My short bio: A couple years ago I took a test flight on a lear jet a client was interested in buying. We flew all around Florida and came back and hit some bad weather. Took a bad landing and landed on the wing.

Luckily, everyone survived, even though they said we shouldn't have.

My Proof:

Edit 1: Thank you for all the great questions!! It's been great to talk with people about this! Also, big shoutout to bwb for posting the accident report!! I hadn't even seen it!

Here it is -

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Do you plan to ever get back to the island?

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Seriously, thank you for this! hahahaha

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Was it caused by someone not turning off their ipod? Those things are deadly.

adambankhurst106 karma

Ain't that the truth. iPod's ruin lives

Code206117 karma

So did your client buy the plane?

adambankhurst93 karma

Haha he did not!! As I said in another comment, the owner came to us after and said "we will give it to you for a steep discount!" haha

Needless to say, we looked elsewhere.

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What was your state of mind after the crash happened? Did you have any sort of PTSD or trauma caused by the crash?

adambankhurst309 karma

I have never been so calm in my life. As we were going down, I just kind of accepted my fate. No screaming, no pleading, just acceptance.

I was in shock, but when I knew we were safely landed and the danger was over, I was just so amazed to be alive.

I went back to my apartment, which had a pool, and fell back into the water with my clothes still on and it was the greatest feeling ever.

It felt like being alive.

No PTSD or any of that, I've been on plenty of (successful!) plane rides since, and I've been completely fine.

binger581 karma

Did you at least take your phone out of your pocket before falling into the pool?

adambankhurst228 karma

Yes!!! Crashing and losing my phone in the same day may have been too much to handle!

manami33321 karma

Thank you for your answer! I am glad you are still alive:)

adambankhurst30 karma

It's my pleasure!! And no worries, thanks for the comment!!!

oneAngrySonOfaBitch6 karma

You just walked out of there without a scratch?

adambankhurst10 karma

Fortunately, yes!

sonofaresiii5 karma

What was the attitude of the other passengers when the plane was going down?

adambankhurst8 karma

Kind of the same as I was. Calm, and in shock. It all happened so fast, there wasn't very much time for reactions. There was no screaming or anything like that.

bwb66 karma

For the curious, here is the NTSB accident report for this event.

adambankhurst35 karma

Thanks for posting this!! I haven't even seen this!!

foolinthesnow55 karma

How helpful were the safety cards from the seat pocket in front of you? And, more importantly, was anyone's seat reclined 7.5 degrees, thus ensuring their untimely demise?

adambankhurst91 karma

The safety cards are what saved us. Were it not for the clearly labeled instructions, we surely wouldn't have survived.

gimli80085 karma

Did you have your tray table up and your seat back in the full upright position? you know, a situation like this

adambankhurst5 karma

Followed all the rules!! haha

auxilary29 karma

Maybe I am confused as to what exactly happened, but this doesn't exactly seem like you were in a "crash".

Did the wing break prior to landing, or did you experience a rough landing where the wingtip broke?

adambankhurst49 karma

We landed on that wing. We hit an air pocket as we were landing. It looked like we were going to hit straight on the nose, but he pulled up in time and the wind or the pilot pulled us to the left and we landed on the wing. We proceeded to land on the wheels, and not the other way, which would have been awful.

We then were sideways on the runway and had to straighten it out. As we were going down the runway, fuel was spraying everywhere and I thought we were going to explode. I then found out that jet fuel does not do that, LUCKILY!!

Thats_absrd7 karma

It would've exploded if Michael Bay was your pilot.

adambankhurst12 karma

He was sick that day

auxilary-2 karma

Ah, I see.

It just seems a bit sensationalized. I do not want to diminish your experience here at all, that was no doubt a very dangerous situation. You just have to understand that us pilots work in an industry where even the smallest incident is always turned into something more than it really was.

It sounds like you hit windshear or a microburst on very short final. These are sudden guests of wind that are very powerful and have been known to cause accidents in the past. It sounds like your pilot recovered well, but when you are that close to the runway the pilot is prepped and ready to handle something like that, so I would hazard a guess that his training kicked in and prevented something even worse from happening.

