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WateryBarStool2109 karma

Would you rather fuck one well-endowed man, or 100 poorly-endowed men?

If you prefer the latter, I'm sure I could find 99 other guys...

AsaAkira11930 karma

the latter.

ryanlakepdx1452 karma

What is your favorite number of fingers to have in your butt at one time?

AsaAkira11700 karma


AsaAkira11397 karma

OK guys thanks a lot! Follow me on, join my website , listen to me on my podcast with David Choe, and fuck my holes

Nbster1262 karma

What is one thing you did and you didn't think you were actually capable of doing?

AsaAkira12101 karma

DP! And I'm so glad I did. It's literally the best sensation in the world, for me.

AfroGurl1175 karma

I've been waiting forever to ask this! How fake/real was your interview with KassamG? It's my favorite one!!

AsaAkira11602 karma

I was a fan of his before I went on the show, so I knew what I was getting into. He stayed in character the entire time from the moment I met him until the moment I left. I've seen him outside of the interview since, and he is a very nice guy

ByGrabtharsHammer877 karma

Did you really get naked for him, or was it just creative use of big censor blocks?

AsaAkira11546 karma

I was definitely naked. We didn't fuck.

Drakeman431117 karma

Honestly, what was fleshlight modeling like?

AsaAkira11787 karma

It felt like a spa for my vagina. The molding stuff was warm, and then cold... I kindof liked it.

veul759 karma

Have any of the guys you worked with tried the fleshlight and said it was close to the real deal?

AsaAkira11841 karma

I'm secret terrified it feels better than my actual vagina

raheemdgk1079 karma

Have you ever seen an under ages person who looked at you like oh shut its Asa ?

AsaAkira11717 karma

All the time, haha

spaghettibeans1060 karma

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

AsaAkira12650 karma

It's not a tumah

gyshall1027 karma

Hi Asa, love your podcast and also watching your adult entertainment films. My question is... Do you go ass to mouth in your personal life?

AsaAkira13107 karma

If you won't go ass to mouth, u shouldn't even be getting fucked in the ass

Thenoobnextdoor1002 karma

What is it that they say about white guys and asian women?

AsaAkira12983 karma

Fucking an asian girl (for a white guy) is like camping in your own backyard. It's exotic, but still safe.

AsaAkira12704 karma


Darmin893 karma

How many of your videos do you actually have an orgasm in?

AsaAkira11848 karma

Every single one. I'm very lucky, in that I know how to squeeze my pussy in a certain way to make myself cum. haha

About_76_Tigers874 karma

Is it hard to go in public without being recognized?

AsaAkira12011 karma

I like being recognized, actually- my favorite thing is when someone comes up to me like "I jerk off to you all the time!" or if a girl is like "I learned to fuck by watching you!"

buythings4me823 karma

Have you ever turned anything down in porn?

AsaAkira12393 karma

All the time. I don't do anything that requires me to degrade Asian culture. I don't do "funny." When I'm shooting a scene, I want to feel sexy.

drew128a812 karma

Whats the one thing you regret in life?

AsaAkira11574 karma

Not asking my parents for a younger brother or sister. I hate being an only child : (

quick_escapes1537 karma

You are every asian parents worst nightmare. Only child. Pornstar.

AsaAkira1877 karma

Exactly. They had one shot.

thombudsman730 karma

Do you get a lot of butt-hole envy from others?

Also what's the most memorable butt-hole compliment you've gotten?

AsaAkira11907 karma

"Your asshole feels like a pussy"

CASA1S699 karma

What does your family think about what you do?

AsaAkira11296 karma

They wish I would do something else... but they are supportive. We don't talk much about my career, but we do talk everyday on the phone (They are in NYC) and I travel back to see them often

jimmy__jazz675 karma

How long do you see yourself performing in front of the camera?

AsaAkira11107 karma

As long as people will watch me, honestly... When I first got in, I thought I'd just get it out of my system and do it for a couple of years. Now I realize I just want to do this forever...

JustReckless641 karma


AsaAkira11092 karma

I love rough sex, and it's definitely the kind of sex I prefer at home- although, obviously, not everytime. I'd say in my personal life, once every two weeks I have really rough sex.

f3rn4ndrum5628 karma

Asa I love your tweets (yes, and your butthole), how has Twitter changed the way you interact with fans, and what is your most retweeted comment?

AsaAkira1850 karma

Twitter has been around pretty much as long as I've been in porn... Or I should say, as long as I've had fans. (I've been in for six years but didn't get big until like four years ago) My most retweeted tweet? Probably something about my a**hole.

pissdrinker2013625 karma


AsaAkira11489 karma

mandingo's penis

vanilladynamite601 karma

Do you wish there was an ass hall of fame, or a Smithsonian of ass, so you could visit your bronzed ass statue one day?

