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Hi Asa, love your podcast and also watching your adult entertainment films. My question is... Do you go ass to mouth in your personal life?

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Can we expect to see unique dialog choices and options for characters with low intelligence? Or unique ones relating to skill/feat/talent/etc levels?

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Regardless, KOTOR2 is still able to have the title of one of the best Star Wars expanded universe stories ever, regardless of Bioware retcons :)

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Do you guys have any plans for a more "robust" Economy than what was in the old IE games? I've always found it somewhat immersion breaking/jarring to run to a town to dump all my loot off at some merchant, and his total gold never changes, or his stock/item availability never changes or reacts to world events.

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Very cool! Thanks for answering - you guys are awesome and I'm really happy about your guys' transparency on the development of the game so far. Wish nothing but the best for Obsidian.