Maybe be a bit more discriminate when it comes to your accident description in the future. Hearing you were "sideways" evokes the feeling you meant 90 degrees perpendicular to the runway, and at that landing speed in that jet would have reacted very differently. More than likely the plane veered to one side instead of turning 90 degrees to either direction.

I would not call this a "crash", instead maybe more like an incident.

adambankhurst25 karma

Fair enough!! Thanks for the explanation!

That's just what we were told. The pilot and the owner claimed it was a severe crash, I recall a "level 5 wreck"? But I could be completely wrong.

I do appreciate the input and it's good to hear from a pilot!

Setitimer3 karma

Never heard of a "level 5" accident, but that may be a term specific to the owner. In terms of the NTSB, there are 5 classifications: major accident, severe accident, injury accident, or damage accident. This definitely falls under the "damage accident" category, which is to say the least severe.

Not to take away from your experience -- that had to be scary as hell. If the pilot hadn't handled it exactly right the story would be a lot different.

adambankhurst21 karma

Exactly!! I never meant to overblow this, just thought it would be interesting to talk to other about it! I am also glad to hear from people who work or are familiar in the industry.

Helps paint a clearer picture!

Either way, I'm glad it was the least severe and the pilot did all he could to save us!

My-Dogs-A-Damn-Cat17 karma

Did your life flash before your eyes?

adambankhurst55 karma

Not so much. Everything just seemed to slow down and I accepted my fate. I did think of my family and girlfriend (now fiancee!!) who was waiting at home for me.

My-Dogs-A-Damn-Cat33 karma

Well it's nice to finally hear something with a happy ending rather than hearing your dog spontaneously combusted or something

adambankhurst15 karma

Seriously!! None of that crazy stuff!! I'm glad i'm here to tell the tale!!

temp0ra6 karma

How'd your family handle the news of it all? Can't imagine what I'd feel if I was told my family member was in a plane crash but lived.

adambankhurst12 karma

It was pretty intense. They were just in shock. It was very interesting to see everyone's reaction. At first they just couldn't believe it, but after I told them they were just silent.

Then they were just so happy to know we were safe, and wanted to know all the details!

rickggwp16 karma

Did time for you sort of slow down? alot of people that survived a crash or something similar say that they witness things going slower so that they can think longer about their actions

adambankhurst29 karma

It definitely did feel as if it were slowing down. I was just so aware of everything around me.

As i've said before, I just accepted that it was over for us. We literally landed on the wing on the side I was sitting and I saw the ground coming right at us.

It felt like a long time, but i'm sure it happened very quickly.

trilby114 karma

As someone who is terrified of flying are you scared to fly again? If not any advice to help my fear?

adambankhurst59 karma

I am not. I have flown many times since then, and while I'll have a flash here and there of the incident, I am always ok.

As for your fear. I always think of it this way. You have to think of the pilot, he will do everything in his power to make sure the plane will get to its destination. They have flown these planes hundreds of times and know them inside and out.

These crazy accident happen, but that is just life. Fear can hold you back from doing a lot of wonderful things in this world. It's all about being brave and understanding the chances of what happened to me happen to you are very VERY slim.

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What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

adambankhurst10 karma

I'd have to say a mix between frosted flakes and fruity pebbles

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adambankhurst2 karma

Thank you for that gif hahahahaha

glitle11 karma

What is your favorite type of ice cream? Did it change after your experience?

adambankhurst9 karma

Ben and Jerry's Smores. IT'S SO GOOD! and no haha

TreephantBOA9 karma

What was the general attitude of all on boaard?

adambankhurst14 karma

Throughout the ride it was extremely positive.

Taking off and flying on a private jet is a great experience.

After the crash, everyone was in shock. We talked to the pilot and he said he thought for sure we were done for. He was amazed that we all survived.

We felt close though, we survived this together and we got out of the plane and just all looked at each other, and without words, knew we would never forgot that moment.

As for the owner of the plane, he mentioned "He could give the jet to us for a discount?" haha!

milkier8 karma

How long were you going down?

adambankhurst8 karma

Only a few seconds, it all happened very fast!

ThrowAwaysForAll15 karma

Sorry if you already answered this, but how many feet did you go down in those few seconds?

adambankhurst6 karma

Probably about 30 feet

MAINO7 karma

What is the best seat me for to reserve during my next flight?

adambankhurst11 karma

Window seat!

