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Please give us a collaboration.

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Asa, First of all, I LOVE YOU. You are my favourite pornstar of all time (and I watch a LOT of porn), and you are an all around beautiful person. Creepy side out of the way, what do you wish to achieve from here on in porn? I feel like you climbed the ranks in a very short time period, going from your average b/g to all out gangbangs/bukkakes REALLY fast. Your Insatiable series was you exploring your fantasies, and I love them - but they make me wonder: what is there left to do for you?

PS: If you answer this it'll make my year.

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Hi Asa, do you have any personal fantasies that you have yet to act out on camera? Also, who do you see as the next big thing in porn? I really enjoy Katrina Jade but she's yet to go as hard as you have.