AsaAkira11051 karma

I have a fleshlight, and thats good enough for me : )

kevinmoore549 karma

Why do you hate cats?

AsaAkira11173 karma

Cause you're an asshole

rezzyboy619547 karma

In your opinion, what is love?

AsaAkira11917 karma

wanting to be around someone every day. If only I had a soul, I could better answer this.

_srsly_wtf_536 karma

Kill.Fuck.Marry. Justin Bieber, Drake, Chris Brown. GO!

AsaAkira11768 karma

Fuck Chris Brown, Marry Justin Beiber (but I will fuck his ass with a strapon,) and Kill Drake

morgzyoloha490 karma

Would you have sex with Valentine?

edit: in a porn setting - because, you're married.

AsaAkira1782 karma

No, because I already fucked Dave, and I only fuck one guy per group (Unless in a gangbang, duh)

Rick619483 karma

Im so excited that I Asa will be at Road House in NY when im there. Are you available for lap dances while you are there?

AsaAkira1721 karma


shmolex439 karma

Favorite girl to work with?

AsaAkira1799 karma

So many... London Keyes is a classic favorite, Jessica Drake is a new favorite.

TheOvart419 karma

What do you consider the biggest achievement you've made in your life? btw I love you.

AsaAkira1889 karma

Just the fact that I've had the courage to do exactly what I want : )

kiwibimbo418 karma

When did you deside you wanted to become a porn star?

AsaAkira1785 karma

I've always wanted to do porn! I don't know why... maybe watched too much Howard Stern as a kid?

The-SHED418 karma

Have you been in a situation where the male performer couldn't maintain an erection? If so, How did you deal (personally) with it?

AsaAkira11218 karma

It definitely happens. I'm very accomodating though, I'll suck his dick til it's hard. Sometimes it takes one minute, sometimes it takes half an hour. If it takes longer than that, we usually just call it a day and reschedule. Everyone has bad days.

jimmy__jazz418 karma

Does Spiegler get any "benefits" being your manager or any of the other women of porn manager?

AsaAkira11265 karma

Spiegler's actually my agent, not manager. The only benefits he has are hearing my cry on the phone when I'm PMSing.

uberlad395 karma

What's your very best life advice?

AsaAkira11614 karma

"I don't want to" is a good enough reason.

morgzyoloha392 karma

If and when you quit porn (including directing), what do you envision yourself doing? Professional podcaster, etc?

AsaAkira1548 karma

I'd love to be able to continue DVDASA forever. I wrote a book, which comes out in spring of 2014. I'd like to write more.

bitbot381 karma

I once saw a video of you punching a guy in the balls for 20 minutes. What's up with that? Was it weird?

AsaAkira1765 karma

It was crazy. I punched him in the balls as he was cumming, and everytime I punched, cum came flying out of his dick, past my face, and over my shoulder. It was weird in a good way.

steventang31369 karma

what has been the funniest thing while you were filming a scene?

AsaAkira11101 karma

I don't know, but I always think it's hilarious when a guy farts during sex

shakekombucha363 karma

Do you bleach your asshole? & what are some personal maintenance that is annoying but necessary for doing porn?

AsaAkira1951 karma

PS i don't bleach my butthole

AsaAkira1639 karma

The most annoying personal maintenance thing for me is getting my nails done. It's like being in a straightjacket for an hour

Ike_Broflovski351 karma

If you could have a threesome with any two world leaders, current or historical, who would they be?

AsaAkira11525 karma

I hate politics. I'd rather get DPd by dave chappelle and eddie murphy.

paulmal1344 karma

Asa, What was Joakim Noah like in High School?

AsaAkira1657 karma

Really skinny. Pothead. He spent his summers at Patrick Ewings. He was really cool, and we were friends for like a year

pom_felo254 karma

Who is your porn hero? Who is your non-porn hero? Do you use the oxford comma when you write?

AsaAkira1689 karma

I actually do use the oxford comma. My porn hero is Lisa Ann. My non porn hero is Tina Fey.

AsaAkira11737 karma

I just realized they both portray Sarah Palin, who i should note is not my hero

born_and_raised245 karma

Hey Asa. Congrats on all of your awards last night. How did you and The Weeknd get hooked up? I'm fans of you both, so I was pumped to see you all over Kiss Land

AsaAkira1350 karma

He hit me up on twitter one day- he said the whole time he was writing the album, he envisioned two asian chicks making out, and who better than me to be in his video?

brewdood222 karma

Do you and David Choe get it on?

AsaAkira1309 karma

We have in the past, but it's been at least a couple of years

baygulls165 karma


AsaAkira1250 karma

Love her. I have so much respect for her, both as a businesswoman and human being.

masemagnum158 karma

Do you ever feel dirty, like, have a moral hangover?

