Eastbound_Down113 karma

Jody...Thanks for the nice words. Working on a new movie as we speak but it's too soon to announce it. Danny and I have some plans up our sleeves as well so hopefully in the near future we'll be rocking the silver screen as well.

Whoa_Chill_Bro134 karma

Danny you bought me a hotdog one night in Wilmington NC late as fuck after you (I guess) got bored with 22North and Red Bumps. coolest shit ever, you were surrounded by people and I never got to say thanks for it so thank you man

Eastbound_Down289 karma

you're welcome. That'll be two bucks.

GladiatorRobot133 karma

Hey Kenny Powers! How fast can you throw the ball?

Eastbound_Down713 karma

Kenny Powers doesn't fuck with computers.

bwurtsb130 karma

How was it working with mother fuckin' Patrick Willis? He is a scary looking dude, not because he is black.... just looks like a dude who could rip your head off at will.

Eastbound_Down587 karma

he actually talked about you. Stay away. He said he would rip your head off. He was cool to us though.

thisismysmurfaccount119 karma

What are your favorite cereals and why is it not cocaine?

Eastbound_Down263 karma

It is cocaine and oxy

the_bacon102 karma

Just caught up with the new season last night. Achnowledge me.

Eastbound_Down147 karma

You're welcome

WemFriston100 karma

Danny, you ever do any stand up shows on a college campus? Be pretty sick if you did a show at my college.

Eastbound_Down652 karma

Nope. I'd be in to maybe coming to your college and doing a magician show. My illusionist skills are on point.

Eigenspace94 karma

How does it feel to wake up in the morning knowing that you are Danny McBride and Jody Hill?

Eastbound_Down756 karma

Every morning when I wake up, roll over, and look at jody I ask him the same thing.

kimmikazee81 karma

Hi there! Danny, one of the only things you have in common with Kenny Powers is that you are both dads. Would you take any fatherly advice from Kenny? (PS You are my favorite)

Eastbound_Down369 karma

Putting a kid in a hole to protect him from kidnappers has come in handy a few times. But for the most part I just think about doing exactly the opposite of whatever Kenny Powers would do and that pretty much gets the child rearing done.

badgerflower79 karma

Ever consider doing a movie along side a CGI 1977 Burt Reynolds?

Eastbound_Down116 karma

project of my dreams.

chapel4479 karma

Is Steve Little ever going to get another acting job or Eastbound pretty much the ceiling for him

Eastbound_Down211 karma

we'd love to work with Steve again. He's got a demented fucked up don knotts. I hope he becomes the most successful actor that has ever lived in hollywood ever.

TomRalphio78 karma

What's Fred Simmons been up to?

Eastbound_Down140 karma

JOdy: Signing up new students for blackbelt camp, dating, going to musical dance clubs, not taking any shit.

piso_mojado54 karma

Also, will we ever see a Foot Fist Way sequel?

Eastbound_Down64 karma

We've been approached about doing a sequel. Not sure yet...

malicioushumor78 karma

dammnit.danny. i fucking waited too fucking long for this ama. now tell me..do you like fried chicken?

Eastbound_Down197 karma

no. God no. I mean yes.

yourfelloearthian74 karma

Wanna make out brah?

Eastbound_Down255 karma

Danny...Maybe. I'm doing this reddit thing right now. Then I think I got a meeting after lunch. Maybe pencil that shit in around 4?

bobospleasurehut1169 karma

Danny, people are constantly telling me that I sound just like you. Me and you look nothing alike but apparently my voice and mannerisms are the exact same as yours. The next time someone says "dude, you sound just like Danny Mcbride", what should I tell them.

Eastbound_Down187 karma

Tell them you are.

Costner_Facts61 karma

Danny, big fan. I just want to know, what did Larry David's breath smell like?

Eastbound_Down232 karma

golf balls.

whos_yodaddy57 karma

Danny and Jody; How much of the show is improvised? Favorite episodes from any season?

Eastbound_Down114 karma

Jody...People always ask this. We write the hell out of this show meaning we do multiple drafts and get the scripts as tight as we can. That way when we get on set, we know exactly what the scenes are supposed to do. Then we get loose during the takes because we know where we're going. In the end, we're saying whatever we want to try to make each other laugh.

DanielBG56 karma

Mr. Hill, Mr. McBride,

Thanks for doing this AMA! It's sad to think this the last season of EB&D we'll ever get. Is this truly the end of Kenny and Stevie?