DillyG1017 karma

Was it fun?

adambankhurst6 karma

I will say one thing, it makes for a good story!!

It was fun up until then though, was a great experience.

DillyG1013 karma

Man you have the best attitude, keep it up! I hope to spread as much positivity as you do someday :)

adambankhurst2 karma

Thanks for that, I truly appreciate the kind words!!

There is too much negativity in the world, I'll do my part to change that! haha!

YS151185 karma

What airline company was it? Did you get reimbursed, or did you get an apology gift?

adambankhurst18 karma

Privately owned company. Unfortunately, we did not. I guess our lives were a good gift?? haha

Who knows, could have gone for more, but we were just so happy to be alive.

nard_bagman5 karma

How high above the ground were you when you (or the pilot) realized you were going down?

adambankhurst8 karma

We came in at a very weird angle. I knew something was wrong when I realized there was no way we were going to make it the way he was going down.

It all happened very fast.

IMMA_CUNT4 karma

Have you all started dying in order from freak accidents? Any photos you might have that might help you determine the order?

adambankhurst2 karma

See: Final Destination

Floundercakes4 karma

Were there snakes?

adambankhurst5 karma



NegativGhostryder3 karma

My dad works for the FAA and did crash scene investigations for years; it's nice to hear a good outcome. :)

And now I'm making sure to add 'jump in to pool fully clothed' to my life's to-do list. ;)


adambankhurst2 karma

Glad to hear it!!! On a hot Florida day, it felt especially good!!!

I'm glad I could provide a good outcome! lol

Rainbow-3 karma

How long was the whole "crashing" part. From when everyone realized that they were probably going to die, to the point you realized you were all alive?

Thanks for the AMA!

adambankhurst4 karma

My pleasure!!

It was very quick, but it felt like a very long time. I just accepted the fact that we weren't going to make it. I saw the ground coming up at me as I was sitting on the window side and saw as we hit.

Then we fell on the wheels and had to straighten out. We realized we were alive and were just so happy.

ippy1163 karma

Did you assume crash position?

adambankhurst3 karma

Can't really remember, but probably!

dabeliuteef2 karma

So...did they buy it?

adambankhurst2 karma


Spruxy2 karma

Did any of the pre-flight safety tips you get on normal flights help? Oxygen, brace position etc.

adambankhurst1 karma

Possibly the brace position. It all happened so fast there wasn't much to prepare for.

dragonhunter212 karma

I'm a pilot in training. Just yesterday I got a plaque from a friend that says, "Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first." I think you proved it correct.

adambankhurst2 karma


I wish you the best of luck in your training!!

fabi9072 karma

How did you feel before crashing the ground? I'm not of a frequent flyer but I have travelled a bit by plane. This year on a rather short trip from Milano back to Germany, which was already delayed due to bad weather, we had some very serious turbulences. Except for the crew and some drunk guys in the back seats the entire cabin was very quiet.

Plane was jumping around in the air and I was defenetaly afraid to crash since it lasted queite a while and the little plane was going way over 1000 km/h. Was pretty happy to be able to walk out of the plane since nothing happened but while the plane was pushed around I had all kinds of things figured out. Stuff like what I should have done. Maybe I could have been nicer on my last phonecall with my family or have had a better goodbye. Maybe I should have texted that girl which I liked. It was over quiete soon and when we flew stable again I felt eased.

How did it feel for you to be 100% certain that you are going to crash?

adambankhurst3 karma

I just felt extremely calm. I accepted my fate and was ready. It was very strange. It's not that I wanted to die and was giving up, but I just knew what was going to happen and I'm not going to scream or panic, because it wouldn't have done me any good.

However, I did think of those things. It makes you realize how fragile life is and how you should never take anything for granted. We were very lucky, and if that had turned out even 1% different, I may not have been here to tell this story.

kripplecorn2 karma

What kind of shampoo do you use?

adambankhurst3 karma


100percent_right_now1 karma

Hey congrats on surviving! No question, just wanted to welcome you to the club. My dad was in a plane crash, survived, and I was in the helicopter that went to rescue him. On the way home we crashed! No serious injuries, just a lot of adrenaline and some kissing the ground.

adambankhurst1 karma

wow! I'm so glad to hear everything was ok! That's crazy!!!

mbritt741 karma

Did it hurt?

adambankhurst2 karma

It was more shocking.