You ever go to a set and be like "Naw, I am not fucking him, he's foul."..?

AsaAkira1284 karma

I've only fucked two guys on camera that I put on my "no list" on the way home. I'm easy, I can usually find something in anyone that turns me on

martinlu155 karma

Asian penis vs. Caucasian penis?

AsaAkira1434 karma

Depends who it's attached to

VastKnowledge150 karma

Do you fake moan in your scenes, or is that real?

AsaAkira1422 karma

I am so loud in real life- Every place I've ever lived, the neighbors have complained. I'm even loud when I masturbate. it just feels better to me.

kingbritton93145 karma


AsaAkira1402 karma

between 4-6 inches is ideal, but honestly, if it's not too big or too small, it's all great.

xxdc4cxx145 karma

Do you have any advice for girls aspiring to enter the adult entertainment business?

AsaAkira1400 karma

yes. Don't do anything you'll end up embarrassed about. That line is drawn somewhere different for everyone, but establish it, and don't cross it.

molee987133 karma

Choose one celebrity (female) battle to the death... GO!

AsaAkira1551 karma

I'm not a fighter, I'm a fucker

QU_Hectic133 karma

Why do you love gangbangs?

AsaAkira1533 karma

Because I love attention

cuppiekek119 karma

Just wanted to say that you are my absolute favorite porn star and I've learned a lot from watching you over the years. Needless to say, the sexual partners I've had are all very thankful for you lol. I'm a female btw.

My question is... have you ever done a scene with an Asian male, and what is your opinion on Asian men in a sexual perspective?

AsaAkira1311 karma

Keni Styles is the only active Asian male pornstar right now. I love him! I fuck Asian guys- I fuck every race. Except puerto rican. Theyre bad luck for me.

phoenixfist106 karma

Hey Asa. Been a fan of your since you showed up on Howard Stern and then became a regular on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

Couple of quick questions:

  1. Has all the animosity between you and those guys been cleared up? I remember after you left it seems like there was bad blood, but you've seem to be cool about it now, especially when you talked about it with Kevin Smith.

  2. I've been wondering this for awhile. In porn, what's the deal with creampies? I mean, how sanitary is it, are there certain guys that are allowed to do it, what do you have to do afterwards? It seems like the biggest no-no for porn for various reason is now a standard.(i know, multiple questions there, sorry)

  3. Do you guys stream DVDASA? I saw the video with you guys and Jim Norton but I don't see the other ones as of late.

AsaAkira1122 karma

1) A lot of the animosity was staged. I don't have any negative feelings toward anyone on the show, and I talk to Bubba, Spice, and 25 from time to time (individually.) 2) I'll only do a creampie with a guy I'm dating in real life 3) We don't stream them live, but we do record video and post on at the same time the audio goes up on itunes

CrunchyKorm103 karma

I imagine when you first started to break that people you grew up with found out pretty quick. Were there any weird/nasty things they said to you?

AsaAkira1235 karma

Every single person was unsurprised and supportive. Haha!

thajugganuat90 karma


AsaAkira1370 karma

I've never been fisted in my vagina. Only my asshole. How embarassing.

RTG2988 karma

You and Redban have fucked before once, right?

AsaAkira1133 karma

No, but I think he's hot

dantmaldo60 karma

Proof it up girl. Take a picture of you with the date and time and post it to your twitter.

AsaAkira168 karma

just did it

AsaAkira157 karma

dickache55 karma

Asa, First of all, I LOVE YOU. You are my favourite pornstar of all time (and I watch a LOT of porn), and you are an all around beautiful person. Creepy side out of the way, what do you wish to achieve from here on in porn? I feel like you climbed the ranks in a very short time period, going from your average b/g to all out gangbangs/bukkakes REALLY fast. Your Insatiable series was you exploring your fantasies, and I love them - but they make me wonder: what is there left to do for you?

PS: If you answer this it'll make my year.

AsaAkira150 karma

I'd like to continue making crazy passionate scenes. I'd like to direct more, and have more control over what kinds of scenes I do. I'm not done exploring my sexuality- I don't think I ever will be

barnaby750 karma

Do you truly enjoy those rough DP scenes?

AsaAkira1136 karma


barnaby745 karma

Any actors you refuse to work with?

AsaAkira1149 karma

Yes but out of respect I will not name them publicly. If we ever meet in person Ill totally tell you, though

hkap36 karma

Ass to Mouth or Mouth to Ass?

AsaAkira186 karma

both. Always both. Ass to pussy, and pussy to ass, as well.

SergioButton35 karma

How many movies have you directed?

AsaAkira163 karma

I'm currently directing my fifth one

Robc122134 karma

Do you have a foot fetish?

AsaAkira194 karma

No, but I love when the person Im fucking does. Theres few things hotter than when someone puts my foot in their mouth while they fuck me

MustBeNice34 karma

What do you do about all the creepy guys wanting to take pictures with you? Be honest, you'd rather be left alone, right?

AsaAkira1101 karma

Hell no! I love being recognized. My favorite part of porn is knowing that people are watching me, and getting turned on by me.

s3kcboy30 karma

Congrats! I will be fapping to you tonight. Or is that congrats to me?

AsaAkira167 karma

We all win

Newtracks130 karma

Having shown the world that you can pretty much handle anything sexual that is thrown at you better than pretty much anyone else in he history of this game, which scene, specifically, that we can all go watch right now, was the most overwhelming for you. As in, where you thought halfway into it "Oh my God I can't handle this scene/act! It's too much even for me. I'm actually kinda scared. Mercy! RED! RED! RED! ( or whatever safe word )"... but didn't and just finished it. An on film moment ( or moments ) where you were truly pushed to the edge of your limits.

AsaAkira153 karma

I've never actually been taken to the point I needed to use a safe word.. I love rough sex, i love being manhandled, but I'm not so into the pain stuff

BlueAlmond23 karma

My boyfriend of two years just left me for a married woman... any advice? Also, what should I do with the handcuffs he left behind in my apartment?

AsaAkira155 karma

Text him right now and tell him you have AIDS

Donut___22 karma

Do you ever watch porn? You know, like you get in from a hard day at the office and you're a little bit horny but the other half ain't interested... Do you ever just whack on a DVD and 'knock one out'? That pretty much sums up my life but I can't imagine getting home from the orifice and feeling the same way?

AsaAkira1121 karma

I love watching my own porn- it turns me on more than any other porn. Not because I think I'm so great, but I just like watching my own scenes and reliving the experience, and also imagining I'm someone else watching myself. Does that make sense? Did I mention I'm crazy?

PhatChin22 karma

List your three favourite perfumes. I'd like to know what you smell like. #CreepyAMA #sorrynotsorry

AsaAkira125 karma

Scent of Peace by Bond no9, Essential Faith, and Hanae Mori Butterfly

TheRahulParmar16 karma

This is the first time I've actually managed to catch an AMA on time!

Whats your favorite thing to order from Taco Bell?

AsaAkira131 karma

I try not to eat fast food- I haven't had taco bell in years. I don't eve remember whats on the menu? I guess I like the tacos? haha

Da12khawk15 karma

If you never got into porn what do you think you'd be doing?

Is there a non-porn celebrity that you wish you could bang (one guy/ one girl)?

AsaAkira155 karma

If I didn't get into porn... who knows? I'd probably have let myself get fat

Donut___12 karma

What would you enjoy more; a trip to outer space or an expedition to the bottom of the sea?

AsaAkira133 karma

neither, I hate nature. it sounds like a joke, but it's the truth- growing up between Tokyo and NYC, I am a true city girl. I like concrete. I suppose teh lesser of two evils would be the bottom of the sea.

andrewhatesyou8 karma

Which race of men do you prefer?

AsaAkira121 karma

I don't really have a preference... I always wanted to have half black babies.

morgzyoloha7 karma

Would you ever consider filming porn in the Japanese industry? Why or why not? It seems fitting. Moreover, do you have a big Japanese base - as far as you know?

AsaAkira114 karma

I have no idea- I'm not sure i'd be popular back there. I'm too Americanized, yet also not a blonde white girl

SoWhatComesNext2 karma

What would you say is the movie or scene that you are most proud of in your career so far?

AsaAkira13 karma

The gangbang in Insatiable 2, or my first DP in Insatiable 1

PhatChin2 karma

Hey Asa, is there just a shortage or Asian male pornstuds, or is there another, um, 'sexplanation' for it? Be honest.

AsaAkira15 karma

There's a shortage of Asians in general. I personally believe it's a family thing- many of us come from strict, tightknit families that would never approve of such a lifestyle. I'm just lucky.

Asa_akira_fan2 karma

When did you stop being a virgin?

AsaAkira13 karma


AsaAkira15 karma

or 13? One of the two.

K1ngunit2 karma

Asa what's your favorite part of working with Dave? I absolutely love dvdasa. Also of the dvdasa cast who do you think has the biggest dick? My bets on Val

AsaAkira12 karma

Dave always says Bobby has a fat one.

buythings4me1 karma

Worst thing they ever made you do on the bubba show?

AsaAkira16 karma

I was heavily medicated then, so a lot of it slips my mind... I recall them calling me fat when I gained 30lbs, and that hurt.

DirtyWhisk1 karma

What does David Choe smell like IRL?

AsaAkira13 karma

he doesn't smell like anything

aaaarrrooonn1 karma

Does Bobby's ear really smell that bad?

AsaAkira16 karma

Everyone says it does, but to me it just smells weird. Not bad, just weird. Like a baby's head.