To help with the show I created some promotional material for you. Before you say anything, prepare to shut the fuck up:


Eastbound_Down85 karma

Jody: This is the end for the time being, but that being said, we could come back to Kenny in 10 years and probably have more story to tell. Eastbound is a character piece first and foremost. Thanks for the love.

HOEGO51 karma

What scene from the series so far was the most fun for you guys to shoot?

Eastbound_Down163 karma

The stuff at the water park was pretty fun. But it's pretty much all fun. Anytime Steve Little has to get nude is also a nice day at work.

IvanLyon45 karma

who had the idea to use Crockett's Theme and Crocodile Dundee in the show? It was really great to have familiar yet rarely used pieces coming out of left field whilst watching.

Eastbound_Down71 karma

The music selection is a combination of ourselves, our editors Jeff Seibenick and Travis Sittard, as well as our buddy Devoe Yates.

CorporalFunishment39 karma

What is your favorite beer and/or cocktail?

Eastbound_Down171 karma

currently...corvette summer. Tequila, grapefruit, oj, and a lil lime. It will take you straight to the top.

TomRalphio37 karma

What's the weirdest thing to have happened on the Eastbound & Down set?

Eastbound_Down109 karma

someone almost died in puerto rico. Jody saved his life. Magic powers came out of his hands. And then one day Don Johnson showed up.

GeezerMuldoon35 karma

The Foot Fist Way is a great flick. Do you think you guys will ever do a movie about Armand and the rest of the Band. "you motherfucking killed Armand you motherfucker!"

I am sure you guys have glorious pube manes as well. please confirm.

Eastbound_Down84 karma

The guy who says that line is Joey Stephens who is the composer for Eastbound.

We're both fully shaved, butt holes too.

wgresser29 karma

Can you send me a signed Kenny Powers baseball bat

Eastbound_Down229 karma

no fucking way.

folk_zombie23 karma

When writing the last episode of the 3rd season did you guys get emotional at all, did you know you'd be coming back for the 4th season?

That shit left me with some fairly serious tears, never thought I would cry watching Eastbound & Down. Great Show. Great Mother Fucking Story.

Eastbound_Down43 karma

We didn't think we were coming back. It was over. We were away from it for about six months before we decided to come back for one more.

latarian16 karma

Hey guys, I'm hoping this isn't too late of a question. I'm a huge fan of everything Jody has done starting with "The fist foot way" My brother and I quote all your works endlessly.

My question is, what is the tone on set to get such honest awkward performances?

Is there some sort of rule you guys have to bring it all back and remain consistent?

so many things that the characters do have my writhing and cringing in my chair.

Also, how much improvisation do you guys do?

Eastbound_Down37 karma

Thanks man. So glad you're digging it. We always ask ourselves, what if this weird ass situation happened in real life? Then we approach it like that.

cicadawing13 karma

Hey Danny, First saw you as Bust Ass in ATRG over a decade ago. You and DGG still hanging and what's on the horizon for you and him?

Eastbound_Down53 karma

yep. He's a a director on our show. It's a show called Eastbound & Down.

zenatintin11 karma

What should I name my new bowl?

Eastbound_Down30 karma


pokermace9 karma

considering the freedom that HBO gives you guys, do you think you can adapt your comedy style to a clean network (PBS) and still be batshit funny?

Eastbound_Down134 karma

Why would we ever want to do that?

shawnemack9 karma

Danny and Jody,

Asheville in the house!

No questions, just wanted to thank you both so much for all you guys do to represent North Carolina. Keep that shit up, it makes us all very proud.

Also, Danny, your work in "As I lay dying" was fucking incredible. I hope to see you do more shit like that in the future, as well, of course, as your comedic acting.

Thank you both, and high fucking fives all around.

Eastbound_Down12 karma

thank you. love asheville. Shot all the real girls there.

neremiss8 karma

I live in Fredericksburg. Poured Danny a beer a while back at 909 Saloon. I work at J. Brian's Taproom now. Come visit us sometime!

Eastbound_Down5 karma

Would love to. Getting cold there now.

Toyou4yu7 karma

Will you be my friends?

Eastbound_Down14 karma

For 50 bucks

boo_barr7 karma

Danny, which childhood trauma have you fed off the pain of to fuel your success and make you the person you are today?

Eastbound_Down30 karma

I came to this country as a child through a time machine. Everyday I'm just hoping to open back up that portal.