We landed on the side of the plane I was sitting on and I did get some pretty bad whiplash.

However, we had seat-belts on and luckily I didn't bang my head or anything against any other part of the plane.

Afterwords, one of the passengers had some neck pain, but everyone walked away mostly fine.

TwistedReddit1 karma

How did youre SO and parents find out? Did you call them or did they hear about it on the news? How did they take it?

adambankhurst4 karma

My father was actually with me, so that's how he found out! haha

As for my SO, she was actually going to be on the plane with me, but wasn't feeling well so she stayed home. I called her after, and she had a very hard time believing me! lol

I can't blame her, it was pretty funny. After I convinced her she was freaking out a little but just was so glad I wasn't hurt.

Everyone I tell gives me the same reaction. A pretty funny gasp and shock that that actually happened. It takes a little convincing.

It was pretty funny calling everyone though and hearing them go through the process! =)

ShaneK9211 karma

Wow! Glad to know everyone is alive. Do you have any new insights on life after surviving something you know you shouldn't have?

adambankhurst3 karma

I know it sounds cliche, but never take anything for granted. Life can be taken away in an instant, and you need to make every moment count.

It was such a crazy experience, but these moments really make you think about your life and what you are doing.

If it would have ended there, would I have been happy with my life up until that point?

I've definitely lived a lot more and have made sure I do everything in my power to make everything I want to do in this world happen.

I've always had that way of thinking, but after this, it's just made it that much more real and important to me.

scigs61 karma

Well duh! Of course you are.

adambankhurst1 karma

haha!! Very good point!

liljjbo1 karma

i understand time slowed down but in that few seconds what were you feeling. ive had plenty of dreams where ive been plane crashes and as we were crashing im scared basically shit less until i realize its a dream.

guess my question did you have time to feel before the crash ? or was it smooth flying, there's the ground, fuck, im alive!.

adambankhurst2 karma

The latter.

It was like woah, there is no way this angle is right, oh there is a wind shear, oh my god we are going to hit nose first, then he lifted up and we hit another wind shear and it made us hit the wing on the side I was on. Then, we hit the wheels and had to straighten out.

As we hit the ground and were taxiing and the fuel was spraying from the wing. I thought we were going to explode, but I found out later that jet fuel does not do that.

Ace12991 karma

What did the initial impact feel like?

adambankhurst3 karma

It was just a huge bump. It was a crazy feeling that's hard to describe.

matty9281 karma

Thanks for doing an ama Has this affected how you feel on plane ,do you have sort off fear of flying now? Or do you still feel safe in a plane?

adambankhurst5 karma

It's my pleasure!!!

I still feel safe! I know the chances of that happening again are very slim and i've flown on so many flights and know i'm very safe.

Every once and a while I will think about it, but it really hasn't affected me that much, thankfully!

hlsi1 karma

Have you made any big changes in your life since the crash?

adambankhurst1 karma

I've actually moved from Florida and now work in the IT field and work with non-profits to throw big events. I guess you could say that was a big change!

However, I make it a point to live life to the fullest and take nothing for granted. I know, first hand, how fragile life can be.

hlsi1 karma

That's wonderful. Glad you are doing well :)

adambankhurst1 karma

Thank you!!!

FuckingQuestions-2 karma

  • What is your job specifically?
  • What does it say about your planes that some bad weather can take down the planes you're selling?
  • What does it say about your test-flight pilots that they can't foresee bad weather on a sales flight with a client?
  • Did you lose this client's business forever?
  • Did you lose a lot of other clients in that same industry forever?
  • How has your company learned from this accident and what specific steps are they taking to ensure it never happens again?
  • How did you get into the business of private planes? What keeps you there besides the money?
  • How wealthy are the clients you typically work with? What's the most prevalent industry of clients who like to fly around in private jets?

adambankhurst4 karma

  1. I was in real estate development. Condos, hotels, golf courses, casinos
  2. Not our planes. Only on a test flight with a client
  3. That's what I'm saying! Though, i've flown in bad weather before and never had that issue
  4. Nope

Sorry for the confusion! I was just on the plane for a client to make sure it was a good plane. We were not in the private